Thursday Update on This is Love 25th June 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 25th June 2020

Natasha informing everything to Arijit. He asks her to be careful about Bhallas. She says they can’t make me out of here. He says Shardul is lucky to get such loving wife. She says yes, I love him a lot. She goes. Appa, Karan and Yug meet the society secretary and ask why did he give the flat to Natasha. The man says I heard the lady is unwell and her brother needs the flat as the hospital is close, I didn’t know everything. Appa say they are fraud. Sunil asks what lie, we will not go until we prove Raman is Shardul. Yug gets angry.

Appa says he is our Raman. Karan says police got convinced that he is Raman. Natasha says Ishita changed the reports, he is Shardul. The man says sorry, we can’t help now, you know the society rules. Appa, Yug and Karan go. Sunil thanks the man. The man says we can’t do anything, even Mr. Iyer won’t lie. Natasha messages Arijit that problem got solved. Arijit smiles and says trust me, it will be fun now.
Raman says I knew this won’t be easy. Shagun asks Raman to stay calm, else Natasha will find some way. Raman goes. Yug says I will see him. Shagun says we have to go something, make sure that Raman doesn’t meet them. Sudha says we shall also leave. Ishita says we will manage, please go and rest. Sudha and Karan leave.

Its morning, Karan greets everyone. He says I just spoke to designs, I will go and check. Mr. Bhalla comes home. He sees Raman upset. He asks Ishita not to make breakfast, he got hot samosas and kachoris. Mihika gets tea. Raman says I don’t want. They all insist. Natasha comes and stops Raman. She says you don’t like samosa, why don’t like it right. He asks her to just leave. She says I m saying this for your betterment. Raman throws her out. She cries and says Ishita you know Shardul is my husband. Ishita asks her to stop it.

Natasha faints. Sunil scolds Ishita and Raman. Ishita says we are not troubling her, we are helpless. The man asks what’s happening. Mr. Bhalla says its their drama. The man says Ishita is a doctor, she should be sensitive. Sunil says Ishita is doing this. He takes Natasha to the house. He says Natasha was admitted for depression, look at her state. The man says don’t worry, you can tell me, who is the doctor treating her. Sunil says Dr. Bakshi. The man says fine, call me if you need help. He goes.

Natasha smiles and gets up. She says what will Raman do now. Raman asks how long will we bear this. Ruhi says we have to take a restraining order against them. Arijit comes. He asks Raman is there anything serious, he wants to help. Ishita says we don’t want to share personal things. Arijit says investors are getting hyper, we have to start it soon. Raman says we can’t start the project, we have to follow the protocols, lets discuss this at office. Arijit goes and thinks to meet Natasha and Sunil. He sees Mani and acts to be on call. He says I spoke to Raman, don’t withdraw the investment, this project will be big success. He turns and greets Mani and Shagun. Mani asks what was Malhotra saying, is everything fine.

Arijit says you heard it, I didn’t wish Raman and Ishita to hear this, meeting is today, investors want to take their money back, you come in the meeting, it will be easy for me, Raman and Ishita are facing new problem. Mani says I will surely come. Arijit goes. Mani says we shall go in. Ishita says Natasha took chairman’s sympathy. Mani says I hope things don’t get worse. Raman says I have an idea, I have to become Shardul. They get shocked.

Raman says I don’t think there is other option. Ishita says yes, become Shardul and know her agenda, she would have some motive to stay here, you can know about it. Raman says I m not sure, I have to do this to bring her true face out. Yug says Natasha may trap us, she is clever. Ishita says we have no option. Mihika asks her to go office. Aaliya gets a call and asks Yug to drop her. Mihika goes to make tea. Simmi says we may get info from Mrs. Goyal. Mihika says we can try. Yug says let me know if you need help.

Raman gives the presentation. Arijit asks how shall we start to make more profits. Raman gives his inputs. Arijit says I m impressed, you stayed out of office for long, still your suggestions are so good. Raman says I m a businessman first, everything is at stake, I don’t want to make any mistake. Everyone smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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