Thursday Update on Evil Eye 13th May 2021


Thursday Update on Evil Eye 13th May 2021

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Piya sees Mohana. Mohana says listen, please. Piya says I won’t listen to you. Mohana says there’s a dark mirror in the house. Try finding it.
Adi and Pari fight who would sit on the front seat. Chetali says shut up. Avi says we will decide when we go. First, I want to show you something. Pari says what? Chetali says it’s interesting. Pari says no we will go out in your jeep first. Adi says yes. Vedeshree says if they are asking, listen to them. They won’t take you later. Adi says what is it? Chetali says your world would change. You won’t be what you think you are. Pari says wow sounds cool.

Pandit ji asks Nishant what are you doing? Nishant says did you see all the dias in the city blew? Pandit ji says what does that mean? Nishant says I am trying to find out. I first thought it’s my office dias only. But then I found out they all blew together and black smoke was going in a particular direction. I took some of that smoke. He added it in a liquid. It turns into a mirror. Nishant says that means this black smoke was used to make a witch mirror. Mohana was with Piya so someone else did it.

Piya sees a black mirror. She recalls what Mohana said. She sees kids going towards it. Piya says stop. She says Mohana told me about this mirror. It wasn’t here. Where did it come from? Vedeshree says I ordered it. Piya says Mohana was telling me about the dark mirror. Vedeshree says she must have heard me ordering it. Don’t listen to her. She wants to scare us. Pari says Avi dada said this is interesting. Piya says let me talk check.

Nishan comes to the cave. Patrain says do you think I would give you answers after what you did to me? Nishant says you have to. She says you can only ask me three questions. He says you can’t lie to me. Nishant says this smoke.. what is it? She says it is used to make a mirror. Nishant says who made it? She says my daughter. Did you find her? Pandit says I told you Mohana did it. Mohana did it right? She says no Mohana can’t ever be that smart. My other daughter did it. Nishant says another daughter? Vedeshree? What do you mean? she says your three questions are over. Nishant says you have to answer me. She disappears.

Piya is going towards the mirror. Ansh says Piya papa called. I have to talk to you. Kids ask Piya to go to the mirror. She says no go to your room. Vedeshree (witch) says what happened? Ansh says i need to talk to her.
Ansh tells Piya about the witch mirror. He says she told papa that her daughter made it. Piya says that the mirror is in our house. Mohana told me. Piya says Mohana? Ansh says no she said Mohana didn’t make it. Piya says then ma? That can’t be possible. Ansh says she brought that mirror. Piya says she was asking me to look into the mirror. Ansh says that means..

Chetali (witch) asks Piya why would Vedeshree agree to you? Vedeshree (witch) says I have to catch them all in the mirror. So she is alone and helpless. Then she would agree to what I ask.
Ansha says what if it isn’t ma. Piya says Mohana said Chetali is a witch. Ansh says she is catching people in the mirror. And bringing witch versions out. Ansh says yes. Piya says how will we find out who is real?

Chetali says we have to catch Ansh and Piya before Vedeshree returns. Avi says this won’t be easy. Nishant told them something. Vedeshree’s sister says we will do that, it won’t be that difficult.
Ansh says unless we find out who is real who is not, we have to stop them from going in front of the mirror. Piya says we have to be careful as well.
Vedeshree’s sister makes all mirror witch mirrors. She says whatever mirror they look into, they will become a witch.

Dilruba says this is my husband. Chota Pehlwan says this is my gold. She says this is my husband. Fix him. Chota says I don’t give my gold to anyone. I don’t forgive people who try to come in between. I will do the same to you. Savi says can we do any settlement? We can give you something else if you fix Naman. He says there is nothing better than Naman. Savi says like this witch. She points at Dilruba’s mom.

Ansh says we have to be careful that no one looks in the mirror. Piya says we have to find out who made it and why? Mohana and ma didn’t do it. Ansh says they never spoke about a sister. piya says maybe Mohana knows who made it or if they have a sister. Ansh says we can’t trust Mohana. We have to do it on our own. Don’t worry. Everything would be fine.
Piya looks into the mirror of her room.

Pandit ji says to Nishant we have to go to Piya’s house. Nishant says I informed Piya. Mohana knows about it. She told Piya. If we go there, we won’t be able to find out who is locked in that mirror.
Savi says you can make this witch a gold, and take her. Dilruba says fix my husband. Chota says I am taking my husband. Dilruba stops him and says I will see how. He falls. His rod touches her mom and she becomes of gold too. Savi and Dilruba are shocked.

Nishant turns on this lamp. He says I don’t know who is that witch. But I will find out who is locked in the mirror. He sees Chetali and Avi in there. Nishant says the ones outside are their witch versions.