Thursday Update on Young Love 1st October 2020

Thursday Update on Young Love 1st October 2020

Mangla nods yes. She asks Ganga to bring cake. Jagya announces that they will celebrate Nimboli and Shivam’s birthday together. Shivam and Abhi are irked. Nimboli asks if there is my birthday too. Ganga says we have decided to celebrate birthdays of you both. Shivam looks at Nimboli written on cake along with his name and refuses to cut cake with her. He asks why her name is written with my name? Ganga says we told you already. Shivam says I would have accepted if my sister Nandini’s name is written on it. I do mind her name on the cake.

Anandi says you should cut the cake and says guests are here. Shivam refuses and says she don’t have any right to celebrate birthday in our house. Anandi tries to make Shivam understand. Nimboli starts crying. Shivam says I was kidnapped because of her and now she wants to celebrate birthday with me. We shall throw her out of our house right now. Everyone is shocked. Abhi supports Shivam and says we shall throw Nimboli out as my Maa saa was kidnapped because of her.

Nimboli runs from there cryingly to her room. Anandi runs after her. Nimboli locks herself in the room and cries badly. Mangla goes there. Anandi knocks on the door asking her to open door and promise to make everything fine. She asks her not to cry. Nimboli opens door and asks why did you ask me to cut cake with him. She closes door again. Anandi asks her not to cry and says today is your birthday. Nimboli says I will not celebrate my birthday and cries.

Mangla asks Anandi what you have done? She says Shivam hates Nimboli. Anandi asks Mangla to talk to Nimboli and make her understand. Mangla says Nimboli is very stubborn and asks her to celebrate Shivam’s birthday infront of guests. Anant comes. He says we have to handle Shivam and Nimboli very carefully. Anandi cries and says I am tired. Anant says this phase will be over and asks her to calm down. Shivam comes and wipes her tears.

She says I will cut cake with Nimboli. Anant knocks on the door and asks her to open door as Shivam is ready. Mangla asks Anant to take Shivam and Anandi downstairs as all the guests are waiting. Shivam blows the candle and cuts cake. Nimboli changes her dress and cries badly. Everyone claps for Shivam. Nimboli cuts the birthday dress with knife and tears it into pieces. Shivam thanks everyone. Mangla looks on.


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