Thursday Update on True Love August 2

Thursday Update on True Love

August 2 Episode

Tappu calling up Veer and asking her if they can go out for lunch today on which Veer tells her to come home as some surprise is waiting for her ;So then Tappu is all set to go home and tells to herself in happy tone that now she can start a new life with Veer ..

At Bundela House Mai is not too happy with the fact that Jogi’s entire family including Damini and Ichha r also coming there on which Umed tries to make her understand that Jogi himself called them up and told them that they r coming to meet them, so she needs to understand the situation here ..

Just then Jogi with his entire family reaches the Bundela house; Ichha goes near Mai and asks for forgiveness by telling her that “I was blinded with the shock of Vansh’s death..Vansh told me something else before dieing and I took it otherwise and blamed Veer for it…please forgive me” ;Mai remains silent here ;Ichha then goes towards Daddji and Umed and asks for forgiveness from them too on which Umed asks Ichha to relax and don’t take too much pressure on herself;

Jogi’s family and Bundela family r wondering why Veer called them together at one place when Veer finally arrives and tells them that “After Vansh’s death,there was some bitterness among both the families and so today we all can sit together and settle down all our differences here” ;Hearing this Daddaji and other family members look clueless when Veer tells Daddaji that “I know after Vansh’s death,there were many questions in your mind but u never asked anybody about it and kept it to your own self..I also know everyone had the same questions that why Vansh killed himself..so today we r here to find those answers” ;Ichha looks at Veer in shock;

All r shocked and clueless as well Just then Tappu enters the house when Veer lovingly goes towards Tappu and asks her to sit on the sofa ;Veer then tells everyone that today he called them all just to tell everyone that he wants to thank Tapasya whole heartedly for proving his innocence in front of Police ;Hearing this Tappu is very happy(Veer is allowing her to build castles in the air now );Veer then goes near Ichha and tells everyone that “Ammo and Ichha always wanted to tell me about how much Tapasya loves me but I never trusted Tapasya…today I realise the fact that Tapasya really loves me a lot” ;Veer then goes near Tappu and tells her that “You hv not only proved yourself as a good daughter and bahu but also as good wife now…I know u love me so much that u can cross any limits in love” ..Nani is feeling glad of those words in Tappu’s honour now Veer then slowly twists his words and tells everyone what Tappu did on his marriage day with Ichha where she even went to the extent of doing a drama of cutting her wrist and blackmailing Ichha which resulted in his marriage with Tapasya ;Mai is shocked to hear this but Veer tells Mai that this is the truth and not the one she knew earlier (I m glad the writer exposed this Sin of Tappu);Hearing all this Nani accuses Ichha for brainwashing Veer again ;Tappu is now scared.

Nani goes on to tell everyone that “Ichha brainwashed Veer against Tappu ..looks like she forgot that because of Tappu only she is the badi bahu of this house” ;Hearing this Veer counter attacks Nani by telling her that “you r right Tappu only is responsible for VanCha marriage…it was destiny that Bhaiyya met Ichha and got a new life but then the marriage plan was done by Tappu..she convinced Mai and everyone else for this marriage and then just before the marriage she took Vansh to a room and told him the truth about my love affair with Ichha in a twisted manner” (Woww Veer is hitting all sixers today );So then Tappu in her defence tells Veer that she din’t do anything wrong by telling the truth to Vansh on which Veer replies to her that “Yes u were right in telling him the truth..but u decided the time and place to tell him the truth in your own way…if u really wanted Bhaiyya to know the truth,then why did u exchange that letter which was written by Ichha for Bhaiya ??” ;Hearing this Tappu has no answer ;Jogi-Divya-Nani all r shocked .

Bundela family members also r shocked ;Veer then goes on to tell everyone about how Tappu married him just to defeat Ichha because even in childhood she once left Ichha in a forest to satisfy her ego ;Veer then finally tells everyone that Vansh bhiayya died because of the poison that was spread in his body by none other than Tapasya ;Veer then goes on to say that “Just now Tapasya is coming from a place where she had gone to destroy all the proofs that was against her in bhaiyya’s murder case..but right now I m having those proofs with me which will expose Tapasya’s real face. Read PART 2 as Veer Expose Taps