Thursday Update on True Love 9th July 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 9th July 2020

Everyone looking at doc in shock. Jogi begs him to do something but save his granddaughter. Damini tries to reason that she was hit by a bullet. How can this happen? You are just like God for us do something. Kanha comes there just then. She tells him to talk with the doc in English and make him understand. He is saying that Meethi wont be able to walk. Kanha too is shocked. She is all nerves. The technology is so advanced nowadays do something for her. She cries on Kanha’s shoulder.

Vishnu asks the doc to name any specialist and I will try my best to bring him here. How will she be all right? Doc tells that it’s called paraplegia. The lower half of the body stops functioning in this case. The spinal cord has been injured because of the bullet. Miracles do happen but I cannot say anything for sure. Medically, I will make sure that she gets the best treatment. Rest is up to God. Doc leaves and after him Damini too goes.

Chauhan calls up Maiyya which is first picked up by Pavitra but as soon as Maiyya hears the name she takes the phone from her. Pavitra shouts in the background….is this that ACP Chauhan from Aatishgarh Police Station? Maiyya waves her hand at her telling her to keep quiet. ACP loves saying quotes. Ekadish asks him if his daughter has agreed for this alliance.

He says in our homes, elders of the house decide upon the wedding of a girl. I am in a rush for this marriage. She agrees but then tells him not to rush into anything. Good food, celebrations and puja. It is after all about wedding of your beloved daughter and my beloved son. Pavitra is surprised to hear it. ACP says I stick by my words. When I come then…Maiyya completes it – leave only after taking something with you. He gets happy.

She too quotes something for him which means they should tread slowly so that the outcome turns out to be favourable. He completes half of it and she is impressed. ACP asks her if she is advising him to have patience. She declines. I am only saying that the kids shouldn’t feel that the elders have rushed into things. Plus Aakash isn’t well. Just let him recover. He is waiting for the baraat to come. She too agrees. It will be sooner.

Pavitra asks her if she has lost her mind. Aakash’s marriage with that ACP’s daughter? He is a thief and fraud. Maiyya pulls her by the hair. Keep quiet. Remember the punishment I used to give you in childhood? Maiyya lets go of her. Pavitra repeats her words. He knows everything about our family. Hope it doesn’t happen that you will have to pay heavily for this relation. Maiyya dismisses her. I will see whatever it will be. Pavitra leaves. Maiyya says do I not know that this Chauhan is making a deal here but what do I do. If I have to get rid of that Meethi then I will have to pay for it in some way.

Damini comes to pray in front of the Ganesha idol kept in the hospital. Mukku stops at a distance to listen to her. Damini says, I have worshipped you all my life with love and dedication and today also I am standing here in front of you with the same love and dedication. But I wont ask for anything today. Mukku comes and stands next to her. My Meethi is your responsibility. If something happens to her then I would never come back to you. Jogi too comes there now. Damini repeats it that she wont come back to him ever. Nothing should happen to my Meethi. mukku assures her that nothing will happen to Meethi. Damini shouts back tearfully that He should save her Meethi. mukku tells her that nothing will happen to Meethi. We all are with her. She will be fine. Jogi wipes his tears and leaves from there. Don’t give up Anni.

Meethi is looking at her legs disbelievingly. I wont be able to walk again? This cannot happen! She thumps on her legs and tries to move them but in vain. She is crying while attempting to get up or move. I want to go to Anni. She is crying very badly over her helplessness. Scene shifts to Aakash who is sleeping but a tear escapes from his eye while he is asleep. He wakes up as he hears Meethi calling out for him. He looks at the tear puzzled and gets up with a start. He is worried.

How come I am crying? Is Meethi thinking about me right now? No, I don’t have to think about her then only will she be fine. He wipes his eyes. He gets a call from Vishnu but disconnects it. Mukku comes there. Did you get to talk to him? He tells her that Aakash is not even picking up his calls. Mukku is sure he wouldn’t come. Ammo Nani has told him not to come here. He wont come. Vishnu says if he doesn’t come here then who will boost Meethi’s morale at this moment? Have you seen her condition? Right now she needs him the most. He will have to come. I myself will go and talk to him.

Aakash comes downstairs and sees Pavitra and Gomti cleaning out the dividing line. What are you doing? This was etched by Meethi. I told you not to touch anything that belongs to Meethi. this house still belongs to her. She is still the half owner of this house. Maiyya says we are just cleaning the line. We wont cross the limits. No one will go there. Actually guests are coming over. This wont look good so. He stays put. Come what may, what belongs to Meethi will stay hers only.

She nods. It will be! Don’t you trust me? Go and rest in your room. He leaves reluctantly. Maiyya calls out for Kasha. He tells her that no one can call him that except Dadda ji. Maiyya corrects herself. Get me honey. She mocks his attitude. If a maid and her daughter will rule a house then this only will happen. Let my son’s wife come then I will set everything right. Pavitra asks her if her new relatives will come on time. Just then the ACP makes an entry followed by one of his quotes. Maiyya welcomes him.

Jogi comes to meet Meethi. She wipes her tears and smiles for him. He sits on her bed and asks about her health. She says its good that you came. I was waiting for you only. I wanted to talk to you about something. She asks about Anni. She must be broken to see me in this condition. Right now I should be her support system but now I am here like this. Don’t worry what if my legs aren’t functioning I will take care of everyone. They share a hug.

Jogi tells her not to cry like this. We must not lose hope. I thought you are brave just like your mom Iccha and like her Anni. You are scared that your Anni will break down? You don’t know her. She wont break. I will support you. You know when your mom and massi were kids and used to fall while playing then they used to hold onto my finger. I am here for you. Mukku watches them from outside. Meethi holds his finger. She asks him if he will again make her learn how to walk. Will you teach me to walk again bade papa? The way you taught mom and massi to walk…the same way you will teach me to walk again right? I will walk again. He nods. But the doc’s said that I wont be able to walk again ever. He denies while she cries saying it out loud. I wont be able to walk again. Mukku is pained to see this. Jogi assures her that everything will be fine. I will take you to the best docs and get your treatment done. I had told this to Iccha – the one who tries never loses / the one who dares never loses. Mukku is crying too. He assures Meethi he is with her. She must not lose hope. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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