Thursday Update on Strange Love 26th August 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 26th August 2021

Jyoti leaving and seeing Anaya having fever and thinks to go back home to take her medicines. Anjali talks to Bappa and cries. She prays for Astha. Niranjan stops Anjali and scolds her. He pushes Anjali and they argue. She asks what is he doing this, Shlok is his son and why is he taking his happiness and Astha always wanted good for this house. He asks did you not hear what Jyoti said, my children regard me Lord. Jyoti is on the way. He says are you not ashamed to insult me, don’t forget I m your husband, you stay under one roof and not with me, your place is like my shoes, I can crush you anytime, its my goodness that I gave you equal rights.

He says if you have any problem with me, then remove this mangalsutra. Anjali cries and holds it. Jyoti comes home. Anjali says no, don’t break this, leave this please, we will solve the issues, don’t break this. He breaks it, and Anjali cries. Jyoti comes and sees them. She is shocked and cries. He throws it on the ground. Niranjan says this should happen with women, they don’t look to dance on head and you supported your daughter, its very good that she went by marrying, I used to think when will I get rid of this unlucky girl. I used to hate her, she has cut my nose in the society.

He says the woman who can’t support her husband, shame on her, I thought to free Abhay from jail and send her off, but she fell in love with Sid. Jyoti is shocked seeing Niranjan’s true face. He says Jyoti is like you, no shame at all, where was Abhay wrong, what did he do. He just showed a woman her place. He says I m ashamed to take Jyoti’s name, she would have died before doing second marriage. Anjali says Sahab…………. Jyoti cries. Anjali defends Jyoti and says her happiness matters to us which Sid is giving her, Abhay did not deserve her, you don’t regard her your daughter, don’t curse her. He raises his hand on Anjali and Jyoti shouts Baba…………… He stops and is stunned seeing Jyoti standing back.

He starts acting again and says come dear. Jyoti says Baba, what was happening here was done by you. She says I regarded you Lord and I felt you will solve all my problems. She says I blamed Anjali for everything, you freed Abhay from jail. She says we all regard you Lord and you have crushes our trust. She gives Anaya to Anjali. She picks the mangalsutra and says this might be a thread for you but its life for Anjali. She says she did not ask anything and got blamed for your sins and you……………Jyoti repairs the mangalsutra and makes Anjali wear it.

Astha comes there and sees Jyoti being angry on Niranjan. She comes to know Jyoti got to see Niranjan’s truth. She says I will support Astha and says you understood my mum in one year and I did not in my lifetime, I hate myself, I will tell the truth to my brothers, I will show them your true evil face, I won’t be quiet. Niranjan says don’t forget you are talking to your dad, sometimes what you see is also wrong, Anjali wants everyone to go against me.

Jyoti says be ashamed, stop acting now, I have seen all the truth by my eyes, so don’t try to fool me. Niranjan asks Anjali to explain Jyoti and hurts her. Jyoti thinks about Abhay torturing her and pushes Niranjan away. She says I m seeing Abhay in you, how you are torturing her, Abhay used to do this, so I understood why you said a woman has to bear all the pains. She says don’t know Anjali is bearing all thee pains given by you and not said anything against you, she made your image good in our eyes, and thank God I m not like mum, all this is illusion. Niranjan says its good you have seen everything by your eyes. It was not fun to play hiding.

Shlok comes and hears them talking. Niranjan says what will you do hearing the truth. He sees Shlok coming and calms down. Jyoti goes to Anjali and Astha’s side. Shlok, Varad and Sojal looks on. Jyoti says its good Bappa came our house and removed the cloth off my eyes and after knowing the truth. I will support Anjali and Astha. Shlok says what are you saying. You said Baba is like Lord for you and now going against him. Jyoti says she has come to know his truth now. She points to Niranjan and Anjali asks her to be quiet and gives her promise. She takes Jyoti and leaves. Shlok says Astha might have told something to Jyoti, else she would have not told this. He scolds Astha and asks what did she say. Astha cries.

Jyoti asking Anjali why did she stop her, she can tell Shlok the Baba’s truth. She asks Anjali why did she bear all this, why did she fall in their eyes and went far from her children. She says I can’t see your pain, I m going to tell Shlok. Anjali says Astha tried to tell him, you have seen the result, I don’t want bitterness to come in your and Shlok’s relation, the truth will come infront of him, then he will realize Niranjan is wrong, but till then he won’t listen even if Lord says, support us, don’t tell him, I don’t want to break down and get lonely, he can’t bear all this. They cry. Anjali says atleast for Shlok, don’t tell anything now. Jyoti takes Anaya and goes out.

