Thursday Update on Promised Love 25th February 2021


Thursday Update on Promised Love 25th February 2021

Shayra asking Azaan not to think that her love was less and says I will always love you if you love me or not. Azaan holds the divorce papers. Khalid thinks if Billu Rani gives the message to Ammi and Abbu rather than Noor. Just then Asgar and Surayya come there. She sees lobhan fallen down and hits Khalid on his head. She asks Asgar why he is not fainting. Khalid turns to her. Surayya says we are doing this for your betterment. Asgar hits on his neck and he faints. Surayya gets worried. Asgar says he is like me, but went on you a bit.

Surayya asks him to do something. Asgar says we have to take him out. Surayya asks how? Surayya and Asgar see Billu Rani going secretly. Asgar says what is around her neck. They take Khalid out in the suitcase. Noor comes to her room and sees cat. She says I don’t have time to play with you now, as Qazi Saheb can call me at anytime for nikah. She sees cloth wrapped around the cat’s neck and finds the message with the pendrive. She watches Khalid’s confession in the video and gets shocked.

Asgar and Surayya are leaving in the car, when Noor comes infront and asks where is Khalid? She asks again where is Khalid? Asgar asks what is your work with him. She asks him to open his car decky and takes the car keys. She opens the decky. Surayya says there is nothing here. Shayra brings Azaan to downstairs. Azaan asks Shayra to tell once to stop the marriage. Shayra says this is not possible, else we would have been together. Noor opens the suitcase and finds Khalid in it. She takes him out. Khalid gains consciousness. Noor slaps him repeatedly and says you killed my Ammi and Faiz. Khalid asks did you see my message and thanks God. She asks did you light the fire? Khalid says yes, Shayra is innocent.

Shayra asks Azaan to go and says your new life is waiting for you. She calls Mashuqa and take divorce papers from her. She asks him to sign on the divorce papers according to the promise. Khalid asks Noor not to punish Shayra and says I light that fire. Noor takes hockey stick and starts beating him badly, saying she will kill him. Khalid falls down. Azaan wipes his tears and says let my begum come first. Surayya tries to stop Noor and asks will you kill my son? Noor says if you both try to come between us then I will break your legs. Surayya asks Asgar to stop her. Asgar says she has gone mad and will beat me.

Khalid says I didn’t know that fire will spread. Noor says I forgave you, but today you will not be forgiven. She beats him and he falls down. Everyone tells that Noor is missing. Azaan says may be she understood her mistake and that’s why left, but Noor comes back from outside. Shayra asks where was you? Noor recalls ill treating Shayra and asking her to give Azaan to her. She recalls Razia and Azaan’s words. Shayra asks why are you silent. Noor hides her palm injury which happened holding hockey stick. Asgar and Surayya come inside. Shayra asks Noor why she’s silent.

Noor looks at Surayya and Asgar and recalls Surayya asking her to stop seeing Khalid collapsing. Noor thinks if he dies then Azaan and my marriage will stop. She makes Khalid get up and threatens to burn him and his family if he tells anyone that he was the one who lit fire in the house. She says everyone shall think that Shayra lit the fire. Khalid asks why? Noor says if Shayra comes to know this then she won’t let this marriage happen, but now my marriage will happen with Azaan anyhow. Khalid asks why are you doing this?

Noor asks him to be quiet and threatens to bury them right there if he tells anyone. She pushes him towards Surayya and Asgar, takes her Kalire and comes inside. Fb ends. Noor thinks forgive me Ammi, the matter is not about justice now, but my happiness. She says her happiness is with Azaan and everything is fair in love. She thinks her love will force Azaan to love her.

Asgar tells Surayya that their baby is saved and Noor’s marriage is not cancelled. It is for their betterment. Noor sits for marriage and asks Qazi to start the nikah. Shayra says 1 min and says Azaan has to sign on divorce papers before this marriage and asks him to sign. Azaan refuses to sign on the papers. Shayra says you have promised to sign on it. Azaan says I promised to marry Noor, but when did I promise that I will sign on the divorce papers. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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