Thursday Update on True Love Oct 11th

Thursday Update on True Love Oct 11th

Tappu coming downstairs in tension thinking about Veer’s words when she sees Ichha happily talikng to Veer on phone and gets jealous Tappu then does fake drama of Headache and asks Ichha for a head massage on which Ichha tells Tappu to ask Chanda for it since Ichha remembers how last time she was blamed when Tappu had that indigestion problem after eating the koftas ;But Tappu tells Ichha that Chanda is not at home and so she is asking her to do the head massage on which Ichha agrees .

At Jogi’s house in the eating table Damini tells Jogi that it will not look nice if Nani or any family member goes to their daughter’s in-law’s house and stays there on which Jogi agress and decides that Nani will not go to Bundela house on which Divya doesn’t look too happy and asks Jogi that why is he listening to Damini here ;So then Jogi replies that he is not listening to anyone but is making his own decision and she knows why he is doing it ;Jogi also tells Divya that he was also not in favour of Tappu going to that house but he din’t say anything because it was Gunwanti Ji’s decision which he had to respect ;But Divya goes against Jogi’s decision and tells Nani to pack her bags and go to Bundela house because right now their daughter needs her and so its her decision whether anyone likes it or not ;Poor Jogi and Damini r left speechless again while Nani goes inside to pack her bags.

At Bundela house Tappu is shown coiming out of the bathroom after taking a shower when Ichha asks her whether her headache has gone on which she replies in the positive and also thanks Ichha for the head massage ;After Ichha goes from there,Tappu sees Mai coimng towards her and so she starts sneezing just to show Mai that she has caught cold all of a sudden ;So then Mai asks her whats wrong on which she lies to Mai that how Ichha gave her a head massage because of her headache and then Ichha adviced her to take a shower..mayb thats why she has caught cold ;Hearing this ,Mai as usual is furious again and so once Tappu goes inside her room,Mai calls Ichha outside the room and blasts her for giving wrong advice to Tappu ;Poor Ichha is again in tears which Tappu notices from inside the room and enjoys it ..

At night Tappu is shown lost in Veer’s thoughts while Veer returns home and straightaway goes to Ichha’s room to shower his love on her ;Ichha is resting on the bed and so Veer in playful mode tries to tease her by saying how the hubby has returned home but here wife is sleeping instead of welcoming him ;So then Ichha gets up finally with tears in her eyes and seeing this Veer is worried and asks her what happened on which Ichha asks Veer that why always Mai feels I m trying to harm Tappu or her baby when the baby belongs to u too ;Hearing this Veer asks Ichha not to make him feel guilty by always saying that its his baby..he knew that whatever happened that night was a mistake which he is regretting now ..

Tappu is still thinking about Veer and his words in Ichha’s defence and feeling scared about it ;Then at night Tappu comes outside her room to fill the jug of water when she sees Veer and Ichha’s shadow while they r tightly hugging each other ;So then Tappu peeps into their room to see whats happening and finds that both r hugging each other (Tappu did the same even when Ichha was hugging or romancing Vansh and that time too she showed her frustation…now again its the same situation ..so in short I feel Tappu’s main problem is that she doesn’t want Ichha to get any man’s love whether its Veer or anyone else ;She doesn’t love Veer but only wants to make sure Ichha remains unhappy forever )..READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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