Thursday Update on True Love August 16

Thursday Update on True  Love

August 16 Episode

Ichha seeing Vansh’s picture in her room and crying her heart out In the club,Tappu is having her drink when Mr.Mehta comes towards her and praises her for her luck factor and beauty ;Mr.Mehra also tells Tappu about how he is jealous of Mr.Rathod who is winning every game sinse she is his lady-luck ;Hearing this Tappu in irritating tone asks him to come to the point when Mr.Rathod gives her an offer by telling her that she can remain Raghu’s partner in the game but all she will hv to do is tell him what cards Raghu will b hving with him with the help of sign language through her hand gestures during the game and for this he is ready to give her 25% of the winning amount ;’Hearing this Tappu feels that this is cheating and she cannot break Mr.Rathod’s trust on which Mr.Mehta reminds Tappu that Raghu has been winning all games since the time she became his lady-luck but before that he lost 3 games in a row but still he is giving her only 10% of the amount when she deserves more ; So then Tappu thinks for a while and asks Mr.Mehta ..”

What if Raghu comes to know about this cheating” on which Mr.Mehta assures him that Raghu will never come to know about this secret deal sinse he is only interested in winning few games after which he will move from there and so she will b never caught even if Raghu loses few games because he might think his destiny was not with him in those games as destiny can always change ;Hearing all this Tappu asks for some time to think before doing this deal with him on which Mr.Mehta gives her the time to think but also tells her that “a clever person will always take advantage of the opportuntiy that is being presented to him rather than wasting it” ;After Mr.Mehta leaves,Tappu is in double minds now (CVs plss tell me where this track is going ) Divya goes to the temple to pray for her family’s happiness when Pushkar sends Masoom there dressed like a beggar ;Divya sees Masoom begging in front of the temple and decides to take her home as she feels that Jogi already kicked one daughter out of the house and so now she cannot see another daughter too suffering this way (Why Divya always stands in support of the wrong person );Seeing all this,Pushkar who was hiding behind the temple,gives his evil smile Ichha is shown coming to her room and is delighted to see a fish-bowl inside her room ;

She smiles looking at those fishes inside the bowl ;Just then Veer comes there and tells Ichha that he is happy to see her smile after a long time because that was his intention behind bringing this fish bowl for her ;Veer then further tells Ichha that “Look at these fishes..they were once residing in the sea but today they r trapped inside this bowl and they very well know that they can never reach to their destination now..but still they r floating inside the bowl with a hope that they will never get defeated in the hands of destiny” ;Ichha is speechless as usual (Veer was trying to compare that fish inside the bowl with Ichha’s life here..hmm good symbolism );Veer then leaves the room but watches her from outside ;Ichha is smiling looking at those fishes and seeing this Veer too smiles and tells to himself that “This is what I wanted to see…I m happy that finally I can give u some happiness”

Taps decides to buy a new car and confronts Veer at the showroom. She talks to him about how ahead she is in life today and he tells her that he’s glad that something could finally separate them and he is finally being able to start life afresh.

Divya brings Masoom home and Damini and Nani are shocked. Damini questions Divya’s decision. Divya retorts to her that if they could keep Ichcha in the house, then Masoom can certainly live here. Damini is speechless.