Thursday Update on Strange Love 19th August 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 19th August 2021

Astha saying Shlok has gone ma after he has put flour on her. She sees him taking the bad juice without sugar and with pulp. She says she will make it. He says he does not need any help. She says she is making for Anjali, and shows him how to make juice and he follows her steps. Shlok makes the juice and leave without adding sugar, while Astha tries to stop him. Anjali comes and Astha tells everything to her. She says lets go and see how Baba drinks that juice. Shlok gives juice to Niranjan. Niranjan asks whats all this. Shlok says I made juice for first time. Niranjan says you could have told to Sojal or Sita. Shlok says its ok, I can do anything for you, Sojal went to drop Kavya. Niranjan is glad and drinks it. He does not like it without sugar. Shlok asks how is it. Niranjan says very good as you made it. Niranjan thinks if I tell Shlok the truth, he will feel bad.

Shlok says have it, you first end it. Niranjan says fine and smiles. Astha and Anjali looks on. Niranjan drinks the juice smiling. Niranjan says I will leave now. Astha says how did Baba have it without sugar. Anjali says he will have kerele juice also by Shlok’s hand. Niranjan forgets his fiile and goes back home. Anjali and Astha see the flowers. Anjali says see flowers came, its reflects us, you made me breath life, everyone will breath like us. Niranjan hears this. Astha says the same and says this will happen when Baba changes or when everyone knows his truth. Astha goes to get water.

Niranjan comes to Anjali. He talks to Anjali what Astha was saying that she wants to change me, tell her you are the reason of problems in this house, not me, what should I tell you. You have gone over that side of the rope, and left all duties not thinking about anyone, for Astha, you should be ashamed. He scolds her. Anjali argues with him and says about her rights. Niranjan asks her not to have her happiness fly high. She cries and argues. He says congrats, your tongue became sharp, that girl taught you this. Anjali says yes, Astha taught me. She says Astha made me learn living, I had the habit to bear all your tortures, you did not respect me anytime. She says Astha gave me small happiness and made me realize whats the happiness. Niranjan gets angry.

He raises his hand on her and she stops him, saying now his anger won’t work on her, she won’t bear it now, Astha is right, you will be left alone if you don’t keep your ego and pride down, else you will regret later. He says in two days, I will show your place. He says he will see her and leaves with his file. Astha comes and pacifies Anjali. She says don’t worry, I m with you, don’t cry now, his threatening won’t affect us, we will not move back. They together water the plant.

Sid and his family comes to see the new spacious house and everyone is happy seeing it. Sid says this is our new house, how is it. They like it a lot and praise it. Jyoti is glad seeing garden. He says you dreamt a house like this. She says I liked it. Renuka is annoyed again. Sid says Jyoti wanted such a house wqhere we all can be together, she is also yours. Jyoti talks to Renuka. Renuka says if you decided everything, why am I needed here. Jyoti takes her to the room. Its very spacious. Renuka likes it and Jyoti says you keep this. Renuka thinks she can’t be so nice to give me this, maybe other room is more nice. She says no, I don’t want big room and gets angry.

Jyoti says fine, take any room you like, first right is yours. Sid smiles. Astha asks Anjali to come and have food. Anjali says see Sojal did not come till now, when will she come and make food. Sojal comes and Anjali scolds her. She says you don’t worry, I know how to manage home, I got food from hotel. I know they all will come late. Anjali says she is mad, don’t she know they does not like outside food, I would have made food. Astha says leave it. Sojal smiles and thinks they feel only they are smart, I m also smart. She calls Varad and comes to know he will come late. Niranjan comes home.

Sojal asks him shall I serve you food. He says no, I m coming from business dinner. She says fine. Sojal says don’t know where is Shlok, I will keep it on table, when he comes and gets hungry, he will have it. Sojal leaves. Astha asks Anjali to have food. Anjali refuses and leaves. Varad has dinner at Mansi’s place. She gets dizzy and he makes her sit. He gives her water. She asks him to stay overnight. He says ofcourse I will inform Sojal at home. She thinks when he is with her, why does he not be only hers, I don’t like your worry for Sojal. She hugs him.

