Thursday Update on Strange Love 16th September 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 16th September 2021

Chowksy getting Astha and Shlok to the house. They hear a woman fighting and breaking things. He says its Diwali, crackers are burning, home is cleaned. He knocks the door. A little boy opens the door and asks whom did you get today, new people, come, 20-20 just started. He says shut up, go. He says he is a naughty kid and takes Astha and Shlok inside. They see the lady beating her bahu with a sweeping stick. They are shocked seeing the fight. The boy gives the commentary. Her bahu says don’t say much, your son is a drunkard, he is lucky to get a beautiful woman like me, my fate got ruined coming in this house. The lady says my fate got ruined by bringing you as my bahu.

They argue and fight. The bahu says if you beat me, I will not leave you. The lady beats her with the sweeping stick. The bahu throws the pot and it falls near Astha and Shlok. Shlok looks at Astha. Chowksy says you have to stay here with them. Shlok says how can you think this, we can stay with them. Chowksy says its good house and says this house is fit in this budget. The lady scolds him for getting Astha and Shlok here, and says I will see for how many days they stay here.

He says you called me Mota Bhai and I don’t want you to wander on road for Diwali, this is the best deal. The lady Shanta Bai says I got this home on rent. Chowksy says this house is mine, so I will decide, you took the half house, my dad gave this house to you, and gave this tension to me. He says I will see who stops you. Shanta says I will see how they stay here. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and takes her out. Chowksy stops them. Shlok says we can’t stay here if they don’t want, we can’t stay with them. He says we can’t see fights, we want peace.

Chowksy asks Astha to explain Shlok, its Mumbai, you can get Lord here, not house. He says I m giving this for humanity, you won’t get house anywhere else, when your budget increases, I will get a good house for you. He says you want privacy, fine, I will make you get a door in between, fine, else I will return money. Astha says no, we will adjust. Shlok gets stunned. Chowksy says I stay nearby, if you have any problem, call me, I will come. He leaves. Shlok says he can’t stay here. Astha says relax, I wil talk to them. He says they won’t leave you. She says come, I will talk.

Shanta talks to her bahus and asks her to send those people off. She says I will find a good idea. Astha and Shlok comes to them. Astha says we won’t interfere in your work and don’t pose any problem, we hope you let us stay here. Shanta scolds her. Her bahu says you are telling us how to live, see how we trouble you, no one is beautiful than me in Mumbai, don’t show your innocent face and sweet words, see what I do now.

Astha says whats your problem, I m talking with manners and you are scolding me, I can also talk like this, but my family values don’t allow me, I m telling for the last time, let us be like we want and you stay like you want, come Shlok. Kalindi knocks Ankush’s door as she brings juice for him and his wife. Ankush opens the door and looks at his juice glasses. He says thanks and takes it. He asks what now? And shuts the door on her face. Kalindi leaves upset. Ankush smiles seeing Mala and they start laughing. Mala says when I gave performances on stage, I used to think of saas bahu act drama fun, I m feeling it now.

He says her face has to be seen, she was in shock. Ankush says you know what we have to do, we have to show that we always fight, I m common man and you are troubled. Mala says don’t worry, I know what to do, I m looking good in your wife’s acting role. He sticks ear to the door and says now I will scold you. Mala says I m Mala, not less than you. He says acting…. And starts shouting to make Kalindi hear them. He says if money is over, will you not respect me. Kalindi and Ajju hear this. Kalindi says does a husband talk like this with his wife. Ajju says he talks same with everyone. Kalindi says I m worried, if he slaps Mala, I will see. Ajju says no stop, its their matter. Kalindi says this is not right and goes to Ankush.

She knocks the door. Kalindi says why are you scolding Mala, open the door. Ankush says will I gift you when you do mistake. Mala opens the door and asks Kalindi to mind her own business, she left her son and now don’t interfere in his personal life. Kalindi cries. Ajju pacifies her. Kalindi says u just wanted to help them, I m his Aai, I wanted to choose a good bahu for her son and get him married, but I could not see his childhood too. Ajju consoles her. Astha talks to Shlok about the grocery. Shlok says olive oil and green tea. Astha says we have Rs 2000 and can get just basic things.

Shanta’s bahu looks at them. Astha says cheer up and kisses his cheek. He smiles and kisses her forehead. Khuda……………plays………………. She smiles seeing them. Her son sees her peeping in and reacts. Astha scolds her for seeing and hearing them. The lady says you should be ashamed, my little son stays here and you both were……… Shlok gets angry and goes out. Astha goes after him and flirts with him, to make him smile. She says its blind date with you. He says yes, but someone stole my wallet. She says don’t joke, lets go and have pulao. Sojal comes to take care of Niranjan. Niranjan says why you, Shlok is there. They realize Shlok is not at home and he gets upset.

