Thursday Update on True Love 27 February 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 27 February 2020

Mukku is wearing that earring looking at herself in the mirror. She replays the whole incident in her mind. How stupid was that! Could you not think of some other excuse? Rathore comes there and watches her talking to herself. What has happened to me? He comes there. You are smiling that special smile again now don’t tell me you are thinking about some film star. Don’t lie to me or I will beat you (sweetly). She denies anything being such. Anyways if anything like that happens then you will be the first one to know. He notices Akash sitting outside. They both come by and stand by the window. She is surprised at the level of madness exhibited by him. rathore tells her that madness are of 2 types. One, real mad and two, which has penance, love in it to prove their love to someone. I saw the very same feelings in his eyes. Tappu hears all this. She asks Mukku to excuse them for a minute. Mukku obliges.

She asks him you bailed Akash. Meethi is going through so much yet you bailed him out? Did you ever give it a thought what my family would be going through when he is standing outside since last 4 days doing this drama? Everyone has been calling in asking about the same. You did not even think once about us? He agrees with her. But I had my own reasons. She is amazed. Reason? What was the reason that you got him out when you knew about Meethi. He points out how she is answering her own question. When I had come with Mukta to save the wedding then I only saw cheat and lies in his eyes.

She tries to reason exclaiming that was in the past. He says when Akash had committed all those crimes then it was only me who punished him. But what I saw in his eyes today made me get him out. I feel they both should be given a chance. Last decision would anyhow be Meethi’s. Tappu disagrees with him. You may be confused but Meethi is very clear about this. She has also signed the divorce papers. He lets out a sad smile. You know of my opinion about papers. Love and relations are connected with heart and not court. She stays put. May be you don’t know what she would be going through as Akash is standing right outside. He speaks sense (like always). Do you think I look at Meethi & Mukta differently? Why would I do something wrong to Iccha ji’s daughter? They are adults who can take their own decisions. She shouts back saying Meethi doesn’t want Akash back in her life. Why don’t you understand?

Rathore retorts you took this decision like you always do without even asking anyone? Did you ask me once what I want right or what I feel is right for us? You had to go so you left. Did you ask me even once if I want to take divorce? Ever asked if I love you or…? Tappu shouts back saying then you should have said….She gasps and covers her mouth in shock realising her mistake. He turns the other side apologizing (such a gentleman…being hurt yet not apologizing) I shouldn’t have said this. Tappu wipes her tears. I had come here to talk about Meethi. We never were together in any decision but still I will try to prove that Meethi doesn’t want to take Akash back in her life. She leaves from there. He is sad. You will never understand….you will never understand what I feel.

Kajri brings food for Surabhi who nods in an uninterested manner. Kajri reminds her that if not for herself then she must eat for the kid. I have promised ma that I will take care of you . Surabhi shares her worries. I don’t know if my child will ever get father’s love or not. kajri tells her not to worry as devar ji (brother-in-law – Akash) has gone to Mumbai and I have full faith in him that he will make Kanha agree. Nirbhay is shown listening to their convo from outside (for once he seemed concerned) which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kajri. She knowingly treads on the brothers’ thing. When you have a brother like Akash then why worry. I just pray that the kid gets all the good qualities like him so that no son ever leaves her mother all alone.

Surabhi is unable to understand any of this. Nirbhay storms in the room saying he very well understands what she is hinting at. He advises her not to speak too much or she will have to bear the consequences. Surabhi tells him not to scold Kajri bhabhi as she was just blessing my kid to be like Akash bhaiya. What’s wrong with that? Kajri tells her not to get in to all that but rather focus on the kid and herself. I just hope that the kid must be able to know the difference between right and wrong – just like Akash. She leaves from there while Nirbhay is feeling something .

Tappu is struck with her own thoughts. She recalls Rathore’s words. When he was wrong then I was the only person who punished him for his every crime but now I see the change in him. I see love and penance in his eyes. She cannot believe Mr. Rathore can trust a wrong person (ha!) and Mukku too is siding with him. She remembers Meethi telling everyone that they shouldn’t lie to anyone anymore about Akash. We have not relation with him. She remembers how Meethi had saved Akash and his shouting at her – you still love me! she is super worried (I know she is a mother but what I observed was that she just saw / felt what she wanted to….like the next scene will prove…grrr :x). They are only thinking about Akash forgetting what Meehti is going through at the moment.

Meethi is browsing through some magazines with the radio on. The RJ announces the next song’s request by Mr. Akash Chatterjee. (Oh by the way, Tappu had just come there to talk with Meethi when she hears his name and stops to see Meethi’s reaction) His message plays – Hi Meethi, I know you are still very angry with me. I just want to seek forgiveness for all the mistakes that I have made. I know you still love me. its not about who wins from either of us. Its about winning our love back. His song dedication plays – Abhi Abhi from Jism 2. She angrily flips the channel which Tappu takes it as her decision (uh oh were you never angry at someone and did something similar some time…I mean why. Mr. Rathore Meethi doesn’t want Akash to come back in her life ever.

Akash is listening to the radio outside with that song playing. He keeps looking towards Meethi’s room while inside, she flips the channel again and gets lost listening to the song. He has flashback of how she had saved him from the truck. Meethi on the other hand imagines them to be romantically dancing on the song.

Surabhi is running upstairs when she almost bumps into Ekadish who tells her to not run like this. She must take care of herself. What if you slip? She explains that she is feeling unwell. Ekadish tells her to take care of herself as she has made such a big decision to bring this kid in this world. If Akash is unsuccessful in getting Meethi back then Kanha too would never come back then what? (Flash: you aint her mother-in-law!). you will have to handle all by yourself so you should be careful. Surabhi requests her not to say something like that. I have full trust that Kanha will come back to take me. akash bhaiya will come back that is what I pray all day and night. Ekadish assures her that he will and sends her off. She mocks her brother’s condition. He wont be able to defeat me for neither will Surabhi go back not Meethi will come here. He was trying to teach me a lesson but now will be busy watching his stars.

Akash takes out the broken mangalsutra and recalls her words looking at it. You made me wear this right? See (broken), I relieved myself from this fake relation of ours. He thinks you still love me Meethi. This mangalsutra will be back soon at its rightful place. And now you wont be able to break it. It will not be a bond (in negative sense) anymore but our love which would stay with you always….with my Meethi.


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