Thursday Update on True Love 7th January 2021


Thursday Update on True Love 7th January 2021

Akash tears the photo of him and Nandini in front of Meethi. He apologizes to Meethi and says that I should not hid my past but I didn’t know that my past would come back like that and I didn’t know till I went to the jail. Akash says that I wanted to tell you but couldn’t find the moment and I learned of Rani today. Akash says that after you I forgot about my past and says that I am telling the truth and If Rani wasn’t there then there also wouldn’t be Nandini. Akash says that I can understand your emotions and tries to tell while Meethi leaves saying that I don’t want to hear anything.

Vishnu brings goods for the house and everyone is amazed to see all the things he has brought. Nani says that my words did this and now a new Vishnu is born. Mukta asks how he got the money while Nani says that don’t ask and says that if he doesn’t want to tell then don’t ask. Mukta says that in which company you got the job which gave you such an advance while Nani says that it doesn’t matter till we get the money. Vishnu on the other hand tells the truth while Mukta says that you brought all of this of that money.
Mukta tells Vishnu to return the stuff while Nani says that we are not going to return this. She then scolds Vishnu on getting the money like this and leaves while Mukta apologizes if she said anything bad. Mukta hugs Vishnu while Vishnu says that everyday will be like this so that I can get the life of my wife and son better.

Nandini is telling a bedtime story to Rani while Rani says that I thank you for this. Akash comes and Meethi is working in the kitchen. He apologizes to her again by getting on his knees. Akash says that I love you a lot and I know that I have hurt you. Akash says that I accept Rani as a responsibility and says that I will punish myself as I have done something wrong not you. He promises to stay away from her till he proves he loves and will not enter their room until she forgives him.
Maiya is praying while Malvika is angry and wants to sleep. She then gets scolded by Maiya when Akash comes and joins them. She gives Akash her blessing and says that correct your life so that the relation doesn’t get worsen. Maiya then gives them her blessing to be together.

Akash gets a call from his younger brother, Meethi comes there to do the Pooja. Maiya goes to talk to him, while Akaash and Meethi confronts them. Rani and Nandini come downstairs, Raani asked her to do the Pooja to get blessed. Rani then comes running to hug meethi. Nandini also comes there, Malvika alerts Maiya about it. Maiya stops her, and says that this is there temple, don’t place her impure steps here. Maiya says she came here for the first day, and made you separate from your husband; but till I am alive, I won’t let it get impure. She pants, and coughs. They all head to take care of Maiya, while Nandini leaves. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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