Thursday Update on Emperor Asoka 16th September 2021


Thursday Update on Emperor Asoka 16th September 2021

All royal people are having food in palace. Charu ask Sushim to eat, he says i am not in mood, Charu says you should be strong to win competition so eat this healthy food, Noor is making Siamak and says alongwith food, one should have mental strength too, Charu taunts thats why Siamak never won, Drupat and Subrasi comes and wishes them luck for competition, Sushim ask Drupat whom he want to see as winner? Sushim or Siamak? he says you both are deserving so i want you both to win, soldier informs that Bindu is coming so Dharma hides. Bindu comes there with Ashok, all are angry, Bindu says i invited Ashok to have food with me, whats problem, Siamak ask Ashok to sit with him and have food, AShok sit beside him, sushim angrily leaves. Charu gos behind him and says this is not good to leave food infront of Bindu like this, Sushim says make your husband understand too, now he will eat with us too? day by day my father’s love for him is increasing, maybe one day he will give his throne to Ashok too, he leaves.

Ashok says to Bindu that i dont like to eat food sitting on couch, allow me to sit on floor and eat, Bindu allows, Ashok sit on floor, Dasies bring food for him. Drupat ask Bindu who will win competition tomorrow, Siamak or Sushim? Bindu says that is difficult to answer but the one who is great warrior, who can do justice, who is intelligent will win, Drupat says so he will be next samrat? Bindu says becoming Samrat doesnt depent on one competition only, to be Samrat one has to prove himself right in everything, but yes the winner will be contender for becoming Samrat, Bindu ask Drupat how is learning going on? Drupat says should i show you my sword fighting skills? bindu nods, Drupat brings his short sword and moves in air and starts practicing with Bindu, they have father son time, Siamak says you are fighting great Drupat, Ashok misses Dharma and recalls how she used to pamper him, Dharma who is watching all this from behind pillar thinks wish i was with Ashok at this time.

Sushim is practicing arrow hitting, he is hitting one soldier with his arrows, Ahenkara comes and says great work, he ask you wanna practice too? she says why not, he makes her hold archery kit rightly, they both are lost in each other, both share eyelock, she hits soldier with arrow, Sushim says i will spend my whole day with you after competition, she says it will be great, we will celebrate your victory.
Charu says to Prime minister that Sushim have to win thsi competition at any cost, this is decisive year for Sushim to become Samrat, you have to help me, he says how can i help ypu? she says i dont know if you have soft corner for Chanakya, when you will understand that if you not start taking your decisions then Chanakya will take your place and you will be puppet only, dont you want people to remember you in future, Prime minister says i have limits and i cant go beyond that,

Chanakya is respectable for me, all know that Chanakya influences decisions of Bindu, and Samrat will be announc3ed by Bindu, how i can i help you, Charu says you have to influence him, you have to force him to announce Sushim as next Samrat after his winning, dont you wanna secure your future in Magdh? you have to force Bindu, minister says what if Siamak wins whit time? Charu says that will nto happen as Sushim doesnt know how to lose, he will win only, you dont think about wining or losing, just put this thing in Bindu’s ears that he should make the winner of competition the next Samrat.

Noor says to Siamak that i dont want you to become Ashok’s friend, Siamak says when Bindu also likes him then whats problem? Noor says you are not grown up, your heart is innocent, i dont want you to break your heart as it hurts, Justin comes and says warriors doesn feel hurt, Siamak hugs him, Justin says you did great in competition, fight with valor and you will win the compeition, Siamak leaves, Justin tries to come closer to Noor, she says i am smelling that Agni from you, he ask what happened? she says i see Agni in you, he ask what i did? she says arent you ashamed to ask me this, Justin says when there is love and trust then whats shame, Noor says i know everything, you destroyed our love and trust in arms of that agni, i saw you close to that Agni, Justin says yes that is true but there is ine more truth, i couldnt go close to her because my heart and mind is controlled by you and it is our love, i have to act as loving Agni because of my mother, i thought you will be my side in this problem but now listening you i believe that i am alone, when you dont trust my love then there is no future of our love, he leaves, Noor says by saying all this you proved that you dont love her but till when you will be saved from her attraction.

Nicator sys to Helena that control Justin, he is going mad behind Noor, i dont want to lose again, after losing Chandragupt, Chanakya asked to make you marry with Chandragupt then he will forgive me, i was helpless as father, i sacrificed you to save myself, i can never forget that day, Helana says i had to leave my country, my language, Unanis start hatng us and here i was not given respect same as other queens, people here thought that i am an outsider and never respected me, because to that Chanakya i had to announce that Bindu the samrat, i can never forget that day, now its time to revenge, now Magdh have to bear consequences.

