Thursday Update on True Love 13 February 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 13 February 2020

Maiyya starts walking forward when Surabhi stops her. What should I do with it (showing the divorce papers)? Maiyya asks what it is. She replies divorce papers! Till date you took decisions for everyone. Today you took such a big decision – to end this revenge – on your own? You dint feel like asking anyone? Tell me what do I do with this? I cannot understand if I am a part of that family or this family. Agarth and NIrbhay come there. Should I sign them or not? Why are you quiet? Tell me what should I do with it?
Maiyya replies what is there to think about it? Sign it. We don’t have anything to do with that Iccha’s family. surabhi retorts wow it is so easy for you to say this that we have nothing to do with that family. You are a woman you can understand what it means to give yourself to someone. A chant plays in the background. Until now you only cared about your revenge and now you have switched to your son. Agarth stops her. There is no point wasting your time in these question answers. Did you not hear what my sister said? Sign them. She walks up to him. Till today I did everything what you told me to do without thinking about the right and wrong. But today I am not able to understand if what I am doing today is right or not. Agarth says enough, no point discussing it any further. Sign them and end this chapter now only.

Sankrant is very happy because of Maiyya’s decision. The revenge story has ended finally. I am so very happy about it. Everything has changed. Now it feels like home where there is no hate story and it is all because of you. Can you believe it that she has gone home to get home cooked food for me? One thing is for sure. Meethi bhabhi certainly have some magic in her. She came into your life and changed you and ultimately Maiyya too had to. You remember how you woke up taking Meethi bhabhi’s name. There is something in her she doused the fire of revenge once and for all. Akash recalls his sweet romantic moments spent with Meethi.
Sankrant asks him what if bhabhi comes back. What will happen then? So much will change. Maiyya has already given up the revenge thing she will surely accept her too one day. Akash looks away.

Surabhi gives the signed papers to Agarth. She looks at Maiyya and says now you must be happy? Agarth cuts her off and walks up to Ekadish. Here are my daughter’s divorce papers. Now can I ask you for something? Akash & Meethi’s divorce papers! Nirbhay points out that they weren’t sent. It shows that she is waiting to return here. Pavitra smirks. Their love is still on a high. Only you are not agreeing to it. Agarth takes her point forward. Everyone has questions in their hearts. Answer them.
Maiyya says what is there to answer. That Iccha’s daughter wont come back to our house. Agarth raises his doubts. What if he (Akash) slits his wrists again? Maiyya looks shocked. Your son slit his hands for once and you closed the chapter of revenge from your life. What if he cuts it again would you then bring Meethi here to rule this haveli? She denies. He wont do it.
Agarth replies put your hand on your heart and say that it is true. Your son knows how to play with your emotions. You bent once and he understood it very well that you can bend down again. Hope it wont happen that like you gave up the revenge vow, you will also welcome Meethi back in this home? If Akash brings her here then what will you do? All wait for her answer with bated breath.

Sankrant tells Akash that Maiyya would stay angry with Meethi bhabhi for a few days then everything will be alright. Akash rejects the idea. Meethi wont come. What will she come for? What I and my family did to her how will she forget it all? His wise brother replies love….love changes people. Your love is deep and real so she will come for sure. Whatever happened happened as per Maiyya’s wish. If you tell her everything with a pure heart then she will come for sure.
Akash doesn’t buy his point. Mine and her roads are different now. We will stay this way only. Sad piya plays on. I will have to forget her. sankrant asks for her number. Akash tells him not to call her but he doesn’t budge. I will make you speak to her today. Your voice will melt down her anger. Akash negates saying she wont speak to me. sankrant insists for Meethi’s number.

Mukku is speaking on phone with Vishnu about going to some restaurant. Meethi listens to the convo. Mukku tells her to get ready as all 3 of them will go together to have chaat and stuff (snacks). Meethi is in no mood to go. Mukku insists. I know you don’t feel like going but you must. Your mood will change if you go out and meet new people.

Just then Meethi’s phone rings. She wonders as to who would be calling at this hour. She says hello and Akash closes his eyes in pain as Piya O Re Piya plays. Meethi waits for a reply while on the other hand, Sankrant too signals him to speak. She has tears in her eyes. Who is calling? Why don’t you say something? Akash tries to speak but ultimately disconnects the call. Tears roll down Meethi’s cheek and he too is upset.
He tells Sankrant that he dint have the courage to speak to her. sankrant tells him to call again. Akash says I am unable to understand what Maiyya has agreed for. I don’t even know if she wants me to keep relation with Meethi anymore or not. Firstly I will have to speak to her then only will I speak with Meethi. Sankrant teases him did you fell in love after asking Maiyya? When hate ends then love starts. What are you afraid of now? Akash says you still don’t understand your Maiyya. She spoke about ending this revenge but she dint say if she will accept Meethi or not. She dint tell if she will let Meethi come back in my life or not. I don’t want to give any false hope to Meethi. I will live with her memories. I will forget her.

Mukku asks about the caller. Meethi tells her she doesn’t know for the call got cut. Mukku suggests calling back and Meethi does (yayyyyy yayyy!) akash sees her call and tells Sankrant about it who snatches the phone from him and says…..bhabhi!!! Meethi is shocked and in tears.

Akash snatches the phone back and it goes on loudspeaker mode. Meethi asks him to speak at leat. Mukku takes the phone from her. Whoever you are and if you are that Akash or anyone from that Aatishgarh then listen very carefully. She doesn’t want to speak to you. Especially with Akash. You have done what you wanted to do but don’t try to contact her again because we wont stay quiet. You left her this way…Meethi takes the phone and disconnects it. Akash is pained by Mukku’s words immensely.

Meethi is in tears while Mukku is baffled by her behaviour. Why did you snatch the phone? Someone will keep calling / troubling you and you wont even reply. You should be the one scolding them after what they did to you. Don’t you remember how they made you dance on Iccha ma’s death and fed you sweets? Did you forget everything? Akash ruined your life. He married you and did a drama of love yet you snatched the phone from me. Tell me what is in your heart? Say it don’t stay mum. Is it so that you still wait to hear from Aatishgarh? Do you still have place for that Akash in your heart? Do you still hope that Akash loves you? Meethi looks shocked by her words. Your silence tells me that you still want to talk to that AKash.

Sankrant tries to boost his brother’s morale. There is still hope. Bhabhi dint say anything that girl (meaning Mukku) said it. Bhabhi’s silence means that she still loves you. Yes she is angry but if you talk to her once she will understand. Till when will she not talk to you? Bare your heart to her and she will understand. Your love will fill all her wounds. Call again and tell her the truth. Put an end to all the misunderstandings.

Realizations strikes Meethi. Maybe what Mukku is saying is right. I had so much anger in me for them and Akash but don’t know where it disappeared to. He cheated me yet do I still love him? Who would have called? She thinks hard….bhabhi! Yes that was what he said. Whoever it is what if he called for the same reason for which Kajri did called? Is Akash really breathing his last breaths? God I cannot understand anything. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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