Thursday Update on The Frontliners 5th August 2021


Thursday Update on The Frontliners 5th August 2021

Juhi saying you haven’t been trained by Dr. Shashank. The girl asks what’s nose endoscopy. Ishani says Juhi will not cut the tumor, but have radioactive implants on the tumor to destroy it, the implants are tiny and won’t blast the nerves, Dr. Shashank make Sanjivani the best hospital, we can’t lose him. Asha says this is the most delicate part of the brain, Dr. Shashank can be paralyzed. Juhi says he is fine. Asha says you should rest for a while. Juhi says let me perform the surgery, don’t disturb me. Sid comes. Ishani says the surgery is going on since past three hours and you are coming here. Sid says I was working, your lecture to Vardaan was cool. They argue. He asks how is Dr. Shashank. She says ge is fine, Dr. Juhi is operating him, even a small mistake can…. Anjali says that’s enough, its really dangerous, you will either make dad blind or take his life. Juhi says please leave my OT. Anjali says its my dad’s hospital.

Juhi says Dr. Shashank needs a surgeon right now, leave my OT, you are shaking my concentration. Anjali goes out. She says if something happens to dad because of Juhi. Sid says don’t worry, he is in safe hands, I know you don’t trust Juhi, but you can’t doubt her capabilities. The girl says Sid knows to charm witches also. The man says Vardaan called you. Sid goes. Ishani says I had cloud storage, I caught Sid accepting bribe, he deleted the video, he didn’t know that videos get saved in cloud, I mailed it to Shashank, Anjali and Vardaan. The girl says I guess, Vardaan is the only one who has seen the mail. Vardaan sees the video. He says I was going to fire Ishani, I think I should give her another chance seeing this mail, but you won’t get a chance. Asha says the real problem will start here.

Vardaan says you are suspended, leave Sanjivani. Sid says I won’t go until Shashank’s surgery is over. Vardaan asks security to make Sid out. Sid says leave me, let me meet Shashank once. Guards oust Sid. Asha says the pulse is just 48. juhi says just one min more. Sid calls Rahil and asks him to tell about Dr. Shashank. Juhi says done. Asha says Sir is getting unstable. Juhi says he may slip in coma, we have to save him, his pulse is falling, give me one of the EPI.

Sid walks on the road. He gets sad. He sees a temple. He says I have got everything from my mum, I have never asked you for anything, I miss my dad sometimes, Dr. Shashank fills that void, world needs people like him. Dr. Juhi says his heartbeat is slowing down, Dr. Shashank fight back, you can’t leave us. Anjali worries and says she broke his ribs. Ishani says don’t panic, such sounds happen in chest compressions. Anjali asks Dr. Juhi to give him shocks, he may sink. Ishani says he will be fine. Juhi gives the shocks. Anjali knocks the door and says my dad will die, open the door. Sid says you have to save Dr. Shashank, please Lord, I can’t lose him. Shashank breathes. Asha says Dr. Juhi you are amazing, you saved Shashank. Ishani smiles. Juhi stumbles and faints. Asha holds her.

The girl says just Dr. Juhi could have done this. Ishani says I knew that nothing will happen to Shashank. Vardaan hears him and calls Mistry. He says surgery was successful, you have to forget CEO post for time being. Mistry asks how can you…. Vardaan disconnects.

Rahil calls Sid and says surgery was successful. Sid smiles. Rahil asks how are you, our hero is fine. Sid says I m fine. He runs to his locality. He climbs the pyramid and breaks the dahi handi.

Asha asks Ishani why did she make Sid out. Ishani says he just scams, you got convinced soon, you have a brain. Asha says forget all this, I will introduce my friend, I forgot you are germaphobic. The guys decide to make excuses. Asha asks where were you, why did you get late. She says Ishani, he is my childhood friend Aman. Ishani looks at him. Asha says he is rich but lazy. Neil introduces himself. Neil says Aman had a stomach flu. Ishani says he didn’t have a stomach flu, he was much drunk, his friends are shivering, he has dark circles and lips got dry, he isn’t able to open eyes properly, that’s hangover. She throws water at his face.

