Thursday Update on True Love 20th August 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 20th August 2020

Vishnu gets a call from Mukku’s office. Mukku feels that she should have told him the truth. Somnath (the HR Manager) gives him the good news that he can join the office from tomorrow. Vishnu is overwhelmed. He tells Mukku that they can go to office together from tomorrow. They both hug as she congratulates him. She decides not to tell him anything now as Vishnu might not join this job thinking that he got it because of me.

Maiyya wants Meethi to listen to her for the last time. I agree that Rathore is right. I did it but atleast hear me out to know why I did it. I haven’t told anyone till date but I will tell you now. Meethi agrees to listen to her. Maiyya tells her that Rathore and Nirbhay had a fight so she made some false witnesses against Rathore and got him jailed. But they say that what goes around comes around. But that Ambika’s father got to know about it. He threatened me to make Ambika my DIL or he will put me in jail. What could I do then? He compelled me to do a lot of stuff. Meethi is shocked when she tells her that she stole the bangles from Meethi’s room. Chaubey asked me to give bangles to Ambika but she is so clever that her demands continued. She troubled me a lot so I thought to get her kidnapped. What else could I do? But she is so clever that she overheard my convo when I was talking on phone. She got someone from her dad’s side and got me jailed. Now you tell me why she kept quiet till the evening when this incident happened in the morning?

Meethi recalls how Ambika had planned to go out on shopping with Meethi as their husbands are not at home. Maiyya continues, she played her cards as soon as my sons were back. Pavitra told me everything. Meethi cannot understand who to trust. But one thing is for sure that you did wrong with Rathore uncle. You must apologize to him. Maiyya doesn’t want to but she has no option so she agrees to do it. I have made a mistake after all. Meethi asks her to come with her. maiyya thinks that she is helpless as no one else will listen to her except Meethi. Right now I am ready to do anything which she will ask me to do.

Vishnu and Mukta come to office together. She offers to check with Somnath about her cabin but he wants to do it by himself. She finally agrees. Meet me in lunch break as we had decided to eat together. He agrees and she heads towards her cabin.

Ambika calls her dad. MIL’s face to be seen after what Rathore sahab has done. Chaubey is shocked to hear Rathore’s name from her. She tells him about the cd. Did you give it to him? He is stunned by this piece of information and ends the call abruptly. She is confused.

Maiyya has come to apologize to Rathore. She folds her hand in a gesture to seek his forgiveness yet cannot help thinking if she will have to stand like this for the whole day. He tells her not to do so. You are a woman, an elder and Meethi is your DIL. If Meethi believes in you that you are genuinely apologizing so I am ready to forget it for now but if you even think about troubling me or my family then I will forget it that I have forgotten this incident. Maiyya is ready to swear upon Meethi’s name. He doesn’t like it so asks her not to. He wants to talk to Meethi alone so Maiyya goes out. Rathore tells Meethi that she cannot harm him in any way but you stay with her. I will always be worried for you. Do you genuinely feel that she is regretting her mistake? Meethi tells him that Anni always says that one should move ahead in life by forgetting the past. One has to start from somewhere. She takes his leave as they have to go now. He smiles as he can see Iccha ji in her.

Mukku is looking around for Vishnu. She is shocked when she finds him sitting in a corner with some stuff lying around. Vishnu is given this place? Yuvi comes there just then. Mukku is about to go to Vishnu when he calls out for her. Who are you looking for? she looks in Vishnu’s direction. He is sitting there. He tells her that it is Vishnu’s first day plus the opening is for junior level only. Hope you wont feel bad if he sits there for a few days. Everyone here will notice this which isn’t good. But I am sure Vishnu will very soon be at par with you as you only are his boss in the office. She looks shocked.

Yuvi explains that she is a senior and has already been promoted. Who else will be more responsible for our construction business than you? Mr. Kashyap will report to you. Not only him but 10-15 people will also work under you. I must say that you are one of the few luckiest women who are boss at home and at office too. He asks her to come to his cabin after finishing her lunch. She nods. Vishnu notices her and smiles. They both wave at each other. She gestures her to come for lunch while he asks her to wait for five minutes. She nods so he resumes with his work. Yuvi’s words echo in her head and she looks troubled.

Ambika asks Kasha Kaka for coffee. He teases her by saying that she doesn’t ask elder people for work. This is what I have heard in front of Meethi. ambika smirks. Now you too have started to get meaning of my words. She notices the envelope in his hand and asks him about it. It is the report of Sankrant’s medicine (after that party incident). Ambika recalls how she had switched his medicine with vitamins. He was going to keep it in Meethi’s room as she isn’t home. Ambika is surprised to know that Meethi has gone out with Maiyya. Ambika wants to see the report. He is hesitant so she pretends to be angry over it. I cannot see my husband’s reports? Ok I will see it after Meethi comes home. She is about to go when he gives it to her. You only give it to Meethi. She opens it as soon as he is gone from there. She is worried that her truth will come out in front of everyone this way. They will get to know as to why Sankrant resumed drinking alcohol again.

Sankrant and Akash come home. Ambika asks Kasha kaka to help her in setting the table but Akash stops her. He asks Kasha kaka to do it. Next he calls out for Meethi but Ambika tells him that she has gone out with Maiyya. Akash is taken aback. He is about to call her but Ambika stops him. don’t say anything over the phone. Some things are to be said in between a husband and wife with a lot of patience. She has a big heart. She might have forgiven MIL. I wish I too had a big heart like her.

Sankrant assures her that it is that way only. She asks him to eat first. I will show you something afterwards. She asks Kasha kaka to show the report before Meethi comes. They are confused. She is thankful to Meethi for it. Ambika shows it to Akash while she explains it all to Sankrant. Meethi got your medicine checked. Don’t know how she doubted upon it. The medicine isn’t what’s in the prescription but they are vitamin tablets. Someone has changed it. Sankrant recalls the whole incident. Both the brothers look shocked. Sankrant realises this was why he lost all control that night but who will do it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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