Thursday Update on Strange Love 15th July 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 15th July 2021

Niranjan scaring Astha by his rude words. Astha cries and says I respect you a lot, my fight is not with you, how can I fight with you, I m fighting with the wrong traditions of this house. Niranjan says you will teach me whats good or bad, you want to win over me. She says I did not think this ever, I just wanted everyone can breathe by their wish in this house and be happy, they should love you and everyone else, its not my benefit, I want everyone to be happy. Niranjan says no one has the right to change the rules in this house, you will know your place soon, where your thinking ends, my starts. He gives her an angry look. Anjali looks on.

Astha says I just wanted to tell you. He says you are done…. Leave form here now. He asks Astha to remember what he told her, it would be better for her. Astha leaves worried. Sojal gets Jaya’s call. Jaya asks did you talk to Astha, did you tell her not to stick to Kavya. Sojal says I did not get a chance. Jaya says make the chance then, else you will lose Kavya. Sojal says yes, I will think something and ends the call. Sojal goes up to talk to Astha.

Astha says now nothing is hidden to Niranjan, he knows I was the reason for everything, how can he be so smart, how did he know everything. Anjali holds Astha and says you don’t listen to anyone, its not late, back off, the way you are walking on will ruin you, I m worried about you. Anjali cries and says its just a warning today, stay here with peace and with Shlok, so do as he wants, else he can do anything. Astha cries and says nothing will happen to you and me, trust Bappa. Anjali says no, Bappa can’t do anything thins time. Niranjan will do everything, your game is over now.


Anjali asks Astha to promise if she is not there tomorrow, then she will manage the house as she does, bearing everything, as she does not have strength to bear anything now. Astha is shocked. Anjali says I did everything as Niranjan wanted, but I can’t see my children’ pain. Anjali folds hands and says I lost, try to understand. Astha says I understand, we know this is wrong, if we don’t stop this, this will continue, but I won’t let this happen. I will make this house better and for this we have to change the rules. Anjali says I can understand your feelings, but let it happen whats going on, you have not seen Niranjan’s real face.

Astha says I have seen his scary look, and I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you. Anjali smiles and holds Astha’s face. They hear someone coming. Anjali leaves. Astha says Bappa you have to save Anjali now, what will happen now, don’t know what will Niranjan do with her now, you know Anjali, she was shaking with fear, I m feeling scared seeing her like this, you have to help me, please do anything.

Kaka gives juice to Jyoti. She asks where did everyone go, as Kavya won the first prize. Kaka says it will be a problem as a girl got the first prize. Jytoi says I know Anjali would be upset. Kaka takes Anjali’s side. Jyoti says I know her very well. The maid comes and asks shall I make Dalya for you. Jyoti says no, I will make myself. Kaka thinks its sad you all kids did not understand your mum. He leaves. Sojal comes to Kavya and Astha. Sojal scolds Astha for sending Kavya in fancy dress competition without taking her permission. Astha says we should be happy our Kavya won first prize. Sojal says my Kavya, whats the big deal.

Astha apologizes to her. Kavya takes Astha’s side and asks Sojal to forgive Astha. Kavya says I will be with Astha. Sojal says come and takes her.

Astha comes to her room and closes the door. She drinks water being tensed by Niranjan’s warning. She takes a breathe and says Shlok…….. Shlok thinks about Niranjan’s words. Astha calls Shlok but he ends her call. She calls him again. He turns off his phone being on the way. She says where are you Shlok, I need you the most now. Its night, Astha thinks of Niranjan’s and Anjali’s words. Astha thinks Niranjan can beat Anjali once again, I m scared, don’t know what will happen today, I don’t want anjali to get punished for me.

Shlok comes to her. Astha apologizes to him and hugs him. He says enough, I know he is my dad, and you did not tell him everything, it was important, it was related to his dreams. Our love is at one place but my dad’s happiness is at the topmost place, understand this and be in your limits. Astha thinks I wanted to tell you everything today, but I think you won’t hear anything against your dad. She thinks this misunderstanding happened because of Niranjan, fine, I won’t give anyone a chance to hurt our relation. Shlok asks where are you going. Astha thinks she won’t let go off her duty.

Niranjan gets ready with a belt to beat Anjali. Anjali is tensed and is in the kitchen taking milk ffor him. Astha tells Kaka everything and says Niranjan understood everything. Kaka says what can we do now, if you tell anything against him, Shlok will kick you out of the house, so don’t do anything against Niranjan, leave it on Lord. Astha says no, I won’t let Anjali bear anything, I won’t lose. Sojal makes Kavya sleep. Varad works. Kavya says I will go and sleep with Astha. Sojal scolds her. Varad asks Sojal to let Kavya go and allows her. Kavya leaves.

Anjali comes to her room and sees Niranjan with a belt. He looks at her like a bald devil. She keeps the milk and gets tears in her eyes. He scares her and shows her the belt. Astha thinks Bappa show me some way to save Anjali. Astha sees Kavya. Astha asks Sojal can Kavya sleep with Anjali and Niranjan. Sojal thinks she can and Anjali will like her. She smiles. Sojal says fine, take her. Niranjan is about to beat Anjali and stops seeing someone.

