Thursday Update on True Love 30th July 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 30th July 2020

Akash and Meethi cover each other with mufflers and stoles as they watch the snow from their room. He asks her to stand for her once for him. She replies I try a lot but it doesn’t happen. I try a lot. I don’t know how it happened that day. Since then I am not able to stand on my feet. He is sure what can happen once, can happen again too. You will be free of this wheelchair very soon. Ask your Ganesh ji to do that soon. They both pray together. He looks at Meethi and then at the pic of Iccha, Ammo Nani and Meethi. He promises Damini in his mind. Meethi will walk on her own feet very soon.

Mukku is talking to some client. He wants to talk to the CEO but Mukku tells him he is busy right now. He wants to meet / talk to him. She assures him she will make him to his boss as soon as he is free. She ends the call but is worried thinking why she always has to tell the client that her boss is busy. She recalls Vishnu’s doubts / worries. She agrees with Vishnu. I should meet my boss. I also don’t feel it normal that he doesn’t come in front me ever. Yuvi is watching all this on his laptop. What are you thinking Mukku Nukku? I know you are thinking about me. Think more and more. I want that only.

Both the couples have gone out to enjoy Shimla market. Meethi is carrying a basket in her lap while Akash pushes the wheelchair. They are enjoying their time as they visit different different shops together. Akash gives Meethi a teddy bear. She tells him to keep it safely for their kids as she isn’t a kid to play with all this. They will be useful then. Akash notices a fake snake / toy snake. He recalls how Meethi had once shared with him that she has been afraid of snakes. I used to run away from my college hostel when my friends used to scare me about it. Akash also remembers doctor’s words. Sometimes some things happen accidentally….just like your wife caught that ball. In such cases, patients need motivation.

A scare or danger creates action in them because of which a patient starts walking all of a sudden. He recalls how Meethi had got up on her feet to catch the ball. Meethi hears Church bells. She wants to go there. I used to go to church every Sunday when I was in school. He asks her to go with Sankrant while he will shop for all the family members. Ambika can smell something fishy. Akash looks at the toy snake. He imagines Meethi finding it in the basket and in the process, because of the shock she is back on her feet. The shopkeeper asks him if he wants it for a small kid…it looks real. Akash smiles in response. Ambika comes there. Meethi must be waiting for you. She asks him about the snake. He tells her he wants to scare Meethi by using this. This can ignite the fear in her because of which she might stand up on her feet. There is no problem in trying. He buys it. He hides it in his jacket and leaves for the church. Ambika gets happy. Thank you, you made my work easier. This snake will be put to use not to make Meethi walk, but to kill her.

HR Manager tells Mukku they cannot disturb sir like this. Mukku wants to meet him to thank him. The manager (guy) tells her to wait till sir has time for her. She still insists. I want to meet him today only. If I cannot know about the CEO of this company, who has promoted me then I want to resign today only. She picks up her bag to leave from there when Yuvi opens the door of her cabin. His face is in the dark so she sees his silhouette only. He gives his introduction – Yuvaan Singh! He steps forward and finally she is able to see him. yuvi remembers the slap incident and the incidents after that. They both stare at each other.

He asks her if she recognized him. she answers in a yes. You are the CEO of this company. He affirms. He promises her a great future here in this company and with him. He offers his hand to her as a nice meeting you gesture. She folds her hand and smiles in response. I have seen your dedication. I found you to be a promising employee. If you have any problem then you can come to me directly. You don’t have to ask anyone anything. She nods and thanks him. he turns to go. Your enemy was in front of you but you couldn’t recognize me. yuvraj Singh Bundela is back in your life. He gives out a wicked smile.

Ambika notices a snake charmer playing tricks with his snake. All the spectators pay him small amounts of money for entertaining them while Ambika holds out Rs. 1000 for him. She offers to give him more if he can arrange for a poisonous snake.

Mukku is getting late for home or else she might miss her bus. Just as she is packing her stuff, Yuvi comes there with a file. He allows her to call him Yuvaan. He shares the file with her. it is of a new product. Look at it and give me your opinion. I have to finalise this deal. She has no option but to take it. He asks her if she is getting late for home. She agrees to check it right away. he asks her to finish this small work first after which she can leave. She sits down to work as he leaves from there. The salary is increased so he will utilise it fully. She begins to work. Yuvi comes back at her door and starts talking to himself / her. What’s the hurry to go away from me Mukku Nukku? He smiles wickedly.

Sankrant notices an astrologer. He asks Akash to come along with him. Akash doesn’t believe in any of it but agrees for Meethi’s sake. Ambika too wants to see what’s in store for Meethi. akash takes the basket from Meethi. She and Sankrant head towards the astrologer while Akash puts the toy snake in the basket. Ambika is watching all this. Akash joins them when Saknrant calls out for him. He keeps the basket on ground next to Meethi. ambika has her eyes fixed over it.

Meethi wants to know her future first. Ambika makes an excuse of calling her dad and goes to talk to the snake charmer. Ambika very carefully and without coming in anyone’s attention takes the basket with her and leaves. Ambika calls the snake charmer around the same place. Priest tells Meethi her future is good. You will certainly face ups and downs but like your mom, you too will face them bravely and move forward in life. Meethi gets happy.

Ambika removes the toy snake from the basket. The snake charmer shows her a real snake. She is very happy. now I will see who saves you Meethi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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