Thursday Update On True Love 14th February


Thursday Update On True Love 14th February

Tappu telling Rathod that she wants to marry him right now on which Rathod hugs her and accepts her with open arms and tells her that they will not marry this way but with all proper rituals after talking to her parents and trying to convince them about their relationship first as they mayb angry with her but he will try his best to forgive and forget the past ;Tappu is fine with his explanation…

Ichha is shown thinking about the old guy’s confession and Avinash’s real face in the kitchen and wondering whether to expose the truth or not but in the end she takes the decision that she will not withstand all these lies and deceits anymore ..

Tappu is shown thinking about Veer and telling to herself that she took the right decision of marrying Rathod since Veer must b happy in his life with Ichha and does not even care about her and so its better she too starts her own life with Rathod here …

Ichha is shown coming to old man’s room and telling the nurse that she wants to spend some time with him and so the nurse goes out of the room when Ichha sees that he is in sleep and so Ichha starts to tell herself that how she was brought into this house by Avinash for the sake of this old man’s life and so she and Ammo agreed for it but then they later saw Avinash’s real ugly face and this poor oldman is not even aware that his son whom he had thrown out of the house is roaming around in the house only and is planning to kill him ;After telling all this to herself ,Ichha becomes emotional and goes out of the room ;As soon as she goes out ,its shown that the old man was not sleeping when he opens his eyes and reacts to whatever Ichha just said ;The old man is shown all heartbroken and in tears telling to himself that once again its all lies and deceit he is getting ..

Jogi comes to meet Veer in the Bundela house when Gunwanti does not let Jogi meet Veer but Jogi apologises to Gunwanti on Nani and Divya’s behalf but Gunwanti is still adamant when Veer himself comes down and meets Jogi ;Veer tells Jogi that everyone in his family keeps talking about what Tappu did to them but noone ever thought about what this family did with Ichha on which Jogi tells Veer that he is not getting any clue about both her daughters Tapasya and Ichha when Veer tells Jogi that he never wanted Tapasya to go through further humiliations and so he asked her to leave the house with her baby before anyone arrives but he will ask Kasa Kaka to get hold of that taxi driver on whose Cab Tapasya went from this house so that they can get some clue about her ;

Hearing this Jogi tells Veer that Tapasya is his responsibility and so as a father he will find her out but he wants him(Veer) to find out where is Ichha right now ;So then Veer replies to Jogi that he is not worthy of Ichha’s love and so he has decided not to search for her since he does not deserve her in life nor he has the guts to confront her after whatever this family did to her and so this is his life’s biggest punishment so live witohut Ichha ..;Jogi understands Veer’s POV and leaves silently from there.

After Jogi leaves ,Veer requests Gunwanti not to misbehave with Jogi since he respects that man a lot and even Jogi is worried for his daughters which is understandable ;Veer also tells Gunwanti that in these times of crisis it is importance to support each other ..

Rathod comes to meet Jogi at his house when Jogi is shown cordial with him and tells him that he remembers meeting him in the police station during Veer’s bail on which Rathod tells Jogi that he had come today to inform him that his daughter Tapasya is staying with him and he has decided to give their relationship a name and so wants his blessings for the marriage ;Hearing this Jogi is shocked and also disheartened to know that Tapasya is staying with Rathod but never bothered to inform them ;

Hearing this Rathod tells Jogi that he wanted to tell him long back but he knew that they will b angry with her and so he wanted to give it some time before informing them on which Jogi tells Rathod that it does not really matter for her whether her father knew anything or not since she doesn’t care about them ;Hearing this Rathod tells Jogi that this anger is also part of a father’s love for his daughter and so he will give this message to Tapasya as well. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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