He asks about Shlok. She says we could not find out till now. I will apply oil. He says no, I m fine. She leaves. Niranjan thinks how Shlok used to apply oil to his foot and smiles. He says enough son, you go and take rest now, I m feeling good. Shlok says no Baba I m fine, my happiness lies in your happiness. He says your hands have magic and realizes Shlok’s absence.

Kalindi talking to Ajju. She says we did not tell Avdhoot about Mala. Ajju says say to him now. He come sand sits for dinner. Kalindi says I had to tell you something, Ankush….. Ankush and Mala come there. Avdhoot is shocked seeing Mala. Ankush says Mala, this is your second inning Sasurjee and tells Avdhoot that Mala is his bahu. Kalindi says she is Ankush’s wife Mala. Ankush says clap for this explanation. Avdhoot asks did you really marry her. Ankush laughs and says slow current, I really married her, Kalindi did not know she had a son, leave about bahu, forget it. Mala touches Avdhoot’s feet.

Shlok and Astha come to the chaat stall. He asks will we eat here. She says yes its very yummy, you don’t know. She makes it eat by her hands. Astha likes it and says its very tasty, I told you. Shlok looks at her eating alone and smiles. Khuda………………plays…………… She says have it. Shlok also eats it while looking at her. Maine khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil…………… hai plays………….. Shlok eats the chilli while seeing her, and she asks what…. He spits and runs to wash mouth with water. She asks is he fine. He says its chilli. She laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She smiles and covers her saree pallu on her head asking him to come under it. He asks what are you doing. She signs him to come and winks him. He smiles and they stand under the saree end. They kiss.

Shanta’s bahu Apsara looks for Shlok and Astha. She says she is changing curtains for Diwali. Shanta says no, you are seeing someone else. Apsara says she is looking for new rentals as she will have to open the door if they come late. She says we will no t give this house at any cost. She says Aai, they came. She sticks the paper that after 10pm, door won’t open. Shlok says they are getting on your head. Astha says don’t spoil mood, its such a good weather. Lets sit under the sky. She says I wish we always stay like this. He says you mean, homeless. She says Shlok…. He says I m joking.

She says such things make life light and feels cold. He covers her in his arm and kisses her forehead. She says anyone can see. He says so what, you are my wife, its their problem if they see. Apsara sees them and says no shame at all. Shanta scolds her and says what was the need to do this, and stands to see. Apsara taunts her for feeling young seeing Shlok and Astha hug. They leave.

Astha and Shlok sit near the tree. He kisses her hand. She says someone is seeing us. He asks who. She shows the moon and smiles. He says someone will see that moon, but only I will see my moon, as now this moon will be surrounded by clouds. He covers the saree on them and kisses her. Its morning, They wake up by the Diwali crackers sound. The ladies see them and says there Diwali started here, I think they were out all night. They laugh. Chowksy comes and greets them. He says happy Diwali and they greet him. Shlok asks him to check the house and solve their problem. Chowksy says fine.

Shlok asks for internet café, as he has to mail resume. Chowksy says you can use it in my office, lets meet at office. He leaves. Astha says its good, you go now, all the best. Shlok acts like Chowksy and she smiles. He says take the Diwali list, lets go together. She says you want lady luck on your side, you got smart. He says from childhood. She smiles and goes. She walks over rangoli. Apsara scolds her and asks her to make it. Astha says fine, I will get colors from market. Apsara says make it now. The lady asks Apsara why is she scolding her. Apsara scolds her and asks Astha to make it now.

Astha scolds her and shouts shut up. She says I said I will get colors and make it, you don’t get your frustration on me. The ladies laugh on Apsara. Apsara says she will see Astha today. Sojal and Jaya do the Diwali arrangements. Niranjan comes and sees them. He talks to Varad. Varad asks him to come, as he always did the traditions in this house. He says he wants to do all his duties towards the home. He takes Niranjan. Niranjan sits in the weight balance and Varad and Sojal put the items on other side. Jaya sees the silver plate and eyes it. Varad puts his watch and gold chain. He asks pandit ji is it fine. Jaya thinks Varad is trying to impress Niranjan, great, its fun.

He makes Niranjan come out of the balance. Niranjan says whats need to do all this. Varad asls Sojal to donate all items in Ashram. Niranjan says he will also go with Sojal. Varad says why you, we have puja in office. Niranjan says you manage office, I will go Ashram. Sojal says Anjali used to donate all this in Laxmi puja. Niranjan says you are eldest bahu, you will do all this. Sojal says fine. Niranjan leaves. Varad looks at him and asks Sojal ti be careful if she finds anything about Shlok there. Sojal is shocked. Anjali makes Rangoli and thinks about Astha and Shlok, and their last Diwali. Anjali thinks time is running, everything fell apart, the wind has come in my children’s life.