Thursday Update on love or Poison 13th May 2021


Thursday Update on love or Poison 13th May 2021

Samrat’s mother (Yamini) says this wouldn’t have happened if this cheap girl had not called my son outside in the middle of the night. Viraj asks her how she can blame Sitara without hearing her side of the story. Sitara calls it a lie. I dint call anyone anywhere. She tells Rajguru she has not called Samrat. I come here to work. I come here with no such interests. Samrat’s mother does not buy it. I know how respectful you are. Sitara tells her not to point fingers at her. I know my boundaries. I wont hear anything against my dignity. Kuldeep tells Ratan that they too have some limits. We cannot do our duty till the time we are respected enough.

Yamini is about to retort when Ratan tells her to wait. He asks Samrat to tell him what happened. Samrat shares that Aryan came and told him that Sitara is calling him. Aryan nods. She gave me this message to give to Samrat. Ask her if she was outside her room last night or not. Sitara says I did step out of the room but I don’t recall as to what happened afterwards. I dint call him here. Yamini starts taunting her calling her cheap. I know girls like you who trap rich guys! Viraj cuts her mid sentence. I know nothing about truth or lie but I am sure Sitara can never do anything like this. Sitara recalls how he had scolded her in the past for supporting Rajguru in his previous plan. He takes Sitara with her.

In his room, Viraj is upset with Samrat, Aryan and Yamini ‘s reaction towards Sitara. How can they talk so cheaply about you? Sitara says I dint feel so bad about it. You made me happier by supporting me by going against your family. Only a true friend can do what you did today. She extends her hand towards him for friendship. He says I will think and tell. She smiles. Take your time. I am going to Baba. I have no special interest in being your friend. He tells her to come certainly this time. He smiles.

Kuldeep is puzzled at Sitara’s words. She said she cannot remember what happened with her in the night. Is it? Rajguru agrees. I am also sure Surili is responsible for her. She is hiding around us only. We have to find her at any cost. We will hold a yagya. The mantras will drag her to us. He orders the guards to instruct everyone to stay inside their rooms after dinner tonight. Guard nods and leaves. Rajguru says tonight it will be just Surili who will step up to us.

Rajguru starts his yagya. The mantras start affecting Surili. Her sisters see her condition and worry for Surili. Vrinda knows they cannot do anything as their powers cannot go outside Vishloka. She encourages Surili to be strong. You cannot step out of your room. Kuldeep wonders where Surili is.

Viraj steps out of his room hearing the chants but guard tells him of Rajguru’s order. Viraj notices Sitara stepping out of her room. Guard goes after her to stop her. Viraj agrees to wait.

Surili is getting pulled towards Rajguru’s room against her wish. Kuldeep’s eyes are pinned on the door. Vrinda says Gyanendra is taking advantage of our compulsion. Albeli asks her if they can do something. Chabeeli says Surili has no control over herself. They see Sitara going to Rajguru’s room. Vrinda says now she only will save our Surili. She makes Albeli bring the pot of blood. She calls out to Sitara. Listen to me carefully. Only focus on my words. Sitara looks at the bracelet in her hand in surprise. Vrinda instructs her to go to Surili asap. Sitara starts walking absentmindedly. Surili keeps inching closer to Rajguru’s room. Vrinda and her sisters see Sitara approaching Surili. Sitara blocks Surili’s way just when she is about to enter the room. Surili smiles seeing her in relief.

Vrinda guides Sitara to wake her hidden powers right away. Albeli and Chabeeli join their hands and direct their powers at the bowl. Vrinda follows suit. Sitara lifts her hands automatically in air. Vrinda, and Chabeeli’s elements save her while Albeli’s element (water) douses the fire of yagya. Kuldeep and Rajguru look on in shock. Surili touches Sitara’s hand and is sent to another safe corner. Sitara falls unconscious. Vrinda and her sisters smile in relief. Rajguru wonders how Surili escaped from their trap. Surili thanks Sitara for saving her today.

Kuldeep notices Sitara on the floor and rushes to her side. Rajguru wonders if Vishkanya’s are using Sitara against them. Kuldeep is concerned for her. Rajguru assures her that she will gain conscious soon. Kuldeep asks him how it happened. Is Surili behind it? Rajguru denies. She used her own powers.

Vrinda says Sitara did it today under our influence but her powers will be activated soon.

Kuldeep asks Rajguru how it happened. Are her powers active? Rajguru is positive that Vrinda has been connecting with Sitara somehow and she only has made her do it.

Vrinda says we cannot be helpless now. We have to change the destiny as no one will be able to stop me from meeting my daughter now. Her sister asks her how it is possible. Rajguru has done special arrangements to keep Sitara away. Vrinda says he might have 364 days to himself but he cannot have tomorrow. It was tomorrow when I found out about motherly love. It is my daughter’s birthday tomorrow. No one will be able to stop her from coming here tomorrow! We will meet at any cost tomorrow.

