Thursday Update on True Love 19th November 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 19th November 2020

Next morning, Mukku and Vishnu are back to their house with Nani and Divya. Mukku feels happy to be back home. Nani is as usual not happy with her decision, Divya too supports her. how will you guys live here? Mukku calls her locality a big family. anyone will come to help at any hour of day or night. Nani is irked. Mukku assures both the ladies that she will call them in case she needs anything. She tells Nani that she knows what she thinks about her and her husband. I also know that you had done Vishnu’s last rites too (Nani is shocked). Ma told me. don’t worry I wont say anything to anyone, not even Vishnu. nani cannot understand what Vishnu has done that Mukku is not ready to listen to anything that she says.

Maiyya shows Akash and Meethi’s wedding photos to Malvika. She praises the couple. She caresses Ambika’s pic (when Maiyya is not looking). Maiyya tears it and throws the pieces away calling her a witch. There is no place for her in our life, home anymore. Sankrant looks at the pieces. He is kind of torn as he wants to pick them up but holds himself. Malvika observes this. You still love Ambika. You can throw her out of your home or album but not from your heart.

Mukku tells Vishnu about Meethi’s call. Vishnu is so looking forward to meet them. they will be really happy to see him and the baby. She is worried what if Meethi recalls her pain about not being a mother all her life. Vishnu is sure they wont let it happen. Meethi is his Massi, just like his mother. The baby has fallen asleep. He wants to go for a walk. She agrees finally as it is good for his health too.

Vishnu is worried about the income. Mukku should not be burdened with mine and our baby’s responsibility. I will have to look for any work. He notices a garage where the owner talks about hiring a manager. Vishnu helps the guy while he is not looking. He agrees to hire Vishnu. big people send their cars here for repair. You might have to do some checking yourself at times and will have to deliver their vehicles at home too. Our mechanics don’t go there. Vishnu agrees. He introduces himself as Rodrigues. He keeps winking at Vishnu while talking. Vishnu gets the job.

Munna stops Akash outside the mosque. I have been appointed by Asgar bhai to take care of you. Akash thanks him, but I am alright now. I can look after myself. Munna still stops him as police is after him. akash removes his hand. I know it already. I am going to Asgar’s home only as my wife is there. I want to meet her. Munna forces Akash for which he gives him a tight punch. No one can stop me from meeting Meethi.

Meethi wonders about the dilemma she is in. At one side, I cannot go to India without Akash. On the other side there is this family which supported me in the hour of need. They gave me love and trusted me. I broke their hearts, trust by faking this marriage. Should I tell them everything? I am staying here in Pakistan as my Akash is in trouble.

Akash reaches Rizvi home. Asgar is on the stairs. He is talking to his boss assuring him that Meethi and Akash are still under his spell. He is shocked to see Akash coming inside his home. How did he reach here? He rushes downstairs to stop him. Akash tells him he has come to meet Meethi. I have come here before as well. He doesn’t care about police force or anyone and is not even ready to listen to Asgar. Asgar tries to take him with him but Akash stays put.

Asgar is infuriated but hides it. Chant plays in the background. I wont go without meeting Meethi. Akash actually starts doubting him. you said someone died in your house which is why I cannot meet her. but why not today when all of us are in the same house! She can come outside to meet me or I can go inside to meet her. He calls out for Meethi and starts heading inside the house. She has heard him and looks around.

Before either of them can see each other, Asgar hits Akash with a rod on his head. Akash turns to look at his attacker and is shocked to see Asgar. Blood is coming out of his head and he notices Asgar’s smiling face. Asgar apologizes as he had no option. You and Meethi are my pawns who will help me accomplish my mission. I can do anything for my mission. This is why neither can Meethi meet you nor can she see you. Akash holds his neck. Meethi is standing upstairs.


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