Niranjan about to beat Anjali with the belt. Kavya knocks the door and he throws the belt. He opens the door and Kavya comes in and hugs Anjali. She asks her to make her sleep with her and tell her good stories. Niranjan gets angry. Sojal comes and says sorry Kavya was adamant that she will sleep with you and she can learn good values, will you make her like you. I don’t want my daughter to get spoiled. Niranjan says Sojal is right, we will make Kavya sleep here. Sojal thanks Niranjan and leaves.

Anjali thinks Astha till when will you save me. Astha prays to Bappa and says I won’t let anything happen to Anjali, I think Niranjan will know I have sent Kavya there, but I will break your pride that you can’t hurt Anjali again, Bappa help me and protect Anjali. Kavya sleeps. Niranjan gets up and makes Anjali sit. He says Astha is flying high. Anjali says I did not want…… He says talk slowly, nothing happens by your wish. He says I gave you the work to control Astha but you failed. He says I know Shlok loves his wife a lot, but he loves me even more, tell Astha whats her place, I can’t take it anymore. Anjali cries. He looks at Kavya sleeping and goes to sleep.


Shlok sees Astha coming and closes his eyes. She comes to him and sees him sleeping. She covers him with a blanket and kisses him. He turns. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon………….. plays…………. Its morning, Astha wishes to Bappa that her aim is to make everyone happy in this family by breaking wrong rules, but I don’t want to insult Anjali, there has to be some way, what should I do that this won’t affect Anjali, as I can’t see her getting hurt and insulted, I get hurt seeing her hurt, please help me. Anjali comes and hears her prayers. Anjali comes to her and kisses her forehead. She hugs Astha and leaves without saying anything.

Astha says Aai, your love will be my strength. Sojal comes to Varad and says I need some money for Kavya. He says fine, take it from my wallet. She smiles and thinks his mood is really good today, I would have got if I asked anything else. She sees movie tickets in his waller and hugs him saying we are going for movie, thanks. He says we are not going, its for promotion and I will give this ticket to someone else. She says please lets go. He gives her money and gets a call. He says yes, I m coming. She says please spend some time with me. He says I have to go to office, fine, sit and talk.

She says how sweet and gossips about someone’s affair and marriage breaking. She says I made 5kh mango pickle. He gets annoyed by her rubbish talk. He says I m not interested in this gossip and leaves. Ajju comes home tired from market and says its time fir my serial. Renuka comes and greets her. Renuka talks to her and says I will teach you how to clean the vegs. She makes Ajju do it. Ajju gets annoyed as she does not like it.

Astha comes to Shlok and wakes him up saying Shlok get up. He says let me sleep. She sees the lemon water she brought and takes the ice cube from it. She puts it on him and he wakes up angrily. She laughs and says I love you so I can do this. He says yes, you are right and puts the water on her. She asks what did you do. He says answered you. She says yes, you are right, its good, this should happen with me, I m bad, bad should happen with me. He asks why are you getting serious. He holds her and talks to her.

He says you know Baba is my weakness, do anything, but just don’t hurt Baba. She says I know, I did not know this would happen. He says fine, be careful from next time. She says fine, don’t be angry at night, I get bad dreams, promise me you won’t get angry. He smiles and hugs her. Sajna ve………..plays………. He asks her for a morning kiss. She turns. He asks why. She smiles. He kisses her on her forehead. They have an eyelock. He holds her waist and draws her closer.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…………….plays……….. He goes ahead to kiss her. Saiyyan ve…………….plays……………….. The maid comes again and laughs seeing them. She says your tea and keeps it. Shlok says why is her timing always be correct, impossible, is she being our spy. Astha says she came on right time and smiles. She leaves. Niranjan reminds Anjali to teach Astha what he said. He wear his shoes and says my trust should be maintained on you. He says if my trust breaks, then you won’t have any reason to be alive. Anjali says yes.

He says you know what I can do if things are not according to me. He leaves. Anjali says how to explain Astha, she wants to fight for me, but I don’t want her to take risk, what to do. She cries. Sid loves the food made by Ajju and kisses her hand. She asks what work do you have. Sid says I m missing Jyoti. Ajju says fine, I will ask Astha to bring Jyoti here. Ajju calls Astha. Ajju asks her to come to meet them with Jyoti. Astha smiles and says yes I will bring her, as you are hiding many things from me.

Ajju says come here and argue, come soon. Astha says fine, bye. Ajju tells Sid that she will come. Anjali talks to Astha and says I m telling you again don’t do this. I m scared as Niranjan gave you the warning. Astha says don’t worry, what I will do, will do after thinking, even I m tensed, but why to be scared, but if Bappa decided to bring change in this house by me, then who am I. Anjali says Niranjan will not leave you. Astha says everything will be fine, trust me, I m taking Jyoti with me to my house. Anjali thinks Bappa save Astha.

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