Thursday Update on True Love 20 February 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 20 February 2020

Akash tells that he will clear all the exams of life but I will bring her back for sure. I wont give up now. Kajri and Sankrant smile. Sankrant tells his bhabhi that he will make his brother board the plane or else he might come back thinking something or the other midway. Akash assure them that he wont. Bhabhi you take care of yourself. I will be back soon. Sankrant and Akash leave in the jeep as Kajri looks on happily.

Meethi is wondering how to take Damini to the hospital. She gets water and sprinkles it on her face but to no use. She is getting worried by the minute. You cannot go leaving me alone like ma. I wont let you go. God please send the ambulance.
Jogi Thakur’s car is stuck in traffic due to heavy rains. He rings up home. Jogi asks Meethi if the ambulance arrived yet. She replies in negative. He tells her not to lose hope. It is raining so that must have caused the delay. If it arrives then go directly to the City Hospital. God will send someone to help us in this hard time. Meethi nods helplessly.

Akash is in a taxi. Piya o re piya starts playing as he recalls all his happy sweet moment spent with Meethi in Mumbai, their wedding, in Aatishgarh and in the jungle. Her words of immense pain of hers missing him all the time echoes in his ears. I have shed tears of blood thinking about you day and night. He remembers the divorce papers duly signed by her as Meethi Chatterjee. He recalls Kajri bhabhi telling him not to give up now. Prove that your love is true. He thinks I am coming Meethi….I am coming to you. He looks up to see the lighting flash.

Meethi calls the ambulance once again. My Anni is not well you must come soon. They explain to her the reason of delay. They are stuck in traffic as it is raining heavily. She tells them to hurry up but they hang up.

Divya asks Jogi to call home once again. He tries but the phone line is busy. Mukta suggests walking home. Divya disagrees with her. It is raining so much how can we walk all the way back home. Jogi suggests going to the hospital directly as the ambulance would have come by now.

Meethi is worried sick. How do I get her to the hospital? I cannot understand anything. Oh God, please send someone to help me. anni everything will be fine.
Bell rings at Thakur House. Meethi hurries off to the door and is surprised to find HIM (face not shown) standing at the door. She stutters….you? Please help me. Anni is unwell. The guy runs inside, picks up Maiyya in his arms and they both leave. All this is reflected in Iccha’s photo.

Agarth comes to Surabhi and closes the door behind him. She tries to get up but he tells her to rest. She asks him if he spoke with bua ji (Ekadish). He denies. No one knows. They only know that you are unwell. There is a reason behind hiding it. I don’t want your life to go waste. She is unsure if what they are thinking would happen actually or not. He assures her that it will. I have sent Akash to Mumbai on the pretext of bringing Meethi back here but the real reason is…rest convo is in mute. He hopes for their plan to be successful. No one should know what has happened. I will tell everyone at the right time. She shares her happiness with him. Till date I never felt that you worry about me but today you did what I wanted. Agarth smiles. Nothing can be hidden from a father. You rest. Saying so, he makes an exit from her room.

The doctor and nurses put Damini on ventilator and puts on the oxygen mask. Meethi watches from the hole in the door. She prays for his Ammo’s well being. You (God) have taken away my mother from me but don’t take away my Anni from me. I cannot take it anymore. Kill me instead but save her. I beg you please don’t do this.
The doc tells the nurse to get in Dr. Goel. We need to revive her heart asap. The nurse heads outside. Meethi stops her. How is Anni? She doesn’t tell her anything and goes to call Dr. Goel. Meethi gets hyper when the doc comes. He tells her to calm down. Trust God. We will do our best. Meethi begs him to do so. The doc heads inside.

Maiyya and Gomti are sitting for dinner. Agarth joins them. She asks him about Surabhi and his health. He tells her that she is resting. She gets confused. The doc has told that she is fine then why is she still in her room. Gomti tells him that Kajri has gone to give food to her. He gets up instantly worried. He leaves for upstairs.
Kajri is about to knock at Surabhi’s room when Agarth stops her. I will take it. You had to face a lot of problems lately you go and have your food. She is surprised at his sweet behaviour but leaves from there.

Meethi is looking through the hole but the nurse covers it. The doc inside gives Damini shock therapy to revive her. She opens her eyes.
Jogi and family come there. They ask at the reception who directs them towards Damini’s ward. They come to Meethi. He hugs her assuring her. The doc comes out. He relieves them of their fears. She has been saved. She will recover very soon. Meethi asks her if she can meet her now. He tells her to wait a little more. He leaves from there.

Jogi applauds Meethi on her brave act of bringing Damini here all alone. In this rain you brought her here on your own. I am proud of you. Meethi looks down. No bade papa, I dint. Someone else did. Jogi is surprised…who?

A guy with his back is shown filling up the form at the reception. Meethi signals towards them. They all go to him. IT IS VISHNU (I’m not liking it 🙁 ). Everyone is surprised to see him but they are relieved too. They all thank him for his timely help. He replies that it was his duty. She is my teacher didi’s mother. Maybe God wanted me to help that is why I reached there on time. Mukku again thanks him while Jogi wipes tears from the corner of his eyes.

Damini is muttering to herself…a word or two. Meethi enters. Damini says….nothing will happen to my Meethi. I will save her. Ekadish! Meethi is shocked. Ekadish? Why did Anni take her name all of a sudden? Is this all because of her? What did she say that Anni got attack?
She has flashback of finding the receiver not kept properly. The episode ends on her wondering if it was Ekadish’s call that is responsible for Anni’s condition. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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