Thursday Update on True Love 4th February 2021


Thursday Update on True Love 4th February 2021

Nandini accepts all her mistakes in front of God. I don’t even know how to apologize to everyone for everything. Maiyya points out that even God cannot forgive her for what all she has done. Nandini nods. I don’t deserve forgiveness. But I don’t want to repeat my mistakes. I want to start my life all over again. I am the culprit of my daughter. I want to apologize to her. Akash tells her that even Rani wont forgive her. rani is alive today only because of Meethi and her selfless love. you are a mother yet you became your own daughter’s enemy. You cannot imagine what Rani has been through in the last 2-3 days. Maiyya calls her a witch, she is not a mother. Nandini accepts her mistake. Please allow me to meet my daughter once. Maiyya is against it but Akash knows Meethi very well. Nandini wants to meet her daughter for the last time, let her meet Rani.

Rani refuses to talk to Nandini. You (Meethi) are my Ma. Meethi makes her understand that Nandini loves her a lot. Rani repeats that she doesn’t want to meet Chameli. She is really bad. She has done wrong with you. meethi notices Nandini looking / overhearing their convo from outside. Nandini turns to go but Meethi goes out to talk to Nandini.

Meethi stops Nandini. She takes Nandini inside to meet Rani. Rani says I don’t want to talk to her. meethi explains to Rani that everyone makes mistakes. Your mother too has made mistakes. She has accepted them too. A good person forgives people’s mistakes. Rani refuses to forgive Nandini ever. Meethi reminds her of the mistakes that she has made in the past. Your mother had forgiven you too, right? Rani tries to say something but Meethi stays put. Who took care of you since your birth to till the time you met your Meethi Ma? Who loved you so much? Who thought about your happiness? Who kept you away from evil eyes? Rani calls Nandini bad. She only knows how to hate, and has hurt you so much. Meethi points out that Nandini and I have become friends now. She doesn’t hate me anymore. Nandini nods.

Meethi asks Rani if she can forgive her Nandini Ma now or not. If you love me then you will forgive your Nandini Ma. Nandini holds her ears. Rani agrees to forgive her, but say thank you first. Nandini obliges and smiles through her tears. Nandini caresses Rani’s head and kisses her hands. I have understood one thing, I cannot love you as much as your Meethi Ma can love you. Your Meethi Ma is very nice. You will stay with her only from now onwards. I am very bad but I swear I will never trouble your Meethi Ma and your papa. I will always pray for them. I wont spare the person who will think ill of them. I swear I can even give my life for them. Rani smiles, they share a hug.

Khanna is shocked to know that Guru Ma is dead. He picks up his revolver from the dashboard. I hope this wont be needed but I will use it if I have to! He gets down from his car.

At the hospital, Akash and Khanna notice each other. Akash congratulates him for getting bail. But stay away from my family. this is a hospital, you might have to get admitted her only then. Khanna laughs. It isn’t a big thing for me to come out of jail. I suggest you to stay away from me. the more you stay away from me, the better! Rest I will send both you and your Guru Ma to jail for sure. Nandini watches them from far. Khanna again smiles. Guru Ma is dead. Nandini is shocked to hear it. Khanna continues, I am not going to die so easily. Listen to me carefully, go to police station and tell them that that pen drive is fake or else!
Akash stands there unfazed. Will you try to kill me? Khanna denies. there are a lot many ways to kill someone. Attack their family members and your work will become easier. Akash is about to punch him in the face when compounder interrupts them. he reminds Akash to give Rani her medicines. We have to give her injection. Khanna kisses Akash’s fist and signals him to leave. Akash once again warns him to stay away from his family. akash notices Nandini but then heads to the ICU. Nandini decides to stop Khanna.

Nandini calls out for Khanna while he is leaving from the hospital. She too tells him to stay away from Akash and his family. I can even sacrifice my life to save them. He calls her a prostitute. You were after me till now to ruin Akash’s family. what happened to you all of a sudden? She says that CHameli is dead. The one who is standing in front of you is Nandini. If you try to harm Akash or his family then I will not spare you. He promises to kill Akash right in front of her. you wont be able to do anything.

Akash keeps Rani’s medicines on the table and looks at Rani. Meethi notices that he looks worried. Akash tells her about Khanna. He had come here to threaten me to change my statement or he will trouble my family. meethi cannot trust Khanna. He can do anything. We will have to do something. She realises that Nandini is nowhere to be seen. Akash tells her that he saw Nandini overhearing his convo with Khanna. Maybe she has gone to talk to him only as she was his friend. Meethi suggests bringing Nandini back here. Hope Khanna doesn’t hurt her. Akash is not interested but Meethi gives him her swear. I will stay with Rani, you bring Nandini.

Khanna tells Nandini to think through. Come to my home with me. we will plan out something together as to how to destroy Akash and his family. you will be the queen of my house. She repeats that she isn’t Chameli anymore, but Nandini. Stay away from Akash and his family or I wont leave you. He holds her hair angrily and scolds her. she spits on his face. Khanna wipes it off angrily. He raises his hand to slap her but Akash holds his hand in time. Akash tells Nandini to go inside. Nandini turns to go inside. Akash says I had told you to stay away from my family and me but guess you dint understand my point. I will explain it to you right now. He punches Khanna.

Nandini returns there seeing Akash beating Khanna. Khanna falls on the ground. Akash turns to go but is unaware that Khanna has taken out his gun. Akash turns and is taken aback to see the gun in Khanna’s hand. Nandini shouts for Akash as Khanna starts shooting at Akash. Akash ducks so as to save himself whereas Khanna continues to shoot at him. Finally Nandini hits Khanna’s on his head with a big stone. She hits him on the head again angrily. You will kill Akash! Akash is stunned to see this. Nandini hits Khanna once again. you will make my Rani an orphan? Akash shouts at Nandini to stop but in vain. Khanna breathes his last. Akash stops Nandini somehow. He checks Khanna’s pulse but he is dead.

Meethi comes out of the room and looks around in the corridor for Akash and Nandini. Why are they not here yet! She paces outside. Nurse comes to inform Meethi that Akash is fighting outside with someone. Meethi is taken aback. With whom? Nurse has no clue about it. the lady who had come with you is also outside. Police is about to reach as well. Meethi too rushes outside though her feet are paining a lot. Meethi is shocked to see Khanna lying in a pool of blood. Police declares him dead. Meethi looks at Nandini. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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