Thursday Update on True Love 30 January 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 30 January 2020

Maiyya is walking in the corridor speaking with herself. What has happened to my son? Kajri and Kadambri listen to her words. Conch shell plays in the background. Ekadashi continues, my son has become weak. Kajri gets up but she is in very much pain. She comes and stands next to the door to hear what Maiyya is saying. She hears intently. Ekadashi says he hasn’t killed Meethi this is for sure (Kajri smiles through her pain).

So what everyone says is true? (Kajri turns to look at Kadambari who smiles back at her). He became weak in Meethi’s love and forgot the promise that he made to me. Is this it? No this cant be. Kajri is smiling through her tears. She sits near the door itself saying Meethi got saved ma. Nothing happened to her. She is safe. Devar ji (Akash) dint do any wrong deed. She thanks God. Ma, devar ji will change this home completely. He will save both of us. Love will ultimately win over hatred. Kadambari goes to comfort her. meethi got saved.

In the forest:

Akash comes back with the medicines only to find that Meethi isn’t there. He goes out to Kaki and asks her about Meethi. She tells her that she has gone to the temple with the little kids.
Akash becomes happy that she regained consciousness. He asks her if she is fine. Kaki assures him that she is a little weak but is completely fit otherwise.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she was asking about you. Your wife loves you a lot. You look like Lakshmi and Vishnu ki Jodi (they are the name of Indian Goddess and God –couple). Akash was smiling till now but the smile vanishes as soon as he hears this. He thinks this name – Vishnu – is a lie. I have lied all along. When she will get to know that I m not Vishnu she will hate me. Nothing else.

Thakur House:

Kanha and Surabhi are going out when Surabhi gets the call from the private number. She looks back at everyone scared. Damini waves her bye. Rohini is keeping water. She finds Tappu on call with Rathore telling him to come soon. Tappu shows her the clock telling her to rush. Surabhi wonders where Nani has gone. Ammo interrupts her thoughts. Go and if you will have to stay back for 2-3 days then don’t worry. She nods back. Rohini tells her not to stay back for more than that or she will be all alone here. Nani comes and taunts her for speaking like this. She takes Rohini with her for some work.
Surabhi’s phone rings again. She thinks it looks like everyone is together in this plan. Kanha tells her to pick up the phone. She nods nervously. Taxi comes.
Kanha is keeping Surabhi’s luggage in the taxi when she gets a call. She picks it up scared. The lady says, if you think you will be able to leave the house quietly and no one will get to know it then you are wrong. My eyes are on you.
He asks her whose call it is. She tells him its my friend. She tells on phone that she is leaving only. She thinks Mukta, it must be her. She is the one who is after Akash bhaiya since the beginning. Only she is behind this. That is why, when everyone came out to meet me, she wasn’t around. Kanha notices her looking lost in thoughts. He says don’t know what happens to you now-a-days. She comes back to reality and both head off.

In the forest:

Meethi is praying. Twamev maata plays in the background. She says (in her mind / prayers), Kaki said that I have saved Vishnu but it was you who saved him. Give me the strength to take all his troubles away. Akash comes there and notices her praying.
He thinks she would be praying for me only. And I still am living a fake relation. I and my name both are a lie. He turns to go from there. I have lied to her for a long time. Its time to tell her the truth. Whatever happens afterwards I don’t care but I cant lie to her anymore.

Bus stand, Mumbai:

Kanha says I know you are going for just 1 day but I don’t know why it feels as if you will be away for a long time. Maybe it is because of your friend’s disease that I am feeling this way. Take care of yourself and call me as soon as you reach Pune. She nods. She thinks just because of taking revenge for my family, I have lied to this sweet / innocent man. In all this I forgot that whatever maybe the reasons but I have married him legally. (Om trayambhakam plays in the background). And when he will get to know that this relation was fake then. Kanha is looking at her lovingly while she is feeling guilty about cheating him.
The conductor of the bus disrupts their thoughts. Kanha tells her to go.

In the forest:

Meethi back hugs Akash and the sad Piya O re Piya breaks in in the background. Akash is already feeling guilty and there Surabhi gets on the bus but is feeling emotional to bid bye to Kanha. She takes his blessings and hugs him. He tells her to take care of herself and she goes to sit in the bus. The bus leaves and he waves at her.

