Thursday Update on True Love 4th March 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 4th March 2020

Jai (from Sanskaar) spots a car waiting on road. He goes to knock and Rathore lowers the window. He signals him to come sit even before Jai (from Sanskaar) asks him for it. They greet / thank each other through gestures. Rathore introduces himself and so does Jai (from Sanskaar). Rathore tells him to wipe his head and tears too. You have come here searching for someone? Jai (from Sanskaar) answers myself. They suddenly stop as a bullock cart is lying broken / unattended. Rathore rues if they decide to go back they will be spending 2 hours extra to reach Mumbai. Jai (from Sanskaar) thinks I don’t have any time to waste. He gets down to somehow move the cart aside. Rathore smiles looking at him. Love – this is the madness of love! Do you not understand it Mr. Rathore? Jai (from Sanskaar) finally gets successful in lifting it from one side when Rathore too comes and lends a helping hand. He speaks a famous poetry on love – ye ishq nahi aasan bas itna samajh lije, ik aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai! (Meaning love isn’t easy. It takes many tests and none is easy) Jai (from Sanskaar) recalls what that baba had just said to him about sending someone to help him even if that has to be Tridev (3 Gods – Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh). They get on their work.

Rathore and Jai (from Sanskaar) are on their way to Mumbai. Rathore says, sorry for interfering in your personal matter but if you need any help in matters of heart I can help. Jai (from Sanskaar) thanks him for the help he has already done. Rathore puts it to destiny. I did what I could do to help you. I think it is written in fate when you help someone.

Akash is going somewhere when he collides with Rohini. He was carrying some books which fall on floor. She picks them up and says cooking books? He smiles. Meethi was coming downstairs and stops to listen to their convo while Jogi stops too to listen. Akash says, if Meethi madam throws me out then I will open a stall right outside your house selling snacks. I will make pakoras for you too you can come and eat them anytime. She smiles. Till then I need these books…he turns while saying this and notices Meethi standing….goes quiet. Jogi smiles and says, the one who keeps trying never loses. Always remember that. Akash smiles…I do. All 3 leave while Meethi stands there upset.

Akash is back to working in the garage late night as Tum Tak plays. He gets his daily wage of Rs. 500 and is elated that he can buy the gift for Meethi. One of the mechanics ask him looking at you it seems you belong to a nice family plus you are educated too then why are you doing this type of work. Akash replies first time I am doing some hard work on my own. I am doing it to win my love. He thanks them for letting him work with them. One of the guy wishes him luck in winning his lady love. Tell her you have earned this money toiling hard.

Akash runs in the jeweller’s shop. I thought you would have closed your shop by now. The shopkeeper tells him he was waiting for him only. Akash hands him the money and gets the anklet. He is walking towards his home while it is raining hard. Some goons notice him going and comment that their prey is going. They follow him and start riding in circles around him. They get into teasing him. Akash tells them to let him go for he has no enmity with them. They tell him to give over all his stuff. They find the wallet empty. He says I have already given what you would need while the other stuff which I have is of no use to you. They get into a fight. He tries his best to fight them but one of them attacks him on the head from behind. He falls on the road while they continue beating him and take out the anklet forcefully. He tries to get it back limping but they keep throwing it away from him.

Finally it lands in Jai (from Sanskaar)’s hand who keeps it back to Akash. He requests the goons to return Akash’s stuff but they mock him too. Just then, Rathore makes an entry. He starts counting them. They all wonder why he is doing so. He tells them that he would need to book beds in hospital for them that is why. Rathore and Akash start beating them black and blue while Jai (from Sanskaar) too lends a helping hand on and off. All the goons run away. Jai (from Sanskaar) tells the wounded goon (while helping him stand up) not to make joke of someone’s emotions. The goon runs away scared (lol).

Rathore asks Akash if he is ok who nods back. Jai (from Sanskaar) questions Akash what was so precious to him for which he put his life in danger. Akash replies it was my love’s first wish to fulfil which I can die too. Rathore says (to Jai (from Sanskaar)) if he would still decline to take his help. We have met again owing to fate only (like he had said before too). This isn’t mine but a signal from fate itself. Akash too offers to help. Jai (from Sanskaar) rues that they both are ready to help him without even asking while the one he had asked help from has declined. Rathore asks who.

All of them reach Vasu’s (from Na Bole Tum) place. Jai (from Sanskaar) thanks him for his time but wants to know if he will help him or not. He shows him Bhoomi (from Sanskaar)’s photo. We have very less time as her life is in danger. Akash too joins in. its about his wife and a wife is most important in anyone’s life hope you know. You must have loved someone? Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) doesn’t answer. Akash tells Jai (from Sanskaar) they should start on their own. Jai (from Sanskaar) indirectly taunts Vasu (from Na Bole Tum). One must have heart to understand someone’s problems.

Rathore continues looking at Vasu (from Na Bole Tum). If my heart is of iron then I want to see what is inside him – heart or stone! Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) tells him he wouldn’t be Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) if he would have a heart. Rathore comments if not heart then there must be some family….brother, sister or mother! Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) turns to look at him at the mention of his mother which brings a smile on Rathore’s face. Everyone has a weakness. I got to know yours today. Now if you don’t want to help then its ok. Rathore turns to go when Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) speaks up. There is only one location to sell women – Nafispura…it is Naagpanchmi today…it will be done after Kaakat’s puja. They all leave except Vasu (from Na Bole Tum).

All 3 of them reach the place told by Vasu (from Na Bole Tum). They run in different directions searching for Bhoomi (from Sanskaar). Jai (from Sanskaar) misses them once. The villain enters in a tent where are bidders are already present. Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) comes there hiding himself in a blanket. He puts a chit in all of their pockets mentioning – Shamiyaana / tent. They finally notice a guy standing guard outside a tent. They again go in different directions to take over the guards.

One of the guards informs the villain (from Sanskaar) that something is wrong for sure. Next we hear a bullet shot in the air. All stop in their tracks. All 3 men reach there too. The villain warns them not to move and some dialogues when Vasu (from Na Bole Tum) starts playing the damru (a small 2 headed pellet drum which is held by Lord Shiva or Mahesh) from behind. All turn to look at him. Vasu comes and unveils his face. He throws colour on him saying I tried not to become your enemy but.

I guess I missed a minute’s shot for power got cut. Next we see Tridev – Jai holding / rotating the mangalsutra which the villain had thrown on ground; Vasu beating damru & Akash holding the trishul (trident). Baba’s words of Tridev appearing to help Jai echoed in the background. Tridev & Rathore beat the goons. Meanwhile police too comes there and takes the goons away. Rathore very cutely tells Vasu how he told him everyone has weakness. His weakness is his mother. Vasu says he has a bad habit of showing off his knowledge. Rathore agrees. Jai thanks all of them one by one. Rathore again tells him how it was written in fate for them to meet and help him. He tells Bhoomi (from Sanskaar) she is lucky to have a husband like Jai. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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