Thursday Update on This is Love 6 February 2020

Thursday Update on This is Love 6 February 2020

She says sorry, I had no choice, he wanted everyone to believe that I m Shaina, he was successful, Simmi had seen Shaina’s passport and boarding pass, I had to play along, he would have got Simmi killed, I had to threaten Simmi to make her quiet, I kept giving her sleeping pills, I didn’t want her to reveal anything, it was my first assignment at the club, I was worried for you when I have seen you there, I secretly called the police there, Sahil and I left from there,

Sahil knew you had seen me, I got trapped, even Mr. Bhalla got hurt when he followed me, I was following the drug dealer, I took the drugs from that man, Mr. Bhalla thought I was misbehaving with a good man, that man wasn’t an old man, he was in disguise, I had to threaten Kiran for the diamond, I told her such bad things about her kids, I did this so that everyone thinks I m Shaina, I tipped the police many times, few diamonds were seized, Sahil didn’t doubt me, Bala have seen me, I had to save my family and Sahil, I had to go and threaten shopkeeper to save Sahil, I had to lie and make people lie too. Raman is shocked.

Ishita saying the entire house was bugged, I had to leave the house and go one day, what would Amma go through, she said her Ishu can’t be wrong, Sahil was ahead of everything, he wanted everyone to believe that I m Shaina, Amma saw me and felt I m eating non veg, I was eating veg, soya chunks, poor Amma’s heart broke,

I had to do whatever Sahil told me, he made me do illegal works, you thought you made Shaina out, you had sent Yug after me, Sahil asked me to go to his hideout and then he showed that he has sent Ishita back and kept Shaina with him, he has established Shaina in the world, I will be doing this illegal work. There is no other way, I don’t care anymore now, I m worried. She cries. Raman comes to room and switches on the lights. Ishita wakes up and looks

around. He asks what happened, why are you crying. She says I have to freshen up. She goes. She thinks its the only way to save my family, I promise you Raman, I will send Sahil to jail. She comes back. He asks are you okay.
She says I m tired. He says I will get water, don’t worry, I have removed all cameras. She thinks no, we aren’t safe, there are many bugs and cameras, I can’t remove it. Shamshad says I think Ishita will tell everything to Raman. Sahil says no, she can’t risk her children’s life. Shamshad shows the cctv footage.

Sahil sees Ishita sleeping. He says ask Shaina to fulfill new task, I have to give her a new shock. Its morning, Mihika says we were so worried and understood that you can’t be that woman, its good she went. Ishita says yes, Raman told me, sorry for that. Shamshad looks on and says she acts well. Sahil sees the footage. Raman says I got a good sleep after a long time. Ishita gets a call and says I have to go, we will have dinner together, I have to leave for clinic. Sahil looks on. She says don’t worry, I m going to attend patients. Raman says I m just trying to protect you. She says just treat me like before. She goes.

Raman says I don’t know if she is Ishita or that woman. Simmi says she is our Ishita. Ishita says I will leave, its late. Amma says I got wada for you. Ishita says it looks yummy, I will have it later. Amma says I was scared and thought I will never see you. Ishita says please don’t make me emotional. She goes. Neha comes and asks Mr. Bhalla to walk around after breakfast. Yug and Aaliya come from jogging. Aaliya thanks Adi. Yug says morning jog is the best. They go to freshen up.

Aaliya hears some sound and looks around. She sees the fan. Neha pushes her. The fan falls down. Mr. Bhalla asks did you get hurt. Everyone comes and asks are you fine. Aaliya says don’t know, Neha pushed me and saved my life, thanks. Neha says don’t thank me, I had come to use washroom and saw this happening, so I pushed Aaliya, I should leave now.

Raman says I have to go to clinic before going to office, Ishita forgot her coat. Simmi says thank God Neha was here. Ananya says you always threaten me. Ishita says that was a fraud, its me Ishita, don’t be scared of me. Ananya says sorry, I was scared. Ishita says go and check appointments. Sahil and Shamshad come there. Sahil asks Ishita to keep the packet, he will take it when right time comes. Ishita worries. Raman comes there and greets her. He says your coat, you forgot at home. She says I have it, it means you came to check on me. He asks shall we go for lunch. She says no. He asks what’s this, is this any gift. She says no, don’t touch it, its wet mould of tooth, it will get spoiled. He says fine, do your work. He goes.

Simmi gives tea to Raman. He asks about Aaliya’s room fan repair. She says yes, electrician said someone had loosened the nut bolts to make the fan fall, I feel someone did this. Raman says don’t say Sahil did this. She says no, I feel Yug has done this. He asks why will he do this. She says maybe he is going this to impress Aaliya. He says he is Adi for Aaliya. She says Aaliya is getting normal, maybe she can have a soft corner for him knowing he is Yug. He says fine I will find out. Ishita says they didn’t tell me what to do of this box. Ananya asks her about appointments. She goes.

Ishita checks the box and says it has some powder, I should get this tested, Shamshad will keep an eye on me, if I take just a sample, he won’t know. Yug says I wish Aaliya’s mood gets fine. He gets a message… Aaliya can’t get saved always. Ishita comes to meet Rohan. He asks why do you look worried. She thanks him for help. He says it was my duty. She says I need to talk to you, is there any CCTV.

He says its mom’s cabin, CCTV isn’t allowed here, tell me, what happened. She says I don’t want anyone to know this, I wanted you to test this powder at some trusted place, its not safe, I want to know what is it, don’t say anyone about it. He says trust me, none will know about it, shall I drop you home. She says no, just get this done, thanks. She goes. He says why does she look worried, I have to find out about this powder.



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