Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th June 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th June 2022

Bindu says you both were not asked to take part. it isn’t a father’s wish also. It is an order. All the sons will take part. Ashoka gets angry. Why me? Bindu asks him if he isn’t his son. You will have to do as I say. Ashoka goes quiet. Vit shares that his father will read out the names of all the participants and of the characters of the play. He will decide who will be paired with whom. Bindu reads the list. Shakuntala’s friends will be Drishti (who is happy with the role), Ananta (she is also happy that she wont have to toil hard). Sushim will be Vishwamitra. Vit says now we will find out who gets the role of Devlok’s apsara’s Meneka. She was the one who distracted Guru Vishwamitra with her dance while he was doing tapasya. Chanda thinks she is no less than Meneka for Sushim. I will have to get this role to get Sushim. Charu also hopes the same whereas Sushim wishes Padmavati does this role.

Bindu announces Chanda’s name for the role. She looks ecstatic. Everyone looks happy except Sushim. Bindu is about to read who will play Dushyant’s role but Charu interrupts him. Don’t say that it is Ashoka who will be Dushyant or we will feel its all pre planned. Bindu still takes Ashoka’s name which brings a smile on many people’s face. Vit congratulates his brother on the main role. Charu turns to Bindu. I guess Anindini should play Shakuntala’s role. Anindini gets happy. Ashoka looks at the last tray. Bindu reads the name on the paper. Kaurvaki / Padmavati will enact Shakuntala’s part. Sushim and Anindini look thoroughly upset and so does Ashoka. Vit thinks father is only doing the formality. It was pre planned as to who will play which role. Ashoka hears him. What did you say? Vit says I dint say anything. He turns his attention to Anindini. Only Princess Anindini dint get any role so she will act as Shakuntala’s mother. He teases her too by acting old. Bindu gives Rishi Durvasa’s role to Siamak who will separate the lovers in the play. Vit says I will play the role of the mediator that unites them. Sushim vows to punish Padmavati for choosing Ashoka over him.

Ashoka questions Kaurvaki as to why she is still here. You promised me. She says I remember my promise but I could not go. He still insists to know why she stayed back here. Dharma says she dint break her promise. I stopped her here. It is time for you to decide what you want – if you want to push those away from you who care about you or if you want to accept them fully. Ashoka asks her if she wishes it. Dharma points out that he has never been afraid to say it before. It is important to find out what you want. Ashoka laments that not all questions are so easy to answer. He leaves. Dharma tells Kaurvaki to let Ashoka find his answers on his own. He has to fight his inner battles to get you. He has to overcome all the obstacles which is why I kept this drama. I will make sure you become his Shakuntala. They share a hug.

Helena says we have to end his investigation. Siamak speaks of the crucial time. We cannot do anything as of now. Sushim too is helpless. Samrat will kill me if anything happens to Ashoka. Helena says what if we kill both Ashoka and Bindu together including Vit and Dharma too. They all like the idea. mahamatya asks her how it will be possible. Helena says tomorrow we will end the story of Bindu and Dharma at the threshold of the place where they will be weaving dreams of Ashoka’s marriage. Sushim says I will make sure we plan it all tonight itself.

Vit looks after the preps. Nayak sugegtss him to take some rest so he can be fresh tomorrow too. Vit nods. He notices two soldiers (of Sushim) helping them in carrying some stuff. He gets suspicious. They lie that they came to help them with the preps. Vit reminds Nayak they are getting late. I have to hear Takshshila’s story too. Nayak nods. He goes with Vit. The soldiers speak of the material inside the box. It is explosives. It will set everything on fire.

Everyone is getting ready for the play. Kaurvaki is happy that God’s tests are over. Ashoka will finally accept me as Kaurvaki. He will accept my real identity before everyone and will accept me as his life partner. The gajra breaks. She panics. It is a bad sign. What if things don’t go the way we wish them to? Devi tells her to be positive. It is your final test today. You have to overcome it to succeed.

Ashoka says it was a curse after which raja Dushyant forgot Shakuntala. I cannot forget you though, Kaurvaki. My life will lose its meaning the day I forget you. I will forget to live. I can never show my love to you. this is the second biggest reality of my life. Today will be the last milestone of our love. I will head to my destination afterwards while you will go away from me for forever to Kalinga.

Sushim says it will be sad as Padmavati will die. I had something else on my mind but the world should know that whoever goes against Sushim, dies. Ashoka and Padmavati’s love will also come to an end with the Lalitkala round.

Siamak too dresses up for the role. Bindu and his family will burn down today. I will get Sushim and CHaru out of my way with Rajmata’s help. My father and mother’s dream will come true today for which they had sacrificed their lives.

Helena too is eager to seek her revenge today with Bindu and his family’s death. Entire Maurya lineage will be finished today. my son’s death will be paid off. I will sit once again on the throne from where I was banished after being insulted.

All the family members take their place. Vit welcomes everyone. Bindu gives him permission to start the play. Vit introduces the play’s outline. Devraj Indra was scared that Maharishi Vishwamitra can ask for Indra Lok after the completion of his tapasya. Thereafter he sent his apsara Meneka on earth to break his tapasya. Meneka (Chanda) dances before Guru Vishwamitra (Sushim) so as to distract him. Charu is happy to see her son melting towards Chanda. Chanda and Sushim look at each other romantically. Meneka gives birth to a little girl. She hands her over to Mata Gautami (Anindini).