Shlok scolds Astha and Jyoti comes to him. She defends Astha and says its not her mistake, she did not tell me anything. Why do you blame her for everything, stop this, please. Niranjan thinks Jyoti can tell about him and acts sweet to her. He says leave what happened, don’t take things ahead. Shlok asks what happened Baba, come to the room. He takes Niranjan and leaves. Varad asks what happened Tai, you are saying about Baba. Jyoti says nothing is fine, but I m fine now. They leave. Jyoti says she does not want to leave Anjali now, but she has to go, so take care. She leaves. Anjali cries. Astha hugs her.

Renuka is annoyed as Anjali did not invite her. She tells this to Riya. Jyoti comes home and Renuka confronts her why did she not send car. Jyoti cries and says its not like that. She does to her room. Sid asks why is Jyoti crying, what happened. Renuka says I don’t know, she went to Anjali’s house. Hea skis did you tell anything. She says go and ask her, she won’t tell us. Jyoti thinks about Niranjan’s act and thinks about Abhay. She thinks how Anjali asked her to stay in her inlaws house and acted rude to her always. She thinks what Aai did, she did on Baba’s insistence, don’t know since when he used her and she fell in our eyes. Astha has supported her always and we are her children and did not understand her. She says Aai has bear all tortures silently.

Sid comes to her and sees her crying. He holds her hand and asks what happened. She hugs him. She says don’t ask me anything, just be with here. He says yes, I m here. Its morning, Anjali’s parents are near the Ganpati. Niranjan thinks today Shlok will see what I want to show him, so I called these old fellows. He comes to them and talks to them in low tone and speaks his evilness. He asks how are they feeling here in his house and insults them. He says you will go in two days and then I will keep Anjali in my feet.

Niranjan says he will scare Anjali that she won’t accept her mouth again, I will treat her like animals like always and she will bear. He says I wish to hold Anjali by her hair, drag her on ground and beat with shoes. Anjali’s dad gets angry and asks him to stop. He shouts on Niranjan. He raises his hand and Shlok comes to Niranjan’s rescue. He gets angry on them for insulting his Baba again. Niranjan turns sweet again. Anjali and Astha come there. Niranjan asks why Baba, I always gave happiness to Anjali, why this anger, you always treat me like animals. Everyone come and look on. Niranjan asks what do you get insulting me, what I did to you.

Shlok says if I could, I would have broken your hand. He says but my dad taught me respect elders, so I m leaving you. Anjali asks what happened. Shlok says tell them that nothing happened now, but much could have happened. I don’t want to see them in my house. Anjali’s mum cries. Anjali says I can’t my parents getting insulted here and asks them to go. Astha says yes, I will come with Aai to meet you, now you please go. Anjali’s dad says fine, we understand. They leave. Niranjan folds hands greeting them.

He thinks Anjali might be sad, but what to do, you are not changing and I have the habit to think ahead. Your parents were a way to enhance the hatred wall between Shlok and Astha, I regret your parents got good welcome. The pandit comes and asks is puja items ready for Visarjan. Shlok scolds Astha and says you wanted them to come our home and be part of this Ganpati puja, see the result, its clear you are responsible for all this, you insulted Baba so much, what do you want to show. He says I will not do the Visarjan and the puja, lets see how you manage now.

Astha tells the pandit that Anjali will do all rituals as Baba and Shlok want this. Anjali and everyone are stunned. The pandit says everyone has to do it, but Visarjan is done by just men, its tradition. Astha says Anjali will do the puja as she is the head of the house and its her right. Anjali agrees. Niranjan gets angry. Jyoti is in her room. Sid comes to her and gives the Prasad. She says not now, I will eat later. He says I don’t know what is the matter that is troubling you, I don’t want to force you to say, tell me when you feel like, I m always near you. He leaves. Astha and Anjali take the Ganpati for the Visarjan. They smile saying Ganpati Bappa Morya. Anjali prays for Astha and Shlok’s happiness.

She apologizes to Bappa as he has sent Astha to change her life, she did not understand Astha earlier and prays for Astha’s pain to end and peace should come in her house. Nirajan is angry thinking about Anjali and her drastic change. He says he should not heard Anjali before and not chosen Astha. She told me that Astha is not like them, but he did not listen to her.

Astha prays for Anjali to get her identity back, she has bear a lot and its time that she gets only happiness. She prays that Anjali gets her children’s love and Niranjan should respect her. Niranjan says its time to take a big step, and bring my respect, and status back in this house, else everything can slip from my hands.