She thinks she feels he is going away from him because of Sojal, and hopes he always stays with her. Shlok is in office and his staff man talks to him asking why is he here till late. Shlok asks him to home, and he has some work. He thinks why will I go home, the one for whom I used to go home, she does not care for me.

Jyoti waiting for Sid. Sid comes and brings flowers for her. She smiles. He says I love you sooooooooooo much and hugs her. She too reciprocates his love by holding her. Music plays……………..He says its first time that I hugged you being so free. He says maybe I m world’s first husband who did not kiss his wife till now. Jyoti gets shy. He holds her face and gets closer. She pushes him and asks him to close the door. He says its our room and locks it. He says its not getting locked. She laughs. He says he will kiss her today at any cost and holds her. They finally kiss.

Astha is trying to sleep and says its so late, why did Shlok does not come till now. She hears the car’s sound and says I will heat the food for him. Shlok walks in drunk and unable to balance himself. Astha comes out in the living room and is shocked seeing Shlok’s drunken state. She crosses the rope and comes to him. He says he is fine. She tries to get him up and he says you don’t care. She takes him to the room. He says you made our house divided, was it right, its good you went, but what was the need to go, you should have said sorry, but no, Astha has very big ego. She makes him lie on the bed. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu…………………….plays……………..She removes his shoes and covers him up with the blanket. She makes his head lie correctly. Khuda………………….plays……………….. She turns to go and he holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on her and looks at him.

Shlok asks where are you going, getting bored, I feel good talking to you, Astha feels I can’t live without her, she is right, I can’t live without her, I can’t control myself from loving her, what to do, I love Astha a lot. Astha cries. He says I can’t live for a moment without her, we are so close yet so far. He repeats his words. Astha rests on his chest and he holds her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………….. plays…………………The window beats by air and Astha gets up. She looks at Shlok and says I have to go. She says Shlok, I worry for you even today, maybe I lost that right. She leaves and her anklet falls there.

Varad wakes up and sees the time. He puts Mansi’s hand beside and gets up to leave. She wakes up and hugs him. He says you got up, I thought to leave without disturbing you, you take rest, I will leave. She asks him to wait for some more time. He smiles and says you know its not responsible, Kavya is growing up and questions me, I can’t lie to her. She says then tell the truth to her. She says she wants him to be with her. He says you know I have a wife and daughter. She hugs him. He says I understand your feelings, you know I love you, but what you want can’t happen. She gets upset. He says he has to leave now, take rest. He leaves. Mansi looks on and says after loving me so much, you can’t be mine, why are we hiding our beautiful relation from the world, I want to tell the whole world I love you a lot, why am I suppressing my feelings and voice, why can’t your time be mine, so many questions and no answer.

Its morning, Astha cooks the breakfast. Sojal comes and thinks what to make now, if I get food from outside, they will know it and not eat it. She calls out Sita. Astha hears her and goes to her side. Sojal says how did this miracle happen, who made it. Astha says she made it, don’t worry. Sojal says even I can make it. Astha says fine, then you make it. She says I will take all this back, you make it. Sojal thinks and says no, I can’t waste food, don’t tell anyone you made it. Astha says ok. Sojal takes the food on the table. Astha smiles.

Sojal says I will wake up Varad late, as he came so late after working so hard in office. Astha comes and Sojal thinks to take more work from her. She asks Sita to make ginger tea for Varad and loos at Astha. Astha goes in kitchen. Sojal says I know Astha, you will make tea for Varad. Astha makes the ginger tea for Varad and lemon water for Shlok. She calls Sita and tells her to give them to Varad and Shlok. She says give this letter to Shlok and don’t come without taking answer. Astha says I hope he reads the letter, will he give reply or not. Shlok wakes up and has a hangover. He gets Astha’s anklet and says Astha came here, no she won’t come, she is very adamant. He thinks of her words and is about to throw it. Sita comes and gives the lemon water and letter. He reads it and looks on.