Thursday Update on True Love 5th October 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 5th October 2020

Mukta tells Tappu that she will also go with Rathore. Tappu says she can’t leave her alone in this condition. Mukta says nothing has happened to her and there are so many people in the house. Rathore says he is going to end his past stories, not to resume them, and for that he wanted Tappu to go along, but it’s not possible. Mukta tells him only he taught her that nothing is impossible. Her happiness are in seeing her parents happily together. In end Tappu agrees to go.

Doctor does Ambika’s checkup and tells the constable they will have to keep Ambika under observation as she might have had a small heartattack. The constable leaves. Doctor tells a nurse to give some injection to Ambika and he leaves too. Someone comes from behind and attacks on nurse before she could give injection. That person turns out to be Malvika, Ambika’s mother. Ambika gets very happy seeing her. She hugs her. Malvika says she told her it’s easy to escape from jail. Ambika says she loves her and hates that Ratore. Malvika tells her as now she’s here, everything will be okay.

Sankrant is burning Ambika’s photo. Kajri asks him what he’s doing. He says he’s getting rid off his past. Kajri tells him sometimes it’s better to forgive past and move on. Sankrant says not in this case.

Akash and Kanha are on their way to Amritsar. Akash is thinking about Meethi. Meethi is thinking about him, and Ashfaque is lying down, all sad, and remembering Meethi. Hai Dil Ko Teri Aarzoo song plays in the background. Asgar comes to Meethi and tells her they are not too far. He asks her to keep one bag carefully. He goes and sit in front. Ansari stops the bus and goes inside for checking. Asgar hides as he sees him. Meethi gets worried seeing Ansari. Ansari is checking everyone’s passport and their bags. Before he reaches to Meethi, Asgar starts fighting with the bus driver. Ansari goes there and is surprised to see Asgar.

Asgar tells him that driver tried to steal his money. The driver says he’s lying. Ansari asks a constable to take him outside and check. He sends another constable to finish checking in bus backside. He then asks Asgar what he’s doing here. Asgar says he’s going to the event. Ansari says he didn’t know all that interest him. The constable returns and says he couldn’t find anything. Ansari leaves. Meethi is relieved. One constable notices Meethi while leaving, but doesn’t say anything.

Asgar tells Meethi, now they won’t face any problem. They will soon reach the resort and they will join the troop there. They will dress like them so no one doubts them. Meethi thanks him for taking risk and doing so much for her. He smiles.

Ashfaque is still sad. Nilofer comes and tries to talk to him, but he gets mad at her and ignores her. She tells him if he doesn’t want to love her, then it’s okay, but she can’t see hate in his eyes for her. Ashfaque doesn’t respond and leaves.

Ansari is relieved as they didn’t find anything suspicious. Just then the constable informs him about noticing Fida (Meethi) in the buss. Ansari gets shocked and says, cheating with Mustaqh Ansari?

Ashfaque’s parents notice that he is looking sad and question him about it. It is a good day today as Meethi has gone back to her country, her home. Ansari asks them who has returned to their home. They are shocked to see him there. Ansari greets them and repeats his question. First you kept someone in your home using a fake identity of “Fida” and will help her cross border wrongly and you think I wont get to know? Do I look like some fool to you? Ashfaque tries to clear his misunderstanding. Fida (Meethi) had come to attend Nusrat’s wedding. She went back to her house now. Why will she cross border? Don’t worry about her as she wont trouble anyone now. Ansari agrees that he shouldn’t be worried. She has gone back to her home. Please make me talk to her if its not inconvenient for you.

Meethi and Asgar are in the bus. Meethi is close to tears as she thinks something or the other.

Ansari insists (rather angrily) that he wants to talk to Fida. Don’t try to fool me. My insiders have informed me that Fida has returned to her country by crossing the border. Rizvi ji asks him to sit down atleast. Ashfaque doubts Ansari’s spies but he retorts angrily at him. I am talking to your father so you should keep quiet. He turns to Rizvi ji. I respect you a lot but don’t think that I will fall for your lies. I doubted Fida from the beginning but I made the mistake of trusting you. It wont happen now though. I will keep Ashfaque in prison till the time Fida isn’t back. Ammi tries to protest while Rizvi reminds him of their relations. Ashfaque tells his Abbu to take his swear and tell Ansari that Fida is in Pakistan only. Ansari agrees to release him as soon as Fida comes back. Ansari takes Ashfaque with him while his parents look on dejectedly.

Akash and Kanha reach the event venue. They have their hopes pined on this event. We can find info on Fida and Meethi from here only. Kanha assures him that they will find Meethi. Announcement for the entrants are made (troops and audiences are to enter separately). The security is high as politicians from both the countries will be coming over. Akash mentally tells Meethi that he will only go back with her this time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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