Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 3rd March 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 3rd March 2022

Devrath meets sarpanch, sarpanch says to Devrath that we helped you and now Kichak is more cruel to us, we cant help you now, Devrath says we need unity, we can fight them, sarpanch says Kichak is taking more taxes from us, we cant help you, situation is more tense now, Ashok asks when Kichak’s soldier will come to take tax? sarpanch says tomorrow.
Kaurvaki comes in jail, she frees her father Jagannath, Jagannath says its impossible for me to go from here, Kaurvaki says in all these years, i have kept these hopes that you will comeback, for once trust my and mother’s hope that we will free you, Jagannath blesses Kaurvaki. Soldier listens noise and thinks to check in jail, Kaurvaki and Jagannath runs from there. soldiers come in jail and doesnt find him there, they go to find him.

Kaurvaki is taking Jagannath, Jagannath asks where are we going? Kaurvaki recalls how Ashok saved her and took her out of palace from secret way, she says i know one secret way to go out of here and soldiers dont know about it, we have to find it.
Soldiers are finding them too. Kaurvaki finds secret door to go out, they are about to go out but soldier comes there and stop them with sword, Kaurvaki and Jagannath gets tensed.

Kasturi says to Dharma that you shouldnt have come here, its dangerous, Dharma says the people who killed Chanakya should believe that we have got to know something thats why i came here, the one killed Chanakya will make sure that no witness to it remains alive. Charu and Helena are keeping eye on dharma and waiting for the person who is gonna meet Dharma. Khalatak comes there too, Charu asks what he is doing here? he says if any witness is alive then i will be first one to get caught for murder, Helena says Dharma is making us fool, no one came to meet her, if you both want then you can wait here and keep eye on dharma whole night, i dont think she knows anything. Kasturi says we have to be careful, Dharma thinks that i dont know how Ashok is able to cope with all this so alone and far away from me.

Kichak’s tax collector senathipathi comes in village, he doesnt find anyone there and ask them to come out, he turns to find his soldiers dead, senathipathi shouts who dared to challenge me? who is the betrayer? Ashok comes there, Ashok says this is not betraying but fighting for Takshshila’s freedom, betrayer is you, senathipathi says you wont remain alive now, he brings out his sword and fights with Ashok but Ashok beats him, people come there, Ashok says you have done so much cruelty on people now you will get punished for it, people beat him.

Kaurvaki and Jagannath is brought in Kichak’s court, Kichak says you people of Kaling are fools, you thought that you can fool Kichak? he says to Jagannath should have told his daughter that she cant play with me, now i will punish her in such a way that her Jagannath wont be able to bear the pain of it, he comes near Kaurvaki, brings out his sword and is about to cut her head but Jagannath comes inbetween, Amatya comes there and says no, dont kill her, Kichak stops. Kaurvaki says bhudeshvar? he says no Amatya, he says i am in your league, Mauryas are my enemy too, Kaurvaki is confused.
Ashok says stop beating him, he says this soldier will be our answer to Kichak, he comes to senathipathi and puts black polish on his face and body, he heats stamp and puts it on his head, senathipathi screams, Ashok says tell your king that he can destroy people’s homes but not their hopes, he can attack their bodies but not their will, senathipathi is taken from there.


Amatya says to Kichak that this girl can become reason for our win, this is our chance to get victory and make Ashok lose, Kichak’s sister says my brother’s army can kill Ashok easily and we dont need this Kaurvaki, senathipathi comes there with his blackened face, sister says you? senathipathi tells Kichak that whole nation have become betrayers under Ashok’s guidance, Kichak is shocked, one minister says we can stop their food then they wont be able to fight with us, Kichak says you can do anything with people but that Ashok is my target, first i will finish that Ashok then i will deal with people, before killing Ashok, i will end that trust which Ashok have instilled in people and this trust will end with cheating which Kaurvaki will do with Ashok, Karuvaki is shocked.

The citizens discuss what they should do in this situation. We dont need to trouble Prince Ashoka for this. He anyways has a lot to handle.