Kuldeep sings Happy Birthday song in Sitara’s ears to wake her up. She smiles broadly. He also wishes her in English. She is impressed with his English and thanks him. She gets excited seeing breakfast. This is why I call you Best Baba. He says I have been making it myself every year for you. How can I forget today? She hugs him and touches his feet. Viraj stops at the door to watch them. Kuldeep blesses Sitara. Sitara and Kuldeep go to eat breakfast. She says I have to be back before Viraj is here. He nods. Viraj realises that it is Sitara’s birthday today.

Nethra overhears Viraj ordering red roses for someone on call and thinks it is a surprise for her. He lies that it is for home decor. She asks him if he has any interest in her. He nods. She asks him to take her out on a date today but he postpones it for tomorrow. I have a very important meeting today. She gives up unhappily. We will see what you will do tomorrow. She leaves. Viraj mentally apologizes to her. I have to make today special for Sitara and apologize to her. He turns while looking at his phone and collides with Sitara who has entered just then. She asks him if he cannot watch where he is going. He says my eyes are in front. She says I have a big heart.

You are at fault but I will forgive you today. I don’t wish to spoil my mood today. He asks her what’s special today but she does not tell him. He asks her to come with him for his important meeting. It will be a long day. She asks for 5 minutes to go to temple. He again asks her if it is something special today. She only replies in affirmative and goes. He smiles. You may tell me or not but I will make sure that today turns out to be a very special day for you!

Sitara seeks Mata Rani’s blessings. Surili watches her from far and smiles. Happy Birthday Sitara! She hides her face seeing Kuldeep. Kuldeep asks Sitara what she wants from him. She says you have given me everything. I just miss Ma a lot sometimes. My birthday would have been complete if she was around.

Vrinda vows to celebrate her birthday with her. I will fulfil your wish. She lights the Vishloka magically.

Sitara says Ma would have done so much for me to make my day special. I wish I could meet her once.

Vrinda’s sisters ask Vrinda if she is positive they will be able to meet Sitara today. Vrinda answers in affirmative.

Sitara asks Kuldeep what happened to her mother. Why isn’t she with us anymore? Kuldeep asks her what kind of questions she is asking today. Sitara says I feel as if some power has been calling out to me. It feels very motherly. He says it might be because you are missing your mother. Go and celebrate your birthday. Sitara shares that she has to go to an important meeting with Viraj just now.

Vrinda says I don’t know how but I will meet her at any cost today.

Sitara tells Viraj she is ready but he asks her to change for the meeting. You cannot go like this. She turns to go but he hands her the dress he has already purchased for her. He lies that he had bought it for a friend but will buy another later on. She is hesitant but he insists. Viraj looks at Sitara mesmerised as she steps out wearing that new dress. She waves in front of his eyes to catch his attention. Shall we? He nods. Viraj says Happy Birthday Dost (Friend) to himself as she walks out.

Vrinda looks at the cloth in which she had wrapped Sitara when she was born. We will meet at any cost today.

Viraj tells someone on phone to be ready. Sitara looks at the route in confusion. I know this route. Who has he been talking to? He stops the car at an orphanage. She realises that she comes here on her every birthday. She questions him but he makes excuses. A girl sees them together and wonders what Viraj is doing here without Nethra?

Kids get excited seeing Sitara. She distributes gifts as driver shares that Viraj is busy on call and has asked her to do it. Viraj smiles seeing her from far. How could I break the ritual that you have been following on your every birthday? The girl is still looking at them and decides to ask Nethra about the girl (Sitara).

In the car, Viraj apologizes to Sitara for making her do everything herself. I got busy. She tells him she did not mind. She mentally thanks him for not letting her break her birthday ritual. He stops the car in a market and makes her choose some bangles. He lies that he wants to buy them for his mother and makes her try them too. She happily agrees. Viraj gets lost in her eyes again. She shakes him out of his reverie. He buys those bangles. She is about to remove them but he tells her to take them off later. She also chooses a pair for Nethra.

Rani Sa is buying jewellery for Nethra.

Viraj tells Sitara to let it be. I don’t know what Nethra will like. She nods. She selects one dupatta for Nethra. He makes her face the mirror and covers her head with that dupatta instead. The vendor compliments them. It looks as if you both are made for each other.

Rani Sa compliments Nethra and Viraj. They look like they are made for each other.

Viraj does not let Sitara take that dupatta off. We don’t have time to get it packed. That girl is still following them.

Viraj brings Sitara to a dark room. She asks him if they will have a meeting here. They walk further inside and lights come on. Music starts playing. Viraj claps for Sitara as she looks around in a pleasant surprise.

The girl calls Nethra. Nethra reacts loudly catching Yamini’s attention. Nethra shares that Viraj lied to her and is spending time with Sitara.