Thursday Update on Young Love 21st January 2021


Thursday Update on Young Love 21st January 2021

Nandini attending Karuna’s guests. They praise Nandini and says she looks like your younger sister. She asks if she is 7-8 years elder than Krish. Karuna says no, and says she is just 3 years elder than him. Neighbor doesn’t believe him. Karuna excuses herself. Krish comes home. Nandini asks him to behave normally as everybody is watching them. Abhayram announces a game in which couple’s compatibility is tested. Nandini thinks about people’s taunt and thinks to expose him within 48 hours. Premal’s mum asks Sudha to get ready for work as someone died in haveli. Sudha nods. Shivam tells Premal that he was taking Rasika’s name in sleep. Premal asks him to keep quiet and calls Rasika. Rasika says she is ready and will reach coffee house. Premal says he is coming. Shivam
thinks he will get him caught today.

The ladies asks Nandini to stand at the their side. Nandini looks at Krish and stand with the ladies. Abhayram asks everyone to write about their spouses like and dislikes on the chit and give to him. Everyone write and give the chit to Abhayram. Abhayram drops Nandini’s chit intentionally and replaces her chit with wrong one. He asks Triveni to read everyone’s chit. Triveni gets glad and starts reading about the guests chits. Triveni reads that her husband like muli ka paratha and asks don’t you know his choice. Krish says I am sure that Nandini haven’t written it. Guest appreciates Krish for supporting his wife. Nandini smiles looking at him….Naina Bawre plays…………….

Shivam thinks he can’t see Sudha in this Rudaali dress. Sudha gets ready. Shivam says I will drop you and asks her to wait. He goes to kitchen. Premal’s mum asks him to make rotis. Shivam tells her that he is going to drop Sudha till bus. Premal’s mum scolds him and asks him to make rotis for Premal as he is going for meeting. Shivam thinks it is enough now, I have to bring Premal’s truth infront of Sudha. Nandini serves the soft drinks to everyone and comes to Krish. Krish ignores her and goes. Abhayram thinks I felt peace making you insulted infront of everyone and says now wait for my next turn. He adds wine in Nandini’s glass and thinks she will do drama.

Sudha is going inside haveli. Shivam holds her hand and takes her to side. She asks him to tell her and leave. Shivam asks her to believe him and says Premal don’t deserve you and is using you for his selfish motives. He confesses his love to her and says I love you very much. He says I will give you so much love which Premal can’t give even in 7 births. Sudha slaps him and says Premal is my husband and loves me very much. She warns him. Shivam says if you think that Premal loves you, then come with me. He makes her sit in jeep and takes her from there.

Abhayram asks Karuna to take care of herself and gives soft drink. Karuna gets happy. She asks Nandini to take soft drink as well and asks her to drink. Nandini is about to drink spiked drink.

Kundan thinking Nandini will do drama now and waits anxiously. Triveni gets drunkard instead because of the medicine in the glass and scolds Kundan. Kundan thinks how did the glass got exchanged. A fb is shown, Nandini couldn’t drink as Triveni asks her to serve guests. Shivam brings Sudha to Rasika’s house. They come to bedroom and sees Premal drinking and sitting closely with Rasika. Sudha is shocked. Premal asks Sudha, what she is doing here. Sudha goes out cryingly. Shivam tells Sudha that he don’t want to hurt her, but just wanted to bring truth infront of her. Sudha asks him to leave her alone for sometime. Shivam asks her to call him when needed and goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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