Ashoka thinks of Kaurvaki’s positive words. If it is a good ending then it certainly is an end, otherwise the story is yet to complete. He thinks I know that this story is incomplete.

Kaurvaki thinks of Ashoka. She wipes her tears upon noticing Amatya coming there. Amatya gives her a choice. You will get me info on Ashoka. i will free your father. Kaurvaki replies that she is not a coward to attack from behind. He is a Maurya but I will face him head on, if I have to. She is shocked to see the soldiers bringing her father inside just then. Amatya stops her from meeting him. I know you want to meet him, talk to him. After all you have met him after so many years. WIll you not eat sweets? Amatya turns to Jagannath. You have become so thin over all the years. Kaurvaki should feed him laddoos. He will stay alive till the time he keeps eating laddoos. She is shocked. Please dont do it. He reminds her of the other option that he gave to her as well. He leaves. Kaurvaki looks at the laddoos. This has become poison for us now. She begins to feed laddoos to her father. She notices the soldier taking aim at her father from outside the jail. Amatya looks on.

The citizens practise sword fighting. Dadhich scolds a common man to stay away from him. You made me impure. Bhanu reasons that if they differentiate amongst one another on the basis of their caste while having one aim, then we wont be able to accomplish their goal ever.

A man tells Ashoka that Dhananjay took all the grains as you killed Bhairav. They all wonder how they will live without food, especially kids. Ashoka refuses to let the confidence of anyone break down. We have to assign a specific amount of food for everyone on the basis of the ration we have. Ashoka thinks of giving Bhante Anand the responsibility of managing their food store. Dadhich thinks of explaining it to Ashoka that the higher caste people should gain priority in this task.

A man throws kerosene oil at everything kept in the store room. Ashoka and the other people are on their way to the store room only. Ashoka notices a bit of oil outside. He walks curiously up till the gate. the man had lit a torch and attached it with ropes around the grain sacks. The torch falls as soon as Ashoka opens the gate. There is fire all around. Acharya Devrath demands to know who did this. Dadhich doubts on the insiders only. Bhanu says only those who want to still support Kichak can do this. Dadhich and Bhanu get into an argument. Ashoka calms them down. Kichak is wrong to think he will make us weak by snatching food from us. There is no place for weakness in my mission!

Jagannath keeps eating laddoos from Kaurvaki’s hands. She says at times I feel things would have been so easy had we not trusted Kichak that day. We are paying a heavy price to trust Maurya’s. Jagnnath says I wanted to bring a change in Magadh and Kaling. I wanted to bring peace between them. it was my mistake to accept Kichak’s proposal. I dont regret it though. I had no wrong intention. I am not scared to die anymore. It would have been sad had i been alive. Now you are here. You will be with me till my end. I can die peacefully now. He holds her hand so as to stop her from feeding him. Kaurvaki immediately hugs him. She asks the soldier not to hurt her father. Tell Amatya that I will do what Amatya has asked me to do. Jagannath advises her agianst it. You wont do anything that is against your wish. The soldiers take away Jagannath. Kaurvaki mentally apologizes to Ashoka. I had to choose between my father and enmity today. I chose my father. I had promised my mother that I will come back wiht my father only. My mission can be my primary concern if Ashoka’s aim can be his primary concern!

Ashoka wants to get the grains somehow. Dhananjay has kept a tight vigil on the same. On the other hand, Nayak assures Dhananjay that he will make sure Ashoka should not come here in the first place. If he does, he will not go back alive from here.

Ashoka thinks of a solution. Dhananjay loves ornaments and jewellery. Everyone smiles.

Two palanquins stop outside Dhananjay’s house. The solsiers check the palanquins well before allowing them inside. They have brought musical instruments with them too. The ladies come to a room. They ask the soldiers to leave them alone for a while. We have to get ready for the dance. The soldiers leave. Ashoka and a few kids come out of the instruments. Ashoka thanks the ladies. They too are happy to help him. The main dancer guides him towards the storage room.