Thursday Update On True Love Oct 4th

Thursday Update On True Love Oct 4th

Pushkar and Rohini return home. Rohini goes on abt how Tapu is glowing and Pushkar puts his best act on and talks abt how time flies and wishes that Tapu’s baby turns out just like her. Pushkar apologizes to Jogi but to Nani’s dismay, he is unmoved and leaves. After all leave the room, Nani advises Pushkar to be careful this time and explains how they have to support each other in Tapu’s fake pregnancy.

Divya is irritated when Damini gives Tapu some prenatal-care tips. Divya asks Tapu to forget all the past and just enjoy being pregnant. Masoom sneaks in to take a look at Tapu’s file… but then Divya leaves and Tapu snatches the file before she cud read anything. Masoom slyly tells her that she only wanted to make sure Tapu is really pregnant and also comments on Tapu gaining weight. Tapu orders her to leave and alone smirks that she hasn’t gained weight; she is simply getting larger in joy.


At the Bundelas’, Chanda poisons Mai’s mind against Ichcha blaming her for what happened between Veer and Dadaji earlier and adds that nothing of this sort wud have happened if Tapu was in Ichcha’s place.

Tapu goes to the temple in the hopes of bumping into mai who comes there every Monday, and Nani is glad to see Tapu playing her part well. At the temple seeing Mai, Tapu sprinkles water over herself to look tired and weak and even feigns dizziness. Mai holds her from ‘falling’ and she keeps her act in full form and manages to gain mai’s sympathy. Mai expresses how much she wants her back home, but tapu refuses saying that she can’t live under the same roof as Veer-Ichcha as this could even harm her pregnancy.

When Veer returns home tired, Ichcha welcomes him with a rose and tea. Both share some cute romantic moments, which Mai walks in on. They are stunned when she announces her decision to bring Tapu back home.

Mai telling Veer that she will bring Tapasya in this house on which Veer tells Mai that if Tapasya comes in this house then he and Ichha will leave the house ;Hearing this Mai starts cursing Ichha for brainwashing Veer but Veer tells Mai that its his decision to leave the house if Tapasya comes here ;So then Mai too remains adamant with her decision of bringing Tappu in that house on which Veer feels hurt and asks Mai that how can she bring Tapasya in this house even at the cost of losing her own son on which Mai tells Veer that one day he is going to accept that baby sinse the baby belongs to him and this family ;But Veer too remains adamant in his decision and goes inside the room to pack his bags and leave.

Chanda comes from behind to console Mai by putting her hand on Mai’s shoulder ;Mai first thinks that its Veer who is putting his hand on her shoulder and so she is like “I knew Veer will listen to my words” but later when she turns back she sees its Chanda who is consoling her ..

At Jogi’s house, Tappu tells Nani whatever happened in the temple and whatever she told Mai on which Nani is a bit worried that Tappu’s decision of again not going with Mai might backfire later ;But Tappu tells Nani that how she wants Mai to join her hands in front of her and beg for her return to Bundela family because Mai insulted her a lot which she can never forget ;Hearing all this Nani tells Tappu that she can never trust these aged womans like Mai..when they change colours and so it would hv been better if she had gone with Mai that time only (Nani feels aged woman change their colors like chameleon..because she herself is one of them na );Nani feels that Tappu did a big mistake by not going when Mai ;

While Nani and Tappu were hving this chat,Divya enters the room with some fruit for Tappu and asks Nani what mistkae Tappu did ;So then Nani tells the whole temple fiasco to Divya on which Divya too feels that Tappu should hv gone with Mai ;Nani then sends Tappu outside the room with a excuse and starts her brainwashing act for Divya ;Nani tells Divya that “Even though we hv accepted Tappu and her baby..but tomorrow when she will go out ..people will raise questions about her and the baby and what if we get her married to someone else and that person refuses to accept this baby ?..so for these reasons its better Tappu gives birth to her baby at Bundela house only becuase its necessary that the baby gets her father’s name irrespective of the fact that her relationship with Veer is over now..but the baby should get the father’s name and his family honour” ;Hearing this big lecture from Nani,it seemed Divya is almost convinced and determined to send Tappu to Bundela house now (But I fail to understand how long can Nani-Tappu carry this fake pregnency drama ,..don’t tell me, they will show fake baby bump with pillow now )..

Veer in anger is packing his bags when Ichha as usual stops him and tells him that they will not go anywhere on which Veer tells Ichha that sinse Mai has taken the decision and has choosen Tappu over her own son,so they hv no right to stay in this house anymore ;Hearing this Ichha tells Veer that Tappu has changed on which Veer tells Ichha that he doesn’t care about Tappu but he cares about his Mai’s decision and sinse it has gone in favour of Tappu,so they will hv to leave this house ;Hearing this Ichha asks Veer to think about Umed and Daddaji before taking such a big decision;Ichha also tells Veer that she cannot keep the burden of separating Mai’s other son too from her after this family lost their one son ;Hearing this Veer becomes a bit calm but is still in anger and walks away from there (Ichha should develop some spine now..I can see her going back to her Tappu jaaps )

Chanda calls up at Jogi’s house when Rohini picks up the phone;Chanda asks Rohini to give the phone to Damini sinse Mai wants to talk to her ;Mai then takes the phone from Chanda while Rohini after some stupidity gives the phone to Damini ;Gunwanti then tells Damini that “Our first son’s widow married our second son without even taking our permission or respecting our feelings and even after this your family gave blessings to her…if all this was not enough ,then today your daughter is splitting this family forever sinse she and Veer r leaving this house”

;After telling all this, Gunwanti disconnects the phone while Damini is shocked and in disbelief she keeps saying that Ichha can never do this ;Jogi comes downstairs and asks Damini whats the matter on which Damini tells Jogi about Veer-Ichha leaving the house on which Jogi is shocked .. (Gunwanti is turning worst than Tappu now ..I mean how can she forget so easily who is the root cause of her own son Vansh’s death..