Aman asks did you get crazy. Asha says stop it, you have to do night shift, I m going. Rishabh says no one is going anywhere, there has been a big accident, we need to go there on the field with our team, get your medical kit, I want all residents on field. Ishani asks what accident. He asks her to just follow the orders. They leave. He says we will take the patients to the hospital. Rishabh says Aman will be under Dr. Neil. He asks Asha to listen more and talk less. He says we have full chance to perform today. They get down at the accident site and get shocked seeing the huge casualty.

everyone getting shocked and going ahead to see the injured people. Sid comes home and calls out Maa. She hits slippers at him. She says I cried for you so much. He hugs her. She asks what happened, I don’t get to see you often. He says Dr. Shashank had brain tumor, we were stuck in this dilemma, but I prepared team for Dr. Juhi. She asks what is the matter, its something else, how did you get hurt. He says nothing, its small scratch, I m hungry. He hugs her. She says I have prepared brinjal dish. He says no.

Shashank says Juhi, you know I had full faith in you. She cries. He says thanks. She says no need for this, take this as my Gurudakshina. Anjali comes. He says I will get Gurudakshina when you handle chief of surgery post. Anjali looks on. The reporter shows the bomb blast victims. Rishabh asks Rahil to concentrate on work. Rahil says I wish Sid was here. Juhi asks Shashank to rest, they can talk about it later. He says okay. She says I came here for your surgery. He says but I didn’t get fine yet.

Anjali asks are you fine. He says I m superb. Nurse comes and says come fast, there are many patients in the emergency, we need Dr. Juhi also. He says Sanjivani and I need you Juhi. The doctors see the bomb blast news. Anjali asks the staff to rush to emergency. Vardaan is in the cafe.

He asks her to have coffee. She asks what favor do you want. He says Juhi will manage the patients, I have same problem with her, what does she think, just you should be chief of surgeon. She says my dad doesn’t see talent in me. He says maybe someone is blocking it, I will get you in your dad’s sight, I want your support. She says thanks for the coffee. Neil gets panicking. Aman asks are you fine. The lady asks Aman to see her son. Neil faints. Aman says I have to become incharge now. Ishani goes to save someone. She falls back. Sid holds her in arms. He says I know I m suspended, I do scams, you hate me, but I saved you. She asks shall I do your aarti. He says get down. She says put me down. He says you are thankless.

She says there is no time to fight. Sid asks Asha not to panic. He rushes to doctors and sorts the issues. Ishani hears a girl and goes there. She shouts for help. Rishabh says you are suspended, get lost. He pushes Sid. Sid says I m here to do my work. He punches Rishabh’s face. Ishani says nothing will happen to you. She sees the rod piercing the girl’s body. She asks what’s your name. The girl says Sania, will I also die like my parents. Ishani says nothing will happen to you. Sania says but my mum and dad killed so many people. Ishani gets shocked. Sania asks why will you save me.

Ishani says your mum and dad’s punishment…. you won’t bear it, its not your fault. Aman wakes up Neil. The people see the girl and say its the same girl who came with those people, they did the bomb blast, don’t spare her. Ishani says don’t come ahead, get back. The man says we won’t leave you and catches Ishani’s hand. Sid comes in between and holds the man’s hand to make him away. The people say kill her. Ishani cries and recalls the childhood moment when people shouted kill her. Sid and Ishani get firetorch and stop the men. Ishani says we will take her to Sanjivani and treat her, its her right, get away. She asks Sania not to worry. They reach Sanjivani. The reporter asks will you treat terrorist’s daughter.

Vardaan tells his daughter that he has to save many lives, just pray for them. He gets a call. He checks the news. Ishani says suicide bombers were her parents, why do you want to punish the girl, its our duty to treat her. The man says its not right for Sanjivani’s image. Vardaan says don’t worry, I will handle the situation. Vardaan comes and says patient’s background isn’t imp for Sanjivani, Ishani take the girl into emergency room. Ishani thanks him. Vardaan says but rest assured, we will treat the girl if she needs immediate treatment, Sanjivani will not treat any terrorist, calm down. Vardaan comes and asks Ishani to give Sania’s bed to Mrs. Singhania.

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