Justin is leaving from Noor’s room, he strikes with Agni, she ask you in Noor’s room? he says i came to wish luck to Siamak, he acts and says i am waiting for our marriage, time is passing slowly, she says so we should make most of our time, can you take me to boat ride? Justin reluctantly agrees, they leaves, Khurasan comes from behind and says if Justin and Noor keep meeting like this then Agni will get to know about it and i cant bear this.

Ashok thinks to say sorry to Dharma as he has hurt her alot, she is only one for me, Sushim comes there and ask where are you going, dont you know you have to run after one hour of competition as punishment, Ashok says its all because of you, i would have answered you back but i have some work, Ahenkara comes and say you are egoistic, Ahenkara says to Ashok that Sushim will win over you then i will see your face, Ashok says its good to have friend like you but i have to see if you remain his friend when he loses the war, he leaves, Ahenkara says he insulted me and you didnt say anything, Sushim says Bindu have spoiled him, i will answer him in competition, Ahenkara says you will keep thinking and he will take away royal sword, Sushim is hurt, she says sorry but i cant see you losing, he says i will win for you, she leaves.

Acharaya Aakramak and Kitasaraya are packing stuffs like water, food for students, Acahraya shrist comes there, Aakramak says we have to see if students share theri things, Shrist says to students that you will enter this competition to win over others but you should help your fellow students in need, you can give then theie water and stuff in need, this competition should be done on Chandragupt’s rules.
Acharaya chanakya is on site where new palace work is goign on, Raj comes and ask you here, are you investigating something? Chanakya says i was just checking if working is going good or not, cant i come, Raj says why not, i will show you site, we have called special architect from Ujjain. Chanakya says i am not finding anything unique here, i will come later, he is about to leave but thinks that there must be some lead here to find what conspiracy Helena is making, a hobbit is there, Chanakya is shocked seeing him and thinks what Khuramir is going here, Khuramir is stunned too seeing Chanakya and starts to leave .

Dharma says to lord that i cant help my son when he is in pain, what he must be thinking that i am selfish and stone hearted mother, Ashok comes there and says sorry Maa, i couldnt understand you, i couldnt understand that how much difficult it all must be for you, i was so angry that i didnt see your pain, you are my ideal, what you are doing there must be some reason behind it and i dont wanna know it, i will not question you ever again, i have hurt you alot i am sorry, Dharma kisses her forehead and says whenever i see your face, my pain goes away so how can you hurt, i will answer your questions on right time, Ashok says i will wait for that, Dharma says i am thankful that you are understanding me, Ashok says Bindu helped me to understand you, i went to chanakya for help but he denied so i took promise that i will become so strong that no mother on this land will be forced to be away from her son, i have to become warrior, powerful now. Dharma says i will wait for that, Ashok says to Dharma that tomorrow i will take part in last competition, bless me that i win it and get Chandragupt’s sword so my self- respect and confidence is regained, Ashok ask her to bless him to become warrior for his land, he touches her feet, she blesses him, they smile.

In morning, the last competition is announced, Acharaya says Shrist says last and most important part of competition is going to start, i wish luck to al students, we all are here to see the warrior who will win this competition, all are excited to see from 10 students, who will become great warrior and that will be only one student, Sushim thinks it will be only me, Siamak thinks i know what you are thinking Sushim but i wont let you succeed this time, Ashok thinks this is last chance for me prove myself. Aakramak says to students that 2 teams will be made, one team will be led by Sushim and other will by Siamak, he ask them to come forward, they come, Aakramak says there are chits in which students names are written, he ask bindu to open chits and announce in which team they are,

Bindu opens first chit and says Indar you go in sushim’s team, 2nd Subaho goes in Siamak’s team, all students are divided in teams, only Ashok and Vasu are left, Bindu says last student in Sushim’s team is.. Ashok thinks i am chosen for Sushim’s team then who will i win over him and is Vasu is chosen in his team then he will make his life hell, Bindu says Vasu is last student of Sushim’s team so Ashok goes in Siamak’s team, he hugs Vasu, Vasu says i pray that you win, Ashok hugs Siamak and stand in his team, Bindu says to Siamak and Sushim that i have hopes from you both, you have to show way to your teams, i hope you show good game, Sushim says yes, Siamak says i will not disappoint you, Bindua makes them wear cloth at blessing, Ashok touches Bindu’s feet and ask him to bless him, you have given way to my life, i promise my life will follow your way only, i will walk on my mother’s path,

Bindu says i know you will follow right path, he blesses him, Sushim thinks Bindu’s blessing will not even save him this time. AShok comes to Aakramak and touches his feet, he then touches Shrit’s feet, Shrist says you know you have to start running after one hour of competition as part of punishment, Ashok nods, Ashok comes to Chanakya and says i have not come to ask help but to take blessing as you are important person in making me reach here, he touches his feet, Chanakya blesses him.