Thursday Update on My Desire 7th July 2022


Thursday Update on My Desire 7th July 2022

Nisha asking Pia to get ready and come. Pia says Bunty is my love, I can’t enjoy his marriage, I will tell him that I love you, he is my life. Nisha says its too late, get ready for sangeet. Ria welcomes everyone in sangeet ceremony. She says I m talking about Balraj and his wife Sharda, today Gopal and Vasy are coming to challenge this jodi, this face off winner will be seen, give them a big round of applause.

Sharda says I can’t dance. Balraj scolds her and says this performance is imp for me, you won’t come on stage. He goes. Prisha looks on. Prisha consoles her. She says I used to forget my steps, I defeated my fear, you can also defeat the fear, I know many people will laugh, but the big thing is you will fail your dance, dance for your children and Saransh, trust me, everything will be fine. Balraj comes on the stage. Mishka asks will he dance alone. Ahana says maybe mumma is hiding somewhere, she can’t dance. Balraj dances. Gopal and Vasu look on. They dance in the face off. Kashmir main….plays…. Sharda comes and dances. Rudraksh cheers for her. Sharda steps on Balraj’s feet. He asks her to dance well, do something. Rudraksh asks what happened mom, come on, you can do it. Ahana smiles seeing Sharda freezing. Gopal and Vasu win the face off. Ria says Balraj and Sharda would have won today if she didn’t stop midway, Gopal and Vasu are the winners today. Balraj says congrats. He goes. Rudraksh hugs Sharda and says you have won over fears, you are the real winner for me, I m so proud of you. Ria calls Ahana and Mishka on the stage.

Ahana and Mishka get ready. Ahana asks her to give her best. Saransh says you have made mumma’s face yellow, now I will make your face red. Ahana says Prisha and Rudra’s performance is next. They joke on Prisha. Saransh throws the itching powder in front of the fan. He says get ready, everyone is going to laugh on you. Ahana and Mishka dance for the dance. Dil vali gal karle….plays…. Ahana feels itching and stops dancing. Rudraksh asks what are you doing. Ahana falls down and feels more itching. Gopal and Vasu laugh. Prisha asks what’s this. Rudraksh says maybe some latest dance. Mishka tries to cover up and asks Ahana to dance. Everyone claps.

Saransh laughs and says bad aunty did wrong, so tit for tat. Mishka says stop this itching dance, everyone is laughing. Ahana says its itching so much. They see Saransh laughing. Ahana says see that kid is laughing on me, I m sure he did this. Mishka asks did he do this. Ahana asks who else will do this, I will throw them out of the house. Ria says sorry for the last bit, it was mindblowing dance. Ria calls upon Rudraksh and Prisha. Rudraksh asks Prisha to come for dance. She says I can’t even walk. He says I will perform alone, you know what will happen if child care lady sees. She says fine. He says I know you are acting, get up. She screams and sits back. He asks are you sure its not a drama, are you okay.

Ahana and Mishka come. Ahana says you will be doing couple dance alone, that’s so sad, poor Prisha, I have an idea, Mishka you can become his dancing partner. Mishka says fine, for your sake, I m ready to perform, get ready. Ahana says Prisha can’t dance, her ankle has a sprain. Ria says sorry friends, newly wedded couple’s dance won’t happen now. Rudraksh says dance will happen. He lifts Prisha and gets her on the stage. Everyone claps. He says sorry, my wife’s leg has a sprain, but this performance will happen for Bunty and Saransh’s sake.

Rudraksh and Prisha dancing on Bulaave tujhe…. He lifts her in arms and dances. Everyone looks on. He gives her a rose and lies in her lap. Everyone claps for them. Yuvraj gets angry. Mishka says I will kill Prisha. Ahana says we have to murder this drama, not this Prisha, you will know it soon. Yuvraj sees Prisha and says how does he stick to Prisha, I will not leave them. He goes. Ahana says there is one man who can help me in this plan.

She goes and spikes the drink. She says now Prisha will drink this and then fall in my plan. She sends the drink to Prisha by the waiter. Prisha takes the glass. Ahana says this is the beginning of your end. Prisha drinks. Ahana says step number one complete, now next step. She collides with Yuvraj. He says sorry. She says come here. He asks me. She says yes, come here, go to guest room, serve the drinks there. He asks how many guests are there. She says go and count. She says there will be big blast now. Prisha goes to the guest room and asks is anyone there. Ahana says sorry to interrupt, Rudra where is your wife, I just thought to be loving bhabhi, I got the spray for her ankle sprain relief, she is nowhere. Reporters look on. She says I m worried for her.

Rudra says she will be around. She says I was worried for Rajeev also, we should find him. Rudra says fine, we shall go. Everyone goes to look for Prisha. Ahana asks did you see Prisha. The waiter say she went to room no. 5. Rudra and Gopal knock the door. Ahana asks why isn’t she opening the door, I hope she is fine, focus on it, Prisha could be in trouble. Vasu says she will be fine. Ahana says just break the door. Rudra says the door is open. Ahana says then go…. Everyone gets in. They get shocked seeing …. Ahana stops Mishka and smiles. Reporters record it. Vasu says you are with her. Gopal asks Bunty to answer…. They see Bunty with Pia.

Bunty gets away from Pia. Ahana is shocked seeing Bunty. Vasu scolds Bunty. Bunty says its not like that, I just got Pia here. Bubbles scolds him. Pia says don’t tell anything to Bunty. Prisha comes. Vasu shouts on him. He says Pia was feeling dizzy, Prisha help me. Bubbles and Prisha leave. Pia says I love you Bunty, don’t do this marriage. Balraj says you did your own loss and mine too. He goes. Rudra takes Bunty. Mishka says you were going to do this. Ahana says sorry, I had called Yuvraj here and fixed Prisha and Yuvraj here, but how did Bunty and Pia come here. FB shows Prisha left the drink, which Pia has taken. Prisha gets a message and goes to the guest room. Ahana sees her going. Pia goes to Bunty and says I have to tell something, actually I wanted to say, I… He asks her to say. She says I want to share something.

He says tell me, we are best friends. She says I feel dizzy, I want to go to room. He says I will drop you. Yuvraj comes to the room and sees Prisha. He asks why did you come here. She asks why did you come, you messaged me. He says I didn’t send any message, Ahana has sent me here, I m supporting you, how shall I make you believe. She gets Maa’s call. Maa says I told you I can’t dance, I stamped Balraj’s feet and he lost, he is right, I m useless. Prisha says you have tried, its a big thing, you made yourself lose, don’t worry. Balraj shouts on Maa and hurts her hand. Prisha hears this on call and rushes. Yuvraj says I want to hit this bottle on Ahana’s head. He keeps the drinks there and leaves. Bunty gets Prisha there. Prisha comes and stops Balraj from slapping Maa. She argues. He scolds her. She says I can’t tolerate this.

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