Scene shifts to Akash and Meethi. She asks him where he had gone. She was looking for him. He turns and says I too was looking for you only. I want to tell you something. She tells him to speak. I too want to speak with you but first I will listen to you. She tells him to speak up.

Surabhi stops the bus. She sees Kanha going back in the taxi and gets down. She goes to sit in another bus (which goes to UP).

Seeing Akash lost she says you only wanted to speak to me. She suggests going to the river nearby and they can sit and talk there. He stops her. you are still weak and hands her the medicines. She promises to take them but insists to go by the river side to talk. He stops her. She asks him if he wants to fight with her again. (He looks down). She tells him whatever happens now I wont go alone anywhere. He looks up surfside. She says what if the snake bites me again. I will go with you only. She takes him with her while he keeps protesting.

Surabhi gets another call from Private Number. A lady sitting nearby with her veil on (Tappu) asks her to pick up the phone. It might be someone close. Surabhi picks up and the lady looks at her direction taking the phone close to her ears. The lady says, you are looking scared Surabhi. Surabhi looks up in the direction of the lady and is shocked. She gets up and asks who are you. Tappu removes her veil sending Surabhi in shock. She says forgot to bid you happy journey so came. Your game is over now. surabhi tries to rush but is stopped by Rathore (he is looking super sexy).
Rathore suggests helping her by taking her bag. They both take her down. Rathore says I have loads of questions but no patience. He asks for Meethi. She says she is with Vishnu. She feigns ignorance.
Rathors shoots her his tough look. Should I help you in telling the truth? I will tell you truth. That day when Kajri called (we see the flashback and we see that Rathore heard her commenting about Kajri calling her as bhabhi). I got a doubt as to why would someone from our home only will overhear the conversation. The next moment it got confirmed as soon as you made a call next minute to tell them about Kanjri’s antics. I tried to trace the number but it was listed on fake name. As expected. Tappu adds so we decided that this is the only way to find Meethi. But for that we have to scare you. You are getting the blank calls since then only. (Surabhi recalls first call from the private number).
Rathore says when one gets scared they make mistakes. Tappu says and you did. Lied to everyone and came here. Our doubt turned certain. And when you switched the bus you hit bull’s eye. Rathore repeats himself. I don’t have patience. You are lying one after the another…to me and everyone. You told Ammo that you are an orphan then who is your bauji (hinting at Agarth). Surabhi says you have misunderstood. I was talking to my friend’s dad.
Tappu reminds her that her friend stays in Pune then what are you doing in the bus that goes to Allahabad. You have no option left but to tell the truth. And remember one thing, I wont leave you if anything happens to my daughter. Your family members wont be able to find you ever.

Tells us the reason behind doing all this. What is your relation with that fake Vishnu? you helped him in getting his marriage done. She recalls how she had begged Mukta to not hurt everyone by doing this on the wedding day. Tell the truth or will right away call Ammo and Kanha and tell them your truth. Surabhi continues feigning ignorance. Rathore suggests to hand her over to the police. 3rd degree torture will automatically help it. He goes to get the car asking Tappu to keep and eye on Surabhi. Tappu says now your facade will be over. She calls Veer telling him that they have found Meethi. Surabhi sees her looking at the other side and notices an auto. She gets in taking the opportunity and Tappu notices this.

Tappu calling Veer telling him that they have found Meethi. I cannot tell you anything right now but you must reach there directly. Surabhi sees her looking at the other side and notices an auto. She gets in taking the opportunity and Tappu notices this. Surabhi hurriedly sits in the auto and asks him to drive. Tappu runs after the auto but she has left. Rathore too comes in. Tappu gets worried but Rathore tells her to let her go. I knew she was going to do this. She wasn’t going to tell the truth anyhow. Now she herself will take us to the truth. Tappu wonders.

In the forest:

Akash and Meethi are walking. She notices him looking lost. He recalls Maiyya asking if he has finished Meethi or not. He then remembers what Kaki had said to him a while back. Your wife loves you a lot. He has flashback of Meethi hugging him sometime back. Meethi disrupts his thoughts. She asks him to hold the clothes (which she is holding) as she wants to walk holding his hand. She doesn’t want to trip or fall down. She was about to fall so hands over the things to him and they walk hand in hand. Sad music is playing as he continues to look at her. She naughtily hints at him that she is tired and cannot walk anymore. She leans on to his shoulder. He asks her to rest for sometime and they can resume walking later. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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