Thursday Update on True Love 2nd July 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 2nd July 2020

Nani calls Maiyya and informs her about Mukta and Vishnu’s marriage. She tells Maiyya that she couldn’t save Muktha from useless Vishnu, but Maiyya can save her Akash from Meethi. Even though Meethi is refusing to marry Akash at this point because of Damini, but in future, Damini can take her swear back and Meethi will right away go to Akash. This puts Maiyya in some thoughts.

Meethi is packing her bag. Mukta comes there and apologizes to her for her behavior in last few days. Meethi tells her that she felt very guilty and bad when she found out after her marriage with Vishnu that Vishnu and Mukta love each other, and everything that she did was just to correct her mistake. Mukta asks her for a hug and Meethi hugs her. Mukta then asks her why she is leaving her. Meethi says that she will have to as after few days her sister (Muka) is going to stay in that room so she will leave in her room. Both are very happy.

Maiyya comes to Akash and says that she heard about Vishnu now marrying to Mukta. Akash says that’s correct and Meethi did the right thing by divorcing Vishnu because Vishnu and Mukta love each other. He also says that Meethi still won’t come back to him. He leaves. Gomti tells Maiyya that Meethi is saying no today, but what if she agrees tomorrow? Maiyya recalls Nani’s words.

Rathore comes to Damini and thanks her for giving the blessings to Mukta and Vishnu. Damini says that she did what was right. She further says if Rathore had told her the truth before, then she would have never put proposal of Meethi and Vishnu’s marriage in front of everyone as she knows importance of love in a marriage. Rathore says that Meethi and Akash love each other as well, then why she can’t give blessings to them. Damini says it’s the God who decides who will stay with whom, but all she knows is that she can’t send Meethi back to the hell no matter what. Rathore says that Meethi loves and trusts Akash because he’s changed this time.

Before he came to take revenge, but now his intentions are not that. He’s rectifying his mistake since long time now. He stayed as a servant, did everything that Meethi asked him to, and even today he didn’t care about his life to save Meethi. Damini says that he risked his life before as well, but everyone knows what he did after that. He changes his colors very quick and no matter how much him and Maiyya try, they can never change. Rathore says that he feels that this time Akash is saying the truth and he will never let Meethi get hurt. Damini apologizes and tells Rathore that his faith is not enough for her, and she can’t agree to him in this matter. Meethi has suffered a lot, but not anymore. Rathore leaves.

Vishnu is looking at Mutka-Akash’s wedding card. Mukta comes there and asks if she should give the order to print same cards for their marriage, but instead Akash it will be Vishnu’s name. Vishnu says they can just cross out Akash’s name and put his by themselves which will save them time and money. Mukta says it’s not possible as she just printed out 2 cards. Vishnu says to her that she is very smart. Mukta says it’s because she had to win him and he wasn’t agreeing. The player was her, but the game was of her father’s, and no one can beat him. Vishnu tells her no more games now. Mukta says not at all, and both have an eyelock. Mukta breaks the eyelock by giving a glass to him. Vishnu holds her hands and she feels shy and goes away. Vishnu finds earrings inside the glass. He runs and grabs Mukta’s hand. He reminds her that he said no more games. He then puts earrings in her ears. Nani sees this and feels angry.

Nani comes to her room and is angry over what she just saw. Tappu comes there. Nani is saying to herself that marriage has just broken, and romance started already. What she can say to others when their own daughter has lost her sense. Tappu gives her water and says it will calm her anger down. Nani says that it’s better if that anger doesn’t calm down as no one, except her, cares for Mukta in that house and that is why they are getting her married to the “phatichar”. Tappu says that Mukta loves him and is going to get married to him so it’s better if she doesn’t insult him. Nani says the truth is that Vishnu is Meethi’s “Uttaran”.


Tappu gets angry now and says how many times she will use that word. Because of that word, they have faced many problems in the past, then why again? Nani says she is saying the truth. Meethi felt bad and gave Vishnu to Mukta. The only difference this time is that Damini didn’t say that he’s Meethi’s “Uttaran”. Tappu turns Nani to her and says that she will explain to her today in her language. She tells Nani that even Akash was Meethi’s “Uttaran” and she didn’t have any problem that time because for her Akash’s money was the important thing for Nani.

Tappu further says that despite Nani being part of this family, her thinking and values are so low. She says that it’s not “Uttaran” what Meethi did for Mukta, and in fact, she has no words for that. She then says, Mother gave the heart to save me, and the daughter saved my daughter’s heart from breaking by giving Vishnu to her. This is heart-to-heart relationships, but you won’t understand that. If the heart inside me is Ichcha’s “Uttaran”, then salute to such “Uttaran”. Nani has no words now. Tappu leaves. Nani is angry and says, don’t listen to me today, but I can clearly see Damini in Vishnu. He’s also proud of his poverty. No one will have any clue when that turns into an ego.

Akash is sitting in the dark. Maiyya comes and asks him if he will make darkness his life now. Akash says this is her blessings. Whatever hopes were there for the light in his life has already been washed by Maiyya. Maiyya says she brought darkness in his life so now she will bring light in his life as well. She shows bunch of girls’ photos to him and asks what’s Meethi in front of them? Akash throws the photos away and says no one is going to last with him. Suddenly their door opens and Agarth enters. Akash is shocked to see him.


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