Charu asks mahamatya if everything has happened as per their plan. He nods. we have set explosives under the main stage. flashback shows the soldiers doing the same. we have used the best explosives. They will be set afire with one match. Charu warns him to make sure it happens in the end when Bindu and his family will be on stage. Sushim will get down from there. You will do it then. No one should know about it. Mahamatya assures her about it. Siamak has looked after it himself. Ashoka wont get out alive today. Nayak hears them.

Acharya RG asks Nayak if he got any clue about it. Nayak says no. I got a doubt on Sushim’s soldiers last night only when I saw them there. It is surely something big and wrong. Acharya RG reasons that they need to find out about their plan asap as they don’t have much time.

Vit says time passed and Meneka’s daughter grew up. She excelled in everything. Sushim looks at Kaurvaki as she comes on stage. Dharma is very happy to see her and so does Devi. Scenes are enacted wherein Kaurvaki is playing with her friends. Sushim looks at Kaurvaki as she happily plays veena. You wished to live and die with Ashoka. You chose him over me. You will die now, don’t worry. Ashoka is restless in his room. He hears the sound of veena too and heads towards the stage.

Acharya RG and Nayak come to Ashoka’s room but don’t find him there.

Vit says Shakuntala dint know the one she was dreaming about and waiting for is Raja Dushyant – brave, honest, people love and peaceful king. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other while Vit talks more about Raja Dushyant. Ashoka takes Kaurvaki’s name (in very low voice). Ashoka realises where he is and says his lines. Kaurvaki goes from there.

Acharya RG asks his soldiers to keep an eye on everyone. Bring anyone you doubt in a corner away from the main stage area. No one should get a doubt on it. Sushim will be on stage. I will be there. They nod and leave to obey his orders. Acharya RG says it is sure that they wish to harm Ashoka. If it is Helena’s plan then it will happen during the play only. It will be dangerous.

Vit speaks about the story. Raja Dushyant had no idea he will lose his heart this time when he will go out for hunt. Anindini and everyone play their roles. Acharya RG and NAyak come there. Nayak wishes to alert Ashoka but Acharya RG stops him. It will alert the enemies. They can do anything in tension which can be dangerous for us.

Vit says no one could stand before Shakuntala as she was so knowledgeable. Raja Dushyant kills down an animal while Shakuntala rushes towards the wounded animal. Smoke effect is given on stage. Acharya RG tells the servant not to do it. He obliges. Shakuntala demands to know who killed this innocent animal. Raja Dushyant accepts doing it. She sees it in his eyes that he is a calm and peaceful man. Why did you do it then? He shares that this tradition is being following by his ancestors. He cannot end it even if he does not like it. She advises him to end the wrong traditions that are going on since ages. You dislike them yet you continue doing it as well. How will you make peace if you too will not stop such traditions from continuing?

Acharya RG’s soldiers ask other soldiers if they have seen the soldiers who are with Sushim. The soldiers deny. Sushim’s soldiers heave a sigh of relief seeing them go in other direction.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki tell each other what’s in their hearts through the dialogues of the play. Charu looks uninterested. Dharma looks content. Raja Dushyant and Kaurvaki came close while he stayed in the jungle. Ashoka lifts Kaurvaki in his arms as she gets hurt (as per the scene). Sushim is upset to see the closeness between Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Raja Dushyant and Shakuntala got married. Chanda notices Kaurvaki all quiet. She reminds her she has to speak now. Kaurvaki speaks her part. I will be with you all my life. Only death can separate us now. They exchange garlands. Raja Dushyant too accepts Shakuntala as his wife. Your pain is my pain and your happiness is my happiness. I will be with you always. Only death can do us apart. Everyone showers flower petals on them. Kaurvaki and Ashoka look at each other sweetly. Anindini looks highly upset.

Acharya RG, Nayak and their soldiers zero in on the soldiers who were helping them last night (Sushim’s soldiers). The soldiers look tensed. Acharya RG asks about their plan. How do you plan to hurt everyone? The soldiers slit their throats right away.

Shakuntala pleads to Raja Dushyant to take her with him. I promise to support you in everything. I wont be an obstacle in your way. Raja Dushyant asks her if she loves him, trusts him. She nods. I trust you more than myself. He makes her close her eyes. I promise you I am only yours. I will come back to you soon. He keeps the ring in her hand and leaves. She eyes the ring longingly. Dharma and Bindu are pained to see this.

Sushim angrily changes his costume. Acharya RG is keeping an eye on him. What’s stopping Sushim from playing his next move?

Vit says neither Raja Dushyant came nor came any news about him. Shakuntala kept waiting for him, unaware of the danger coming towards her, in the form of Rishi Durvasa (Siamak). Shakuntala does not greet Rishi Durvasa as she sits lost in thoughts. Rishi Durvasa curses her. The one you have been thinking of will forget you. She apologizes to him for her mistake. I will end my life if my husband has to bear a curse.

Sushim thinks I will fulfil your wish Padmavati as soon as Siamak’s part will come to an end. Don’t worry about it.

Rishi Durvasa says my curse cannot be taken back. Raja Dushyant will be free from the curse when he will see the memento (ring). He leaves. Shakuntala looks at the ring emotionally.

Siamak meets Ashoka backstage. The play is about to end. Best of luck for the last part. Ashoka gets thoughtful.

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