Thursday Update on True Love 27th August 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 27th August 2020

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Meethi asking Ambika about the fan incident. You were behind it right? Ambika agrees. Meethi is recording everything. Ambika shares an incident of her childhood. A guy called Pappu complained against me to the tuition teacher. I kept chillies in front of the fan and it all hurt his eyes. Ambika slips. Meethi stops Maiyya from hitting her with a stick. Maiyya excuses herself for two minutes.

Mukku gets a call from Rathore. She recalls the picnic incidents where he had helped Ambika in antakshri and his confession that Ambika is his daughter. Vishnu comes there asking her to pick the phone. She disconnects it instead. He is concerned. She doesn’t want to talk to her dad. The doorbell rings. Vishnu opens the door and it is Rathore. He was passing by from here so he stopped by to meet them. Vishnu welcomes him inside.

He wants to go inside on the pretext of sending important mails but she stops him. You can stay here as you are my husband. He can say anything and everything in front of you only. Vishnu picks up the two photo frames and shows them to Mukku. This picture (his and Mukku’s) came in her life after this one (of Mukku and Rathore). No one can change this truth. A dad can never be greater than a husband. You guys can sit and talk while I will finish my work.

Rathore finds it weird that a dad gives his daughter’s hand in her husband’s and she accepts that relation. And when that dad who has brought her up needs his SIL’s permission to talk to his daughter. Amazing! She agrees. A dad lies to his daughter and when that lie is caught, he comes to convince her. you hid it from ma. She knows nothing about this. You have cheated me and ma, have lied to us. I could never think that you will lie to me or hide something from me. Who knows tomorrow you might bring someone in front of me and call her your first wife. He gets upset at this.

Maiyya brings more bhang for Ambika who gulps it down happily. she tells Meethi to start the recording while I will ask questions. Ambika hugs her MIL out of happiness. Meethi asks her who sent messages from Akash’s mobile while they were in Shimla. Ambika takes it upon her but then tells of another incident when Maiyya dint use to give any jewellery to her. I had to message dad. Maiyya repeats the question.

Ambika gets sad thinking that she asked for mobile when dad got her bicycle, I asked for Akash while he got Sankrant for me. meethi calms her down. She is not going to say anything at the moment. There is no point asking her anything. Let us go home. Maiyya wants to try more but Meethi insists upon going home. We will have to do something else. She helps Ambika in getting up. Ambika asks her if she thought she will say the truth under the influence of bhang. You are a kid and MIL a teacher. She leaves from there on her own.

Vishnu is waiting. He decides to wait a little longer as things may sort between the two. Rathore wants a chance to explain. She says you are like God for me. You can never be wrong. This is what I used to feel but. He asks her not to turn her face away from him. Tell me how am I wrong. Ambika is my daughter legally. That relation wasn’t hidden from the world. Agreed I dint tell you about it as I too got to know about it recently. Maybe you don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want to gain another daughter after losing you. If I lose you then I wont have anything with me. who do I have with me other than you? You said yesterday that you feel you are the only one in my life.

You are my whole life. I cannot see you upset like this. If you say then I wont see her face or meet her ever. I will never tell her what relation we share. Mukku says I don’t care who you have a relation with. He picks up his and her picture and caresses her photo. Papa loves you and is sorry. Mukku has tears in her eyes. He wishes for a day when she can accept him and his past completely. I will wait for that day. He wants to reach out to her but stops helpless. Take care of yourself. Vishnu comes back. My work is done now I will make coffee. Guess your daughter is still upset with you. Rathore declines for the coffee. I wanted to compliment you both on the way you have set the house. Vishnu calls it a small house. Rathore smiles. A start is always small. My house in Kasauli was smaller than this house. He leaves after telling him to take care. Vishnu goes to talk to Mukku but she too walks away.

Ambika wakes up with a headache. She is surprised to see lemon on the bedside table. she recalls all the incidents. Did I say something? Hope I dint speak out the truth when I was under the influence of bhang. I will have to do something.

