Thursday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 5th August 2021


Thursday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 5th August 2021

Majaaz getting glad on hearing Mariam’s innocent helpful move. She gives him money. He gets emotional and hugs her. He says you do amazing things, thank Lord that I got a lovely princess like you, I got three princesses. She says just two. He laughs and says I see, you are still upset with Mahira. She nods and asks why were your newspapers not selling. He says I always write truth, people don’t like reading it, as truth is bitter. Mariam says no, mum doesn’t like my words, why do you ask me to say truth. She says you are still young, you won’t understand. She says I will understand everything when I grow up. He smiles.

Its morning, Mariam says everyone is my enemy to wake me up. She sees Aijaz flying the kites and asks about the umbrellas. Aijaz says Sarfaraz should know my pride. He competes with Sarfaraz. He says one who loses in a monkey, I will show him today. She imagines Sarfaraz as monkey. The man comes to Sarfaraz and says I tried to explain Majaaz a lot. Sarfaraz says honest people are like tree, they don’t need to bend but to be broken. He cuts Aijaz’s kite and smiles. Aijaz sees Mariam. Mariam sees monkey in Aijaz and says you have become a monkey. He calls her mannerless.

Majaaz recalls his wife’s words. Omkar comes and gives him chana. They joke and laugh. Zain’s mum and aunt play the game. Zain’s mum wins. She says I won’t let Guddu lose the deal. Majaaz laughs and says Madiha was ill fated, so the marriage took place, you remember your first love. Omkar asks who. Majaaz says you used to use my bike. They laugh. Majaaz says everything changed, I couldn’t give anything to Madiha, except tension, once this case gets solved, I will get life on track. Omkar asks do you names of those people who are involved in land scam. Majaaz says names aren’t written, it means they are dear.

Sarfaraz meets Zain’s dad and gives the cheque. He says sorry, deal couldn’t happen. Zain’s mum says keep this, it doesn’t matter, the deal can still get through. Sarfaraz says fine, give me some time to find another way, Safir Khan has filed a case against Majaaz, Safir looks a big businessman. He shows the pic. Sarfaraz sees the servant and asks is this your gardener. She laughs and says yes, he is Safir, we lodged a complaint against Majaaz, we know law, Guddu will make a shopping mall there.

Zain’s dad says Rifat, I want to do everything by following the law. She says don’t think much, have tea. Mahira, Meher and Mariam come to school. Mahira goes to washroom and gets ready. She goes to class. She dreams of romancing Rihaan. She leaves. Mariam says I couldn’t finish my homework, a dog snatched my sandwich and notebook, maybe he was more hungry than me. Teacher gets a call and says I will call you later. Mariam gets scolded by teacher. Mahiya looks for Rihaan. He gets hold of her. She says we won’t meet in college, Meher can see. He says if you meet any guy then Meher… She says problem is with your family, who asked you to be son of arch enemy. Teacher asks where is the dog, there is nothing, come to class when you get homework. She goes.

Rihaan says its strange, our families are maintaining the enmity, till when will we meet this way….. this is not the solution, you should tell truth to family. She says its not the good time. He asks when will your good time cocme. She says I don’t know. Mariam comes that way and sees them. He says promise me, you will tell everyone. Mahira nods. He goes. Mariam calls her out. Mahira thinks how is she here, its a problem to have same campus. Mariam thinks what was the enemy telling her. Aijaz says call me when food is served. Mariam questions on hearing his words. Mariam asks Mahira when will she tell the truth. Mahira asks why are you troubling me, sit quietly and have your dinner. Majaaz comes to dine. Omkar also comes and joins them. Mariam asks where is Lallu. Omkar says he went to his Nani’s house, he will come. Mariam asks Madiha where is her Nani’s house. Madiha asks her not to talk while having food. Majaaz gets a call. The man threatens him. Majaaz scolds him and says I m afraid of those who don’t take revenge. Mariam hears him.

Mariam hearing her parents talking. She questions them. Majaaz tells her that they have to repair the building. Mariam says I understood. She sees Aijaz with some lady. She shouts to him. Aijaz asks the lady to leave. Mariam says you can collapse anytime, you are old. She comes shouting to him and asks why didn’t you answer. He says I couldn’t hear you. She asks the lady’s name, who is running like a thief. Aijaz says who, I don’t see anybody. She asks can’t you see, someone should take care of you. He says I don’t need any repair, I m better than young people. His phone rings. Kajra re…plays… She dances.

She comes to Mahira and sees her lipsticks. She says I have seen everything, what secret was he asking you to tell. Mahira asks what else did you see, if you keep your mouth shut, you will get chocolate every day, close Rihaan’s topic. Mariam says this is bribe. Mahira says no, this is chocolate. Mariam says but Rihaan is enemy. Mahira applies her lipstick and convinces her. Meher says come, we will leave. She gets a crank call. She says don’t know who is calling. Mahira teases her.

Mariam comes to school. Teacher doesn’t give her chocolate. He asks who was Newton. Mariam signs no. She tries to fix the table and help teacher. She ends him hurting him. He shouts. Mariam imagines saving Meher like a superhero. She imagines saving her parents. She wakes up from sleep and sees a shadow. She says I don’t want to die, I didn’t get married yet. She goes to check. She sees Majaaz walking under rain and goes to him. She asks why are you getting drenched in rain, adults can also catch cold. He says your mum will scold you, come. He cares for her. She cares for him. She sneezes. He says I told you, you can will catch. He sneezes. They laugh. She says I m hungry, are you hungry, I will make something. He smiles. She makes a sandwich. He likes it and says awesome.

She asks the news. He says I will tell you. She gets a camera and asks him. He says there is a difference between ordinary man and journalist’s camera, an ordinary camera can’t see what a journalist’s camera can see, you will have this camera when you grow up, this camera always supported me, its name is Saathi, I will publish some of its stories when the right time comes, its an old camera, it works perfectly even now. She says like Dada ji, he is old and walks. He says you have to earn this camera, you will find it out when the right time comes.

Its morning, Madiha and Majaaz go on a drive. She asks whose call did you get last night, you stood in rain and got fever, Mariam told me, she made me promise that I will take you to doctor. He says its not needed, its a waste of time. She says your fever is high. He says don’t worry, she stops the car. He asks her to park the car aside. She says no one tells me what’s goin g on, you all look worried, I m your wife, share the problems. He plays song and says its your fav song. Aye zindagi….plays….. She smiles and says one thing didn’t change in our relation, your bad singing. He asks do you remember the place, this is where me met for the first time.

They smile and recall their proposal. Someone hits a stone at the window. She screams. Majaaz gets down the car to see. She gets hurt. A bike rushes away. She shows the note. Majaaz asks are you fine. He reads the threatening letter.

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