Thursday Update on Lost in Love 12th May 2022


Thursday Update on Lost in Love 12th May 2022

Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani and Ninad. Bhavani thanks her. Shivani whistles when Virat walks in with Sunny. Bhavani scolds her. Shivani says she just whistled and didn’t throw stones. Virat touches elders’ feet. Aishwary performs his nazar. Mohit says he is looking handsome. Karishna asks who did he get ready for. Ashwini says Virat ready for his wife and Sayi is getting ready for her husband. Bhavani says she doesn’t have any interest in all this and neither Sayi, she would have come down ready by now. Virat asks Pakhi to go and bring Sayi as she may need her help to get ready. Ashwini asks why he thinks only Pakhi should help and not others. Virat says Pakhi is also a family member. Bhavani says Virat is right as Pakhi will get that girl properly. Virat requests again and Pakhi leaves. Bhavani warns Aswhini to stop taunting Pakhi. Aswhini asks Shanti to get sweet boxes from kitchen, Mohit to check Bhatt Panditji, and Sunny to check decoration. She tells Virat that she didn’t taunt Pakhi with a bad intention. Virat says Pakhi is tensed, so she shouldn’t taunt her more.

Pakhi walks into Sayi’s room and says Ashwini sent her to get her ready and take her down. Usha says Sai is ready, asks Sayi to fill mangalsutra and her forehead with Dadamji’s named sindhoor and go down soon. Sayi does sadly and walks away with Usha. Ashwini asks Karishma to check if Sayi is ready or not. Sayi walks down with Usha and Pakhi. Ashwini praises she is looking beautiful and asks her to sit for rituals. Sayi sits far away from Virat. Shanti asks her to sit close to Virat. Ashwini starts ritual and gifts Sayi sari and jewelry. Saloni comments that only Chavan family will give and wouldn’t get anything from Sayi’s family in return. Usha says only she and Kamal dada are from Sayi’s family, Kamal dada’s blessings are with Sayi, gifts silver coin to Virat.

Virat thanks her and says this silver is much precious when given with respect and love. Devi walks down and snatches coin from Virat saying she likes it. She then tells Sai that even she wants to ready beautifully in sari like Sayi and perform rituals, but nobody gets her married in this house; she was about to marry, but her bad mother didn’t let it happen; her husband went missing and nobody searches him. Bhavani yells at her to stop her drama and go to her room. Virat asks Devi to keep silver coin if she likes it, but keep it safely as Usha mausi gifted it to him with love. Devi says her brother is the best and walks to her room. Sayi asks Ashwini what had happened to Devi tai. Bhavani warns her to mind her business.

Virat thanks Pakhi for getting Sayi ready so beautifully. Ashwini asks if he has taken Sayi’s responsibility, he should handle it and not give it to anyone else. Virat then tells Sayi that Aayi gave her a gift and even he wants to gift her something, Pakhi will help her prepare for her medical entrance exam. Sayi asks if Pakhi is a doctor, how will she when she doesn’t know medical terminology. Virat says she is small and needs guidance. Sayi asks if he didn’t get anyone else than Pakhi. Shanti thinks this girl doesn’t tolerate nonsense and will rule over everyone’s heart in this house some day. Usha takes Sayi aside and scolds her not to misbehave with elders. She never opposed her in Gadchiroli. Usha says this is Nagpur and not Gadchiroli, what will her in-laws think about her. Sayi says her Aaba taught her not to tolerate nonsense and to oppose injustice, she will not tolerate nonsense against her. Usha thinks don’t know what Sayi will do.

Photo session starts. Karishma asks Virat to stand next Sayi. Photographer clicks pics. Virat asks Ashwini if photoshoot is necessary. Ashwini says these photos will capture memories and he will member the moments later. Karishmaa asks Sayi to sit on chair and Virat to stand next to her. He obliges. Sayi says his aayi is right, he can remember her when she leaves this house as he may not remember her face. He says he can say same for her. Photographer asks them to change position. They both stand. Sayi says if he doesn’t want to fulfill her responsibility by he art, she doesn’t mind and will not force her. Shanti asks them to hold each other’s hands. Virat says following responsibility and clicking photos are different, she will realizes it when she matures. Sayi asks mature like Pakhi? He looks at Pakhi and says yes. She asks if this the reason that he wants Pakhi to guide her. He looks at her face.

Ashwini continues performing Virat and Sayi’s rituals. She says she will perform haldi removing ritual now, will remove haldi thread from their wrists, and after that they both can roam wherever they like. Bhavani stops her and asks Saloni to inform Ashwini that 5 suhagans are needed for this ritual. Saloni repeats. Karishma asks her if she is considering Patralekha also as suhagan, means Virat is missing in action and not found yet. Bhavani warns her to stop speaking nonsense and asks Saloni to keep her DIL’s mouth shut. Mansi cries hearing that. Omkar scolds Karishma to think wel before speaking. Bhavani consoles Mansi that their Samrat will return home soon. Shanti brings neighbor Savitri kaki. Karishma says 5 suhagans are present now. Omkar asks Mansi that Samrat will come soon.