Sankrant gets juice for Ambika. Are you all right? She asks him what happened. He tells her that bhang affected her very much. She is scared thinking if she said something and what is he comes to know about it. Everything will be ruined I will have to do something. She takes a sip and rushes to the bathroom to vomit. He is concerned for her. she tells him that she has a headache and is vomiting. He wonders if she is about to become a mother. She smiles as the idea strikes her. He gave me a brilliant idea. Sankrant loudly calls out for Maiyya who gets up with a start. Hope Ambika dint say a word or both my sons will kill me today. Gomti and Pavitra go to see what has hapepend. Sankrant calls out for Akash. He comes down with Ambika. Meethi wants to know what has happened. akash comes and asks for it too. Sankrant shares the good news with them that Ambika is pregnant. Meethi and Maiyya don’t look too happy while Ambika looks at them with a smile. Akash is overjoyed and hugs his brother. Sankrant looks excited too. Gomti and Pavitra bless the couple. Sankrant asks Maiyya if she isn’t happy for her son. She is indeed happy for her son. A would be mom has a special glow on her face. She goes to check Ambika’s face. There is no such glow on your face. Sankrant doesn’t look happy but Akash gestures him to be calm.

Ambika is still not feeling well and wants to rest. Maiyya stops them. I wont let you work for 9 months but before that you must get your check up done. She turns to Sankrant. It is your first child. It is very important to get the check up done. Take out the car. Unlike old times when dai ma would come home to check the mother and the baby we will have to go to see a doc. It is very important to check a pregnant lady. Sankrant agrees. Ambika wants to try out the pregnancy test at home to confirm it. Pavitra agrees but Maiyya insists. Ambika asks Sankrant to get the pregnancy test kit. Meethi assures Maiyya that these kits are genuine. Maiyya still has doubts on Ambika. She will definitely do something to mould the truth. She is very clever. Ambika is worried how to make the test look positive when she isn’t pregnant.

Maiyya sends Ambika to the bathroom to try out the kit and confirm that she is going to become a grand mom. Ambika starts heading to the bathroom while Maiyya asks Meethi to explain how this pregnancy kit works. Meethi explains it to her though a little conscious because of the men. Inside Ambika is wondering what to do. The result will be negative as I am not pregnant after which MIL and her sons will throw me out of this house.

Mukku looks at Vishnu who is busy in his work. She asks him about his work. His reports are ready. They only need to be signed by the boss. She is impressed by his work. She drops the report on floor and he gets up with a start to see this. She kisses him on the cheek and he is speechless. She looks around to make sure no one saw it and then asks him to check the report and bring it in her cabin. I will sign it. She cleans his face with her hand before going. He smiles sweetly as he touches his cheek.

Sankrant is pacing anxiously as they all wait for Ambika to come out of the bathroom. Maiyya finally calls out for her to come out. Ambika gets irritated. This test takes time. She picks up a pink lipstick and puts marks on the kit. I will have to make sure that I have to say it only to my dumb husband. Meethi shouldn’t come closer. My husband will agree to whatever I say.

Vishnu comes in Mukku’s cabin with files and finds Yuvi already sitting there. He has come to take her signatures on the report. She compliments his fastidiousness. Yuvi asks Mukku to check it once. She trusts Vishnu who has cross checked the report. Yuvi gets up and goes to Vishnu. Don’t take me wrong but anyone can make mistakes as we are all humans. He takes the report from Mukku to check it. He finds a blank entry which shocks Vishnu. I checked it twice and there was no blank entry. Mukku asks him correct it and get another printout. He is still amazed at how could this be but then agrees.

He apologizes to them and goes to correct his mistake. Yuvi tells Mukku not to trust him like this. I know he is your husband but leave that relation at home. Vishnu has still not left the room and hears their convo. How would it have looked if we would have presented this report in our meeting which is due in 15 minutes? Keep you work and relationships separate. He might be your boss at home but you are the boss here. You are responsible for everything. Please be careful next time. Mukku glances at Vishnu’s direction and he too turns to look at her. yuvi is happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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