Thursday Update on True Love August 30

Thursday Update on True Love

August 30 Episode

Ichha looking at the fish bowl ..crying and remembering Veer and telling to herself that she never wanted to loose a friend like Veer and so will always respect his every decision even if it means staying away from him …Ichha keeps crying nad the sad song keeps playing in the background …

Pushkar is packing his bags at Jogi’s house and is blasting his wife for her stupidity ;His wife tries to tell Pushkar that she had no idea he was the culprit but she will never repeat this mistake again ;Pushkar keeps on blasting his wife when Nani comes there;So then Pushkar asks Nani if he can talk to Jogi and ask him to give a second chance ;Hearing this Nani tells Pushkar that no way he is getting any second chance from Jogi now ;Nani also feels ashamed of whatever he did today ..

In the beauty parlour Tappu gets a blasting from her lady boss for being careless in her job when Tappu in her defence tells that she was not feeling well today on which the boss gives her final warning that if she shows any health excuse then she should leave this job and sit at home .

At Bundela house,Mai asks Veer about why these days he has no time to sit with them and talk on which Veer tells Mai that he has been keeping busy but today they can sit and talk;Hearing this Daddaji tells Veer that how long can he remain lonely like this..at some point he will need someone with whom he can share his life and happiness ;Veer is confused now when Umed tells Veer that they r planning for his second marriage ;Veer is shocked when Mai and Umed both tells him that this time they will not take any decision without taking his permission ;Hearing this Veer completely ignores the topic and tells everyone that he is leaving for office and goes from there (God knows whats going in Veer’s mind right now );

After Veer leaves,Mai tells everyone that at least Veer din’t answer in negative and so she is sure that once she finds a suitable girl for Veer,he will never refuse (Once again Mai is using her pressure tactics now ).. Tappu reaches her home..I mean kholi ;She looks very weak and even vommits ;She was almost about to faint..but somehow controls herself and rests on the bed(Ok so its confirmed Tappu is pregnent finally )..

Just then Jyoti comes there and tells Tappu to quickly go and fill water in her balti as tomorrow there will b no water supply in the area ;Jyoti sees Tappu looks very weak and asks her whats the matter on which Tappu replies that mayb she is not getting proper food and thats why not feeling well on which Jyoti in anger tells Tappu that whole Mumbai is surviving on such food only and so she needs to get used to it now ;Jyoti then tells her that if she wants she will take her to some doctor tomorrow on which Tappu refuses to go and so Jyoti even suggests Tappu to come with her tomorrow to some sarkari doctor who visits the area every week for free check-ups ;But Tappu tells Jyoti that she doesn’t need any doctor check-ups since she can take care of herself ;Tappu then asks Jyoti if she can fill those buckets with water for her on which Jyoti gets irritated and tells Tappu that if she doesn’t need her help and can take care of herself..then it will b better if she herself goes and fills her buckets ;After saying this Jyoti walks out of the house while Tappu keeps feeling dizzy …

At Bundela house Chanda was about to give the breaking news of Veer’s bride-hunt to Ichha when Mai comes there and herself tells Ichha that they r searching for a suitiable bahu for this house now who can keep Veer happy ;Mai also asks Ichha to help her out in finding a perfect bride for Veer ;Ichha is shocked …Veer too hears it..gives one shocked look ..episode ends (When Mai is well aware of Veer-Ichhaa’s past relationship..then why she wants Ichha to help her out in searching the bride for Veer ..anyways good for us ..mayb we can witness Ichha’s jealousy for the first time here)READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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