Thursday Update on True Love August 23 Color Live Tv Channel Serials

Thursday Update on True Love

August 23  Episode Color Live Tv Channel Serials

Tappu cleaning the house ;Tappu picks up a biscuit from the floor and remembers her good old days when Nani used to feed her or Ichha used to take care of her diet ;Tappu then sees few rats around..gets scared and climbs on a table and starts shouting when Jyoti comes there and tells her rudely to get used to such surrounding now ;Jyoti remembers her insult years back when because of Tapasya she and her sister Lali had to go through lots of humiliation because of which she is not in talking terms with her sister anymore and so she promises to take revenge on Tappu for this now ;Jyoti then rudely asks Tappu to go and fill the water from the tap and till the time she is not having chula, she can eat from her house ;Jyoti then leaves while Tappu is in tears (Am liking the way the writer is showing how Tappu is paying for all her sins in color live Tv channel serials )

At Bundela house Veer asks for Mai’s health on which Mai says that she is better; Mai then asks Veer to sit with her for sometime but Veer sees that Ichha too is present there and so he refuses to sit and goes out (Veer-Ichha track in moving in circles now )..

At Jogi’s house, all are having breakfast but Divya is not there and so Jogi asks about Divya on which Nani tells Jogi that Divya is not eating anything because of depression and concern for her daughter ;Hearing this Jogi asks Nani not to tell him anything about Tapasya related matters and that he will attend Divya; So then Nani tells Jogi that even Tappu needs his attention now since he is her father but still she is homeless today ;Nani also tells Jogi about the hotel incident and how Tappu was unable to pay her bills and how she is found nowhere and maybe roaming on the streets and struggling with her life (If Nani is so bothered about Tappu, then why she didn’t leave the house that day with Tappu ?? );So then Jogi tells Nani that he wants Tappu to struggle in life because only then she will value life and will start respecting it ; Jogi then asks Damini to send coffee in his study room and also take the breakfast to Divya’s room; After saying this Jogi leaves…

Tappu goes to fill water from the public tap where she sees a huge queue but decides not to stand in the long queue and instead directly go and fill the bucket like a queen ;As soon as Tappu gives her bucket under the tap, other women standing in the queue starts shouting at her and this way Tappu gets into a heated argument with one of the women standing in that queue; Tappu in her defence says that she doesn’t need to stand in any queue since she is Tapasya Thakur on which the other women too tells her that she too is Mrs.Gaekwad and doesn’t care if she is some Thakur or any queen ;The verbal fight between Tapasya and other women standing in the queue continues when Jyoti comes there and reminds Tappu that she is not a queen anymore but stays in that chawl as one of the residents and so she needs to stand in the queue like others ;Finally dejected Tappu goes and srands behind in the queue.

After the tap fiasco, Jyoti tells Tappu that now she should find a job for herself or else she won’t b allowing her to stay there free of cost for long on which Tappu nods her head ;Tappu then asks Jyoti about the toilet since she needs to freshen up ;Jyoti shows her the toilet; Tappu sees that few women outside the toilet r fighting there again in the queue ;Tappu also doesn’t feel like going there as it looked very unhygienic ; Tappu then returns back to her kholi and starts crying (But how long can she not go to the toilet..she will have to go there in the end) Read Next page 2 Scene 2 below.


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