Thursday Update on Evil Eye 17th June 2021


Thursday Update on Evil Eye 17th June 2021

Ansh says I can’t marry. I have to stop what’s happening. Avi says let’s handle what’s happening today and then we can find the way out. The guests ask where is Ansh? Mohana says let me check. Ansh says I will see I can’t marry at all. Mohana comes. Ansh says I don’t want to get married. Mohana says why? Ansh says I already married once. Mohana says if one girl wasn’t right doesn’t mean you won’t marry again. Ansh says I am not a kid. I can decide what to do with my life.

Mohana gets angry and says so you won’t listen to your mother? Mohana says he’s just nervous because so many people came all of a sudden. Avi says he’s not mentally prepared. Chetali says he doesn’t have the clothes either. Mohana says so he doesn’t want to marry right now? But he will marry later right? Vedeshree says yes he would.

Nishant says Vishalika is Aikain’s enemy. If Piya comes in front of Mohana, she would get very angry. Mohana would get her powers back. Patmayan says I don’t care if that happens. Nishant says you would be the happiest if Mohana loses her powers forever. Would you want her to be Aikain again?

Ansh says I will marry. Piya says what? You can’t marry. Her eyes turn green. Chetali says what is Piya doing? Mohana comes there too. Their eyes glow. Chetali says Piya calm down. Vedeshree says Piya what has happened to you. Vedeshree says Mohana, Mahurat time is running out. Let’s go please. Chetali takes her downstairs. Ansh says Piya please don’t come in front of Mohana. Piya says she is remarrying you. Ansh says I can’t even think about second marriage. Mohana says why were Piya’s eyes green? And red air. It’s Vishalika. I have seen her centuries ago. Avi says what are you saying. How can you be alive centuries ago. Mohana says but why were her eyes red? Vedeshree says no it wans’t like that. Chetali says we should prepare for the function. Please drink the juice. You will feel better. Vedeshree says you will be fine soon. Let’s go to attend the guests.

Ansh says Piya, please calm down. I can’t even think about another woman. Don’t you trust me? Ansh says I know you don’t like Mohana but none of us do. We don’t want her powers back. Piya says so Mohana would be powerless? I want the same. She is my enemy. I want her to be weak forever. Ansh says then do what I am asking. Ansh says then listen the plan. Make sure she doesn’t get angry.

Naman rehearses to confess to Saavi. Saavi comes there. She says this is the guy who came with my proposal. And this is my colleague Naman.
Vedeshree tells Nishant about Piya’s condition. Nishant says we have to make Mohana wait for two days. she will lose her powers forever in two days. Mohana says let’s start the function. Mohana says where is Ansh? She looks for Ansh.

Ansh says Piya you have no place in my life. Piya says I won’t go anywhere. Mohana comes upstairs. Naman says in heart I wont’ let my love go away from me. He says Nishant is very busy. I don’t think he would come today. The guy’s dad says I really like Saavi. Naman says this marriage can’t happen. It’s a big decision. They don’t know each other. You can’t finalize it yet. The guy says Saavi we should spend some time together. They go out. His dad says I will sit with Naman. Saavi says yes you sit with Naman.

Ansh says you had nothing to do with my family. Today I am moving on so you have a problem? There’s nothing left between us. Mohana is there. Piya says I don’t want my kids to be with a stepmom. Ansh says did you care about them when you were leaving them? But you found a reason to marry another woman. Ansh says my mother wants me to be married. She is like a Goddess to me. Piya says I can see that. Ansh says can’t you see things she has done for us and her sacrifices. Piya says all mothers sacrifice. Mohana comes there and says enough. There are guests downstairs. Ansh says I am asking her to leave. Mohana says please leave Piya. You stay here won’t fix anything. Let him move on. You would only keep fighting. Piya says he can marry if he wants to. But if his wife mistreats my wife, I won’t leave her. Mohana says I will find a girl who treats your kids like a mother. She says Ansh come downstairs. Everyone is waiting.

Scene 2 Naman is standing in the balcony. He sees Saavi talking and laughing with the other guy. He says this guy is laughing as if he’s a stand up comedian. He says Dufli you have to help me. Take me near the car so I can hear what are they talking about. They go there. The guy’s dad says Naman you? Naman says Dufli likes walking out. So I brought her out. He says show me the house till Manav and Saavi come back. Naman says go the corridor and see it. Naman goes out.

Scene 3 Ansh tells everyone they were pretending to fight. Vedeshree says Nishant told us two days are left till Mohana loses her powers forever. Ansh says papa told me too. Piya says no black power can completely takeover Piya. She understands the plan. Avi says Nishant will find a solution. But this drama is for us not the girls’ family. Ansh says we will explain them.

Mohana says come Ansh. She says this is my son. He’s very nice. He couldn’t find a wife like himself so they separated. But now we want to get him married again. She says Ansh, this is Andiya, she is doing MBA. They’ré from Kanpur. This is Arti she works for an NGO. This is Sneha. She just moved to Mumbai. This is Natasha, she did MBA from London. Mohana says hello. Piya comes downstairs as well wearing a gown. Mohana says you didn’t leave? She says I should also move on like. So I will do what he is doing. Chetali says what do you mean?

Mohana says I will do Swemwarg and find a groom for myself. Mohana says that’s great. You would move on too. Everyone is shocked. Piya says to guys thank you for coming on a short notice. Ansh says Sneha you just moved here. Piya says to different guys you have good hairstyle, i like your dressing. She chooses a guy and says I like you the most. Ansh says ma, I like Natasha. Mohana says that’s great. Both of you decided. Piya says I want to get married soon.

Ansh says to Piya why are you doing this? She says I am also doing drama. He says you were being so excited as if you really liked the guy. She says he’s cute and better than Natasha. Ansh says he’s an idiot. Piya says am I saying anything about your Natasha? Ansh says this is all a drama. I don’t know why are you trying to worsen the situation. Piya says Sameer is looking for me. Sameer gives Piya a necklace. She says it’s so pretty. I will try. He says are you Ansh? Her ex? Ansh says what are you doing here? He says I got her some gifts. Ansh says just leave. He says I will say bye and leave. Ansh shoves him. He says Piya is my wife to be. Ansh shoves him out and says don’t ever be seen here again.

Nishant says what? Piya did that? Vishalika’s powers are taking over Piya. Don’t let Piya come in front of Mohana. She can come in her Vishalika phase. Mohana gets the house decorated. She says my son is getting married. Everything should be amazing. Vedeshree says this is getting out of hands. Chetali says how will we stop this wedding. Ansh says she will lose all her powers tonight. Avi says should we tell Natasha’s parents. Ansh says you’re right. I should go and expalin them everything. Chetali says so you would tell them she’s a witch? Ansh says no I would tell them she isn’t mentally well. Chetali says what about Sameer? Ansh says I told him a lesson already.

Sameer comes there dressed as a groom. Ansh says how dare you come here. Mohana says sameer? He says Piya called and said the evening mohorat is better than night. So we will get married right now. Ansh says let me get Piya.
Scene 4 Nishant says I have to find out a solution to this. Nishant says she is very powerful and only a witch can fight her. If Mohana loses her powers forever, Piya will always be Vishalika as well.

Ansh comes to Piya.. She has become a bride. Ansh says what is this? You knew this was a drama only. Piya says what drama.