Thursday Update on True Love 3rd December 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 3rd December 2020

Malvika informs Ambika that Sankrant is coming to meet her. meethi and Akash wanted to go too but he stopped them. He is not telling anyone that knows your address.

Precap: Ambika is happy that Sankrant (fool) will come to ask for her signatures. There would have been a problem if Meethi would have come. I will take care of him once I get inside that house. Malvika assures her that she will take care of everything. Maiyya comes there and Malvika feels someone’s presence. She hastily cuts the call and turns back. She is taken aback to see Maiyya. You said you have no relatives then who were you talking to? Malvika replies that I was talking to the network provider. They keep trying to sell something or the other. Maiyya repeats Malvika’s words that she had heard. Why are you lying? Malvika continues to lie. I don’t lie. She sits on the floor before her. you can throw me out of the house if I ever lie to you. Maiyya relents. I have called pandit ji as this wedding has got me tensed. Malvika wipes her fake tears after Maiyya goes from there.

Vishnu is handling the baby. He is on call with Meethi and puts the phone near baby’s ears. She tells him that she is missing him a lot. Vishnu asks her to come over but she tells him that she is playing the role of a wedding planner these days. Mukta comes home. He is about to give the phone to her when he notices the bag in her hands. Mukta recalls the whole incident about how she got this bag. She agrees to tell him later. He goes to make tea while she talks to Meethi and Manav. Meethi shares the good news with her about how Sankrant has agreed for the marriage. Mukta gets happy. meethi wishes that Ambika signs the divorce papers so that everything can finish smoothly.

Mukta asks her if she knows where Ambika is. Meethi has no idea but Sankrant knows maybe. He has said that he will get the signatures. Mukta misses her papa. He would have helped me and Meethi too. Mukta tells her about Chameli and the cash given by her. I cannot understand what to do. I am feeling restless. Meethi feels that they have become friends a few days back only and have given you this responsibility which means that she trusts you a lot. Don’t worry everything will be fine. She knows that my sister is very smart. I am happy that you have decided to help some stranger. Mukta says that she is doing the same what Meethi is doing for Kajri. Meethi talks about what they have learnt from their mothers. Mukta agrees and ends the call.

Pandit ji is checking Kajri’s kundli. This wedding will cause destruction. First husband died because of her kundli only. Kajri and everyone are shocked. She is not destined to live a happy life but of a widow only. This woman will remain a widow for life. Malvika pretends to be upset but also signals thumbs up in his direction. The priest nods with a smirk. Maiyya asks him if she will lose her son because of Kajri. Check again! There must be a way out. He agrees that they can get married but it will be really tough to divert what’s written in destiny.

Meethi announces that the wedding will surely happen. She gives a reassuring nod to Kajri. Come what may this wedding will happen for sure. Plus what age are you living in? You cannot talk about someone’s fate by these lines drawn on paper. In that case, we would have been scared to know / realise about our date of death. Forgive me but I don’t believe in all this so please leave. He gets up but repeats his words. My prediction has never been false till date. He leaves. Meethi requests Maiyya to not allow such hypocrites in home till she is alive. I don’t believe such people. They don’t know about themselves then what can they tell about others. This wedding will certainly happen. You have told me that you trust me. It is his business to scare people and do what all they want. Kajri didi will get married for sure. Malvika looks at her unhappily / angrily while Meethi wipes Kajri’s tears and hugs her.

Ambika watches Sankrant park his car outside her house. By the time Sankrant opens the door, Ambika is all decked up in saree and matching jewellery. She starts doing puja. Sankrant is surprised to see her thus and walks inside her house. He takes the aarti silently. She wants to know his reason of coming here. He is all quiet and fumbling as he recalls their last night together. I wanted to apologize to you for that day. I don’t know how I came here and did all that. She too cannot understand what had happened to him. Don’t be scared I don’t want anything in return of that. It is a mistake in your eyes but it is my responsibility in my view. If I had wished then I could have registered a complaint against you but being your wife it is my right to serve you. He says I have come to ask for something.

These are divorce papers. I have signed on them and only need your signatures. She throws the file on the floor angrily. Do you think our relation is a joke? I agree that I am criminal but I have completed my punishment. I don’t deny that I have made mistakes but now I am doing penance. I too have dignity. Don’t you feel ashamed to use me? He really does not remember anything about that night. She asks him about it. I had come there to apologize to you and stop you from drinking alcohol and you! Whatever has happened has happened. Leave the file here I will sign them. he thanks her. She tells him to start his life again with someone else. I wont come in your way. You should go now. My puja is incomplete. Sankrant walks out of the house. Ambika thinks that this is the calm before storm. The waves will reach out to destroy your family very soon. you will lose your everything then.

A lady passenger blesses Mukta. Mukta gets a call from Chameli who asks her to reach at a certain place. Chameli and Rani sit in the car when Mukta reaches there. Mukta is curious about the girl. I had seen her with you that day as well. Chameli introduces Rani. Mukta notices a wound on Chameli’s lips but Chameli does not answer her. I have to go to ST Stand. I have to meet someone for 2 minutes. will you take care of my daughter till then? Mukta still asks her questions and Chameli agrees to tell her everything later. Before leaving, Chameli makes Rani hide in the backseat. Don’t look up. She turns to Mukta. If anyone asks you or her about her mother then don’t tell them that she is a prostitute’s daughter. No one accepts a prostitute’s daughter in this world. Afterwards she gets out of the car. She takes on last look at the taxi and leaves. Mukta is still thinking about Chameli’s wound. Why did she tell her daughter to hide?

Sankrant comes home just when Akash calls him. akash asks him about Ambika. Maiyya wants to know if that witch signed on those papers. He tells them that Ambika has agreed for it which confuses / shocks everyone. Maiyya decides to offer Prasad in the temple. Malvika is the most shocked of them all. Ambika agreed? She composes herself. She seems to be a very bad person from what all I have heard from your people. She wonders (aloud) how Ambika agreed so soon. meethi too gets thinking. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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