Thursday Update on Promised love 29th April 2021

Thursday Update on Promised love 29th April 2021

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Noor getting Razia’s manicure done and says I am mad and little bit madness is necessary in love. She sees Noor and Mashuqa come there. Noor acts and tells that she is doing her makeover so that nobody says anything. They go. Noor reminisces her childhood. She says once Ammi caught her applying her make up and scolded her. She hugs her. After the makeover, Noor takes selfie with her. Azaan comes and asks mashuqa what she made in food. Mashuqa shows the food and the kheer. Azaan mixes medicine in the kheer and thinks Noor will never eat kheer. He asks Mashuqa to serve it after dinner. He keeps it in fridge. Rubina comes to kitchen and thinks she is hungry, what to eat. She sees Kheer and gets happy. She eats and finishes it. She feels her stomach upset.

Azaan calls Noor for dinner and tells that he is tired of fighting with her. he says lets have food and then kheer. Noor asks about Khalid. Khalid asks Rubina to drink something. She rushes to bathroom. Mashuqa tells Azaan that kheer bowl is empty. Noor says may be Rubina broke her fast by eating it. Noor asks what is in it? Azaan says poison. Inspector comes there and tells that someone tried to kill someone here.

Noor tells that Azaan mixed something in the kheer. Rubina asks what did you do with me? Mashuqa asks did you eat that kheer? Noor asks so you didn’t fast. Azaan says it was just a prank, asks who dies with diarrhea medicines. Noor tells that he had thrown rats in my room and asks Inspector to arrest him. Azaan asks Inspector not to arrest him and tells that his Ammi needs him. Noor says she can take back the complaint only on one condition. She says either you go to jail or accept my wish. She whispers something in his ears. Noor and Shayra are shown talking about 2020. They dance on Madhuri song.

Noor asking Azaan to either accept his mistake or go to the jail. Azaan holds his ears and says I will never trouble Noor, she is the best. He does sit ups. Noor counts. She says I take my complaint back, you can go. Police leaves. Ahaan still does the sit ups. Rubina says Azaan has done wrong, Azaan’s attitude never ends, he should have gone to jail. Khalid says I don’t think Noor has such bad intentions now, you are free to think anything. Azaan comes to tell Razia about Noor. He smiles. He says you look so pretty. He compliments her. He says if Shayra was with us in this room, she would have told the same, sleep now, don’t worry, I will always be with you. He thinks I won’t let Noor win in her motives.

Noor says I just wanted Azaan to do sit ups, thanks, keep the money for your children’s school fees. The man thanks her and goes. Khalid asks was the inspector fake. Noor says just a theatre artist. He says if Vivek knows this. She says he won’t know until you tell him. He says yes, he changed a lot. She says he added Jamalgota in my good. He says yes, I have seen him happy like before after a long time. She says everything will happen but slowly. The servants also talk about Noor and Azaan. They also argue taking Noor and Azaan’s side. Dilruba counts Noor’s favors. He says everything will be fine now after five years, get some sense, Lord doesn’t forgive the one who spoils the food.

Mashuka says I have trusted Noor many times, I won’t leave her. Dilruba gets milk for Noor and asks if she really cares for Azaan. She scolds him. He says fate just gave sorrow to this house, but this lullaby makes me forget everything for some time. Azaan sings surmaiye akhiyon me…. He makes Razia sleep. He says I will go now for some work. Noor sees him going out at night. She follows him. He comes to a bar. Noor comes there and sees him talking to a man. She thinks Azaan is drinking. A guy Raj meets her. She says not interested. She looks for Azaan. Raj offers a drink. She says I don’t drink. He flirts. She scolds him. She hears an announcement about Azaan. Azaan comes on the stage. He sings dil ko tumse pyaar hua… Noor cries. She thinks will you earn money this way by insulting yourself, I won’t let you do this. Raj holds her hand and misbehaves. She gets angry and says leave my hand. Azaan looks on and gets angry. He shouts….

Azaan asks what’s happening. Noor thinks Azaan shouldn’t see me. She runs and says sorry, I wanted to know, this is the way you earn money. Raj insults Azaan and asks him to send his wife tomorrow to entertain them. Azaan gets shocked.