Thursday Update on True Love 17th September 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 17th September 2020

Meethi sees the same incident in her sleep and wakes up shouting Kajri Didi. Akash too gets up. She tells him that she feels that that woman was Kajri didi. Akash is confused. She is somewhat sure it was Kajri didi only but he points out that if she would have come in this city then she would have definitely called either Maiyya or me. Meethi asks him to call Kajri didi asap. He tries but her number is unreachable. It is so tough to reach someone in Aatishgarh because of the network problem.

If something wrong would have actually happened then either of us would have come to know about it. He suggests that they should ask Maiyya but she doesn’t want to disturb her at this hour. We will ask her tomorrow. Akash assures her they have lodged a complaint. They have told us they will do the inquiry tomorrow and do their best to find that woman. He switches off the light and they both lie down to sleep.

Two drunk men are passing by the area of some brothel. Kajri bangs at the door wanting to get out from there. Some men come and scold her to keep quiet. No one will come to save you here and if someone indeed comes here then we will end his story. She turns to go but a lady appears before her. Kajri keeps looking at her in shock / scare and the men pull her back inside. She cries badly as she looks around the room. Please let me go! They lock her again in that room while she continues crying. I want to go home!

Pavitra looks on as Maiyya practices counting. Meethi brings breakfast. They both praise her cooking skills. Akash too comes there. Meethi gestures him and he asks after Kajri bhabhi. Maiyya has not been in touch with her brother since their fight. How come you remember her all of a sudden? Akash tells her what Meethi saw. She feels that that woman was Kajri bhabhi. Maiyya immediately asks Pavitra to talk to Kajri. Pavitra calls home and speaks to her brother. She gets to know that Kajri is all right and is at home only. Akash and Meethi look relived. Pavitra is happy that even her elder sister couldn’t understand her today. I dint even call Aatishgarh. We just got rid of that Ambika and now Meethi has started another stint to find Kajri. Let her die for I don’t care.

Rathore is looking at the pictures in his wallet (Ambika, Mukta). He recalls the bitter words said by Ambika to her while she was in jail. She does not want a dad like him. He remembers what Meethi had told him. Ambika needs guidance and only he can help her come out of all this. He is in deep thoughts.

Mukta comes to Yuvi’s cabin but she gets to know that he hasn’t come till now. The peon informs her that he might not be coming to office for a few days. Mukku is surprised. Sir always sends a mail or message to inform me about anything as such. I will call him. She gives some files to peon to give them to Sir.

Yuvi gets Mukta’s call. He wonders as to why is she calling him. Has Vishnu told her everything already? I wont pick any call. No one should know where I am. His manager asks about his health. Yuvi wants to leave the town asap but they need a doctor’s report for that. Yuvi is sure he might get in trouble because of a doc. He tells him to call Mukta to inform her that he wont be coming to office for a few days. I am going out for some important meetings. Manager leaves to get the car. We can send the message on our way as well.

Rathore tells Jogi and Tappu that he had gone to meet Ambika in jail. She insulted me in turn. Jogi says it might be but it is your responsibility to change her outlook towards things. Rathore agrees with him. Before I could make up to her, I saw such an identity of hers that I don’t feel like. Mukku comes there with VIshnu and greets them. Tappu is happy with their decision of staying back here. One must not stay alone in such a situation. I will take very good care of you here. This is why Mukta has come here. They all are happy with this decision. VIshnu goes to keep their luggage.

Mukku moves aside to talk to her bade papa when they both notice Rathore and Tappu talking animatedly to each other. Mukku says they look so happy when they are together. Jogi agrees with her. Mukku reminds her dad of the promise he had made to her a few days back. He will get her whatever she wants. Tappu sides with her. Rathore says he will keep his word. Mukta puts Tappu’s hand in his hand. I want you both to stay together for forever. I too want to see you both staying together. Bade papa, I want them both to get married. Jogi is happy with the idea. Tappu has to go back to US after 15 days for some important work which surprises Mukta.

You called me over and are leaving for US? Who will take care of me? How can you leave me alone and go like this? Jogi too calls it wrong. Tappu you cannot go till Mukta’s baby is born. Tappu insists it is important for her to go. Mukku tells her to be quiet. Papa you have promised me. I don’t want to hear anything else. You both will have to stay together. Tappu is uncomfy. Its been so many years. A very weird distance has come between us. Jogi declines. I am with Mukta, not you. Distances are covered in few minutes. Atleast try! Tappu asks for some time to think about it. Mukku gives her 2 days time. I am your daughter so whatever be the answer I only want to hear yes. Mukku leaves with her bade papa.

Meethi asks Maiyya to sit with the ladies but she declines. I wont sit with these ladies. Meethi says everyone is equal here. She allows her to sit on the chair for today only. From tomorrow onwards you will sit with the other ladies only. Maiyya sits down on the chair while Meethi starts the class. Police inspector comes there. Maiyya stops Meethi and herself goes to talk to them. She thinks that Ambika did something again. Meethi says they have come to help me. Remember I had told you about that woman being dragged away with force by some men? The inspector has come to help us in finding her. Maiyya wont let her go alone so Meethi too agrees to let her come along.

Meethi comes to kholi no. 12 with the inspector and Maiyya. He knocks at the door and a woman comes out.Meethi is sure she heard a lady screaming for help. Some goons had held her captive here only. The woman tells her not to lie. She must have heard the voice form somewhere else. Meethi stays put. That woman’s husband interrupts her. Your work is to teach in the paathshala only. What do you have to do with the other things? Do you stay here with us? We have to stay here. Why are you creating fuss!

Meethi points out that being a teacher she has more responsibility than a common man. It will be a shame if I cannot help a woman being a woman myself. Don’t teach me what I have to do and what not. They tell that they have been away from home for a week so they have no idea what happened when they were away. Inspector wants to check the house on Meethi’s insistence but the man is smart enough to ask for a warrant. We are poor but it doesn’t mean that you will do as you please. They go inside and close the door on their face. Meethi asks the inspector to trust her for she isn’t lying. Many other people have seen it too. Weird things / activities happen here in kholi number 12. Please appoint someone here to keep an eye on this place. Inspector assures his full cooperation.

Nani is shocked to see Vishnu pouring water in a glass on his own. He nods. Mukta wanted water. He is about to go when she mutters that he is acting like a servant. It is ok in your house but this is Jogi Thakur’s house. It doesn’t look good here. Don’t know what Mukta has thought that she married you. She has to continue going to office even though she is pregnant. Don’t know what kind of a beggar / loser has she married! Vishnu shouts at her calling her oldie much to Nani’s amazement. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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