Aswhini says that is why Patralekha will perform ritual and pray for her husband’s safety. Shanti asks Patralekha to come and perform ritul Ashwini performs ritual first. Patralekha thinks if Virat had not married Sayi, family would have performed ritual for her instead. Savitri asks Virat why didn’t he invite her for his marriage. Shanti says even they didn’t know about Virat’s wedding. Ashwini says jodis are made by god, Virat and Sayi’s jodi is an example of it. She asks Patralekha/Pakhi to perform ritual next. Pakhi performs ritual looking at Virat. Ashwini removes haldi thread from Virat and Sayi’s wrists and asks Sayi to take elders’ blessings. Saloni suggests her to take her husband’s blessings first. Virat says its okay. Karishma asks Sayi if she has problem touching her husband’s feet. Ashwini asks why would she have any problem, touching feet means respecting elders and there is nothing wrong in it. Sayi touches Virat’s feet. Virat in mind promises that he will fulfill his promise made to Kamal sir and will help Sayi become a doctor. Ashwini asks Sayi to give gift Savitri and take her blessings. Sayi obeys. Ashwini says she felt good that Savitri visited them and asks her to keep visiting regularly. Savitri leaves.

Ashwini then informs Sayi that she needs to serve srikhand and poori to family and complete the rituals. She asks Virat to call Bhavani, Mansi, Ninad, and Omkar. Virat walks to them and requests to come and have food. Ninad and Omkar yell they will not come. Bhavani says he listens to his mother, why should they come. He says he listens to her always. She says then why did he marry without her permission. Ashwini requests Bhavan, Niand, Omkar, and Mansi to have Sayi’s serve food and bless her. Bhavani yells. Ashwini says Bhavani is hurt as her order as ignored this time. Ninad yells at her next. Virat stops him. Bhavani cries that she held this family together with her hard work for years and now she is not respected at all, let Ashwini take care of this house, she will not stay where she is not respected. Ninad and Omkar plead her not to go. She asks Ninad to order his wife to apologize her. Ashwini asks why should she apologize when its not her mistake.

Omkar yells she has to for her son’s mistake. Ashwini says if Bhavani will forgive Sayi and Karishma and accept them as her bahus, they both should touch her feet and apologize. Virat says there is no need for that and tells Ninad that he married Sayi and she is everyone’s bahu and they should accept it. Ninad says they will agree only when they accept this wedding, this wedding is an accident and accidents are mourned and not celebrated. Sayi says even she was forced to marry under pressure, even then she is following all the rituals. Usha asks her to keep mum. Sayi says after her Aaba passed away, she was forced to marry Virat by villagers; she has to bear people yelling that she is uncultured, jungli mulgi, immature, arrogant, etc., even tthen she accepted situation. Bhavani asks Virat if he saw his wife’s misbehavior. Virat says Sayi is right and requests her to come and have food. Bhavani says she would rather die than having Sayi’s served food. Ashwini says she will complete last ritual without them if they don’t want to attend it.

Virat and Ashwini head towards dining table when Sayi stops Virat and says rituals are performed for family’s betterment and protection, if they don’t want to have her food at all, she is performing this ritual for family’s betterment and if they don’t sit on dining chairs until she counts reverse from 5 to 1, she will leave this house. She asks Usha to pack her bags as she will not stay here. Usha scolds her and apologizes saying she is a kid. Sayi counts from 5 to 1 and tries to leave when Bhavani stops her and she is tolerating her misbehavior to protect this family’s dignity, that doesn’t mean she approved her. She walks to dining table with her puppets and asks everyone to sit.

Sayi sees Virat standing and asks what happened to him. He says she told him to stand. She asks if he obeys all her word, he should go and sit. He smilingly obeys. Saloni comments Virat is already obeying Sayi, they should be careful before she starts controlling them. Sayi serves Bhavani srikand. Bhavani says enough. Sayi says she can judge people’s diet by their body type and knows howmuch they eat, so she neither serve less or extra. Bhavani sits silently fuming. Ashwini smirks thinking only Sayi could shut Bhavani’s mouth for the first time, she is sure that soon Sayi will control whole family. Sayi serves everyone and then Virat. Virat says its enough. She asks him to have food well as he has to take care of whole family and be strong for them. Virat smilingly obliges again. Sunny gets happy seeing Virat obeying Sayi. Ashwini says tonight she has organized a function.

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