Thursday Update on This is Love 20 February 2020

Thursday Update on This is Love 20 February 2020

Mrs. Bhalla saying Amma is taking all of us to temple in the morning, I will prepare dinner for everyone, you can say your fav things. They all laugh. Raman says you all have sweets, we will go and sleep, please remove all the cameras and throw out. Ishita looks on. Raman asks what happened to your face. She asks what. He says you look worried, what’s wrong with you, commissioner promised, Sahil can’t come out. She says I feel like Sahil was prepared and knew that he can get arrested. He asks did we tell anyone, how will he know, now even the cameras are getting removed. She says no, but he was ready with the other plan, he is very clever, he is always prepared, I know him, he knows what’s going to happen next, like he knew that he won’t be in jail for many days,

he has threatened us, I have a feeling that he is prepared to get free from jail. He says I will ask everyone to put cameras back, you are still in tension, chill, Sahil won’t come out. She says he won’t sit quiet.
Its morning, Inspector says you can’t meet Sahil, he won’t get bail, he is a dangerous criminal. Shamshad says call commissioner here, I have to meet Sahil. Sahil hears him shouting and bribes the constable. He says Raman and Ishita think they are very smart.

Yug says I removed all cameras. Bala says I got cameras from our house. Raman says he had fixed so many cameras. Bala says we should leave for temple. Raman says I will meet you there. Inspector asks Shamshad to meet Sahil just for 5 mins. Shamshad apologizes to Sahil. Sahil says its fine, I don’t want any lawyer or bail, just send my mobile to Bhalla house, go. Shamshad goes. Aaliya talks to Shagun on call and tells everything. Everyone laughs and talk. Mrs. Bhalla says I was so angry on Sahil and wanted to curse him. Simmi asks her to say anything bad now and vent out anger.

Raman gives a rose to Ishita and says all the tension got over. Ishita says so sweet, thanks. She smiles. He says if you keep smiling, I will make this house a garden. She asks really. Everyone look on and ask any doubt? They laugh. Ishita says I will keep this rose safe. She gets shy. Simmi says Ishita, a parcel came for you. Ishita says I will check it. She gets a phone. Raman jokes and says switch it on to know who has sent it. She gets a call. He says what timing, wow. Ruhi says put the call on speaker, who is your secret admirer. Ishita answers. The man asks when will you give the consignment, you already took the money. She asks what do you mean. He says don’t try to cheat, you know me. Raman says this is wrong number, check number. The man says I have given all the money, make me talk to Shaina Shah, who are you. They all get shocked. The man asks when will I get the consignment, I m dealing with Shaina since months. Raman asks who Shaina Shah. The man says Shaina, Sahil’s wife, she does illegal activities, I met her at the club, she took money and can’t step back now. Raman says we don’t know Shaina. Ishita cries.

Sahil says Ishita would have got big shock by now, Raman and Ishita would have thought to frame me, they don’t know when I framed them. He laughs. Raman says don’t worry Ishita. She says he will frame me as Shaina, he made a fake passport. Simmi says yes, where is the passport. Ishita says he took it back from me, he was blackmailing me. Sahil says I won’t let you get free, I made this easy plan, I spread the news that Shaina is my wife, she is Ishita in reality, I told everyone that Shaina manages all the illegal activities, she is the real don, I m her puppet, she will be trapped now, I will say I did what my wife told me, Raman and Ishita think they are smart, they forgot I m a don, I will be always ahead, I have to prove that Ishita is the mastermind, I have proof against her, now she will get arrested and I will get released. Raman says don’t stress, commissioner will take care of everything.

Simmi says yes, we all know your plan, everyone knows Sahil. Mihika says Simmi is right. Ishita says Sahil won’t spare me easily. She goes. Its morning, Simmi and Mihika talk about the problem. Ishita comes. She asks for some work to divert her mind. Mihika asks her to make coconut chutney. A phone rings. Ishita looks for it everywhere. She doesn’t get the phone. Everyone looks for the phone. Ishita shouts shut this phone. She gets phone and says I will ruin Shaina and her phone. Raman says we can get saved by this phone. He gets a message. He says I m sure this message is for Shaina, we will ask commissioner to check this. Yug says sorry, I will change the ringtone. Raman says we are going to commissioner to tell about phone. Yug says sorry, I didn’t know my phone ringtone matched with that phone. Simmi and Mihika ask them not to worry. Shamshad comes there. Raman asks how dare you come here. Shamshad calls Ishita as Bhabhi and says your phone is off, we are waiting for your instruction. Raman says it means you had sent the parcel. Shamshad asks her to explain Raman. She worries.

Shamshad saying Shaina runs Sahil’s business, we follow her orders. Ishita shouts I m not Shaina, why are you troubling me. Shamshad says we asked you to do acting, and you love them, we have all proof that you are Shaina, our boss. She says its all fake papers. Raman says get lost. Yug slaps Shamshad and says don’t dare to touch my dad, and that’s my Ishimaa, not Shaina. Karan asks him to get lost. Shamshad says what will you answer to people for their big loss, you don’t know how game can change in this business. He goes. Raman says we will sort this out. Karan says I will come with you. Raman says no, stay here.

Raman and Ishita come to meet commissioner. Raman gives the phone and asks him to check it. Commissioner says we know dealing with them, Sahil

is smart, maybe he thought of some plan. He goes to meet CM and sends the phone to forensic lab. Raman says we will go out, your mood will be better, come.
Raman and Ishita come home. They ask what happened. Yug says this packet came for you. She gets another phone. The man says you can’t get away, we have many ways to reach you, we got the consignment and sent you a gift. She checks money and shouts I m not Shaina, I didn’t do anything. She cries. Raman says calm down, we know the truth, papers can be fake, we will talk to commissioner. He calls commissioner. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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