Thursday Update on To Die For Love 17th June 2021


Thursday Update on To Die For Love 17th June 2021

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Arohi says why are standing here like criminals? he says I am allergic to cigarette. I was going to throw away that ash tray.
Prithvi says where is madam? What if she does something. Arohi says I am still getting to know new things. Mama was right I get to know a new thing about you every day.
Prithvi is looking Tara.
Deep says lets have champagne. Arohi says let me call bhaiya bhabhi first. I haven’t talked to him in days. Nikhil cuts his call. She says why are they not talking to me? What are they mad about? Deep says don’t cry. Maybe they are busy. Arohi says no they are mad at me. Deep says I think I am responsible for this. I took you from there. I am not giving you enough love. She says no you love me so much. You are my strength. I am lucky to have you as a husband. He says then smile please. They drink champagne. He says your face is so known to me. He caresses her face. He says I can write a book on your beauty.
Prithvi is looking for Tara. He says Deep’s phone is off too. I don’t know what to do. Arohi falls asleep in Deep’s arms. He makes sure she has slept. He cuts arohi’s hair.
Laksh has cctv outside Deep’s room.
Tara is tied to a tree. The guy says why did you want to kill me? I will kill you. She says you are a cheater. I will kill you. I am not scared of your knife. He says you will repent. Now see what I do to you.
Deep ceases all the proofs. Laksh sees Deep coming out of room with a packet in hand. There is smoke outside police station. Everyone runs out. Deep comes there to replace the proofs. His bag is empty. The proofs aren’t there.
Arohi wakes up and looks for Deep.

Deep comes out of police station. Laksh says Mr. Raichand you in Kasol? Deep says what is this man doing on my car? Laksh says he is ill mannered. See the fire. Deep says then go and extinguish it. Laksh says it will be extinguished. Why are you so worried? Deep says I told you once, you forget your limits while talking. Laksh says but I didn’t ask you anything. Just to tell you I came here for a case. See what I found. These proofs. Deep holds his bag.
Laksh says why you had to come here? Deep says I am staying in the same resort. There is no safety there. I came here for safety. But people here are very careless. Laksh says don’t worry at all. Join for a drink. Deep says some other time. He leaves.
Arohi is looking for Deep. She comes down the lift.
Prithvi says its late at night and Deep isn’t here. He calls on reception. The receptionist is asleep. She picks the call. He says I want to talk to deep. No one picks in Deep’s room.
Arohi comes to reception, receptionist says there is a call for you. Arohi picks. Prithvi says she ran don’t know where is she. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says papa? Arohi says papa? Prithvi says who papa? I am no one’s papa. Sanaya overhears and says I need to find out what is going on here.
The guy says to Tara why are you after my life? She says cheaters should die. He says when did I cheat? Tara says you cheat on innocent girls. She kicks him and takes the knife from you. Tara stabs him and says you had to die.
Laksh’s man says I don’t know what is he trying to do. Laksh says there is something behind all this.
Arohi is at reception. Deep comes. She says where were you? I was so scared. He says went out for some fresh air. You were asleep. She says I was scared. Deep hugs her and says I am sorry. Lets go. She says no I don’t wanna go there. Deep says we can’t stay here. She says lets go
for walk. He says this time? She says yes please. He says I am very sleepy. She says okay then lets go and sleep.
Some kids are coming towards Tara she hides and runs from there. She leaves the knife there. She says I blood. Deep please save me. She calls him. Deep’s phone is off.

Deep comes to Laksh. He says you accepted my invitation. Deep says we are from same city staying in same hotel. I would have come. Laksh says I wanted your wife here too. But anyway. Deep serves him juice. He says can I clean this glass. Deep mixes something the juice. Deep says I am cleaning freak. Your room is pretty. Laksh says management wasn’t ready to give me. Then had to play police card. Deep says we wanted privacy. But police doesn’t care. Laksh says police cares for everyone.
Laksh drinks the juice. Deep says my wife is calling. I have to go. Laksh says sure. Deep leaves and Laksh faints. Deep comes back in and replaces the proofs. He smirks. Prithvi calls him and says where are you? Tara has done another murder. Deep says what I have to come there. He leaves for Shimla.
Constable comes in and wakes Laksh up. He says what happened to you? Laksh says my head hurts. He checks his bag. The proof is there. Laksh says my head hurts. Deep came here and I fainted.
Constable says there is another murder in Shimla. Same like serial killer’s. Laksh is dazed.
Arohi is looking for Deep in hotel. She asks receptionist. She tells her that Deep has left for Shimla for urgent work. Arohi says what happened that he left me here alone? I don’t know what to do. I hope everything is okay. She calls him but his phone is off. Arohi says what is happening? How can he leave me here alone? Laksh says we were suspecting her but she is here. Deep left her however. What is deep upto.
Laksh says to Arohi deep left? How will you go? We are going to Shimla you can come with us. She says I won’t talk to you. Laksh says sometimes you threaten sometimes you cry. She says when did I threaten you? She says don’t say that you don’t know me. You can come with us. How will you live in this lonely hotel.
Arohi leaves with Laksh. She is on his way. Arohi says to Laksh why are you driving so fast. He says don’t worry you are with inspector Laksh. Why did deep leave? She says he had urgent work. He says so urgent that he left his new bride in an unknown city alone? He didn’t tell me either. She says why would he tell you? He says Deep was doing breakfast with me in morning. She says what? He says yes. After breakfast he left for Shimla probably. There is a murder in Shimla. Arohi says don’t talk about murder with me. I don’t like all this.

Laksh says Kasol has changed a lot. When you came last time? She says I came here for first. He says are you saying truth? She says why would I lie. This is the first time I came here. He says for how long have you known him? She says its not even been one month. Its only been 22 days since I have known him. He says an you married in 22 days? She says what are you trying to do? He says trying to smell the evidence. Police dogs do that. You said the same line. (Tara said that to him). Arohi says I don’t understand what are you saying. Laksh says there is something wrong. Either they are playing a big game or this girl is actually innocent.