Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 29th June 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 29th June 2022

Purohit ji guides Ashoka and Devi on the next ritual. Kaurvaki watches it all teary eyed. Ashoka holds Devi’s hand. They repeat the vows together after Purohit ji. Kaurvaki remembers how Ashoka and she had been through some instances which spoke of the same promises. She thinks of all their past moments; and how they came this far together. Ashoka and Devi are announced husband and wife by Purohit ji. The wedding is complete. You can now seek blessings of your elders. Devi and Ashoka touch the feet of Dharma followed by BIndu. Dharma blesses Devi happily. Kaurvaki looks at them. She mentally vows on her tears and in her father’s name that Ashoka’s love will be no more an obstacle in my life. I renounce you just like you renounced me! She wipes her tears determined.

Devi begins to go towards Kaurvaki when the gathbandhan pulls up. Devi and Ashoka look at each other. Devi is in a dilemma as she looks at Kaurvaki.

Ashoka holds Devi’s hand as they walk together up to where Kaurvaki is. Ashoka shows the joined hands to Kaurvaki. What did you prove? What did you achieve? She says I got revenge of insulting my father. Before today, whenever I got a chance to choose between you or father, I always chose you without a doubt. I realised today I was wrong. Maybe my father chose a wrong way but his ideals about you weren’t completely wrong. You (Ashoka) dint think even for a second to leave the girl who left her everything for your love. She addresses him as Rajkumar Ashoka. Till today I lived as your lover, your would-be wife, but after today I will only live as my father’s daughter. Devi looks stunned at Kaurvaki as she walks away angrily. Ashoka goes in a different direction. The gathbandhan comes off. Devi turns to look at him. Ashoka angrily stands back in the mandap area. Sushim is enjoying it. Dharma looks worriedly at Devi who is standing alone and teary eyed.

Kaurvaki drops her chunri and gathbandhan dupatta as she walks. She throws down all the jewellery. Ashoka does the same as he walks in the corridor. Sad song plays in the background. Kaurvaki trips over a fallen item when Ashoka holds her hand. They look at each other. She stands up and pushes Ashoka. Your touch is like snake. He leaves from there without saying a word. Kaurvaki turns and gets hurt in her feet by a piece of glass. She pays no heed to it and goes. Dharma looks on. The footsteps that was headed towards my house and returning from here. I don’t know if I will ever be able to face Kaurvaki again. I did an unpardonable thing today!

Bindu apologizes to his father’s photo. I learnt it all from you yet I failed miserably at it. I couldn’t give my son his happiness. Dharma says it should be me who should be apologizing to father. He looks at her. She calls herself the culprit. He says I know it happened coincidentally. You are not to be blamed. You did all the right things for us till date. You made me a good man. You changed me for good. Honestly speaking, I wanted a similar wife for Ashoka. I failed in doing so today which I regret. She replies that he is not wrong here. This wedding was not going to happen anyways. She tells him sage’s prophecy. I only forced Devi. He questions her why she did it. She says I got scared. He says you ruined lives of so many people because of one prophecy? You knew how important it was for me. I was ready to pay any price for this wedding. You did injustice with Ashoka! Ashoka trusted you the most in his life. You destroyed his happiness just because of a prophecy! I always wished to be a good father if not a good Samrat. You snatched that from me too. if I am a failed father today then it is only because of you! She apologizes to him. I was scared for you and my son. He says what has happened cannot be changed. You have hurt those most who you were trying to protect. Not one but many people will bear the brunt of this for life! I am one of them. He walks away upset. She is in tears.

Ashoka looks at all the mementos that he had of Kaurvaki. He puts them in fire. Your memories have no place in my life anymore! On the other hand, Kaurvaki is shown doing the same. I have burnt all my ties with this palace now.

Devi lights a diya and keeps it in her hand. She is in temple. I don’t know which punishment will be enough for me. I became the medium of separating the people I had wished to unite. I don’t know what your reason behind it would be. I don’t know the secrets of time. I only know that I made a mistake. I have to do repentance. Dharma too extends her hand. There is a lit diya in her hand too. Devi looks at her. I should be the one who should be doing repentance. I only asked you to marry Ashoka. I should be the one who should be punished. I am ready for punishment. Devi makes her drop the diya. I cannot see you in pain. Dharma says the same for her. Neither of us can see each other in pain. You can either punish yourself like this or by staying with him for the bigger truth.

Devi touches Ashoka’s feet while he is burning the mementos. He makes her stand. What are you doing? Devi says I don’t know why you married me. I have never and will never consider myself good enough for you. I was helpless. You don’t need to tell me ever that I need a place in your heart. I only need to be here. He replies that he used her as a puppet to take his revenge. I dint even take your permission. It is highly wrong and an insult to a woman.

Ashoka tells Devi that he used her as a puppet to take his revenge. I dint even take your permission for wedding. It is highly wrong and an insult to a woman. He hurts his hand in anger. It isn’t me. I could never do it but in my revengeful state of mind I did that. It is unpardonable. Forgive me if possible. She holds his hands telling him not to say so. World never gets to know when normal people like us take birth and die. It will be good if I can be of any help to you. My ordinary life will get its meaning. Don’t think you have to live by the rules of marriage after marrying me. I know my limits. I will never break them. Ashoka tells Devi he has married her in God’s presence. A wife’s place is not in feet. I will give you all the rights of a wife. Devi requests him to allow her to meet Kaurvaki once. She is my friend. Devi is in tears. Ashoka allows her. Acharya RG will take you there under his safety. Remember that it is easy to forgive an enemy but extremely difficult to forgive an enemy. Devi looks taken aback.

Vaid ji nurses Jagannath’s wound. Everyone is pained to see him in pain. Kaurvaki tells Vaid ji to be careful. My father is in very much pain. Jagannath signals her to sit down near him. Your love is my medicine. Don’t worry for me. Kaurvaki advises him not to talk in this condition as it might hurt. Vaid ji assures them that Jagannath will be fine soon. His wound has been taken care of. He leaves. Jagannath says it doesn’t matter if I am fine or not. I wont stay here for another minute as my daughter, my family and my state has been insulted many times here. It is a curse for me to breathe in its air. We will leave asap. Kaurvaki tells the same to her uncle. Kewalnath leaves to make arrangements. A soldier informs that royal palanquin has come here for Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki wipes her tears. I was sure Rani Dharma will come to meet me. Soldier corrects her. It is of Rajkumar Ashoka’s wife. Kaurvaki is surprised.

Devi steps out of the palanquin. Kaurvaki looks at her angrily. Return from here. I don’t want to meet anyone. She turns to go but Devi follows her inside the tent. I accept your order but right now your friend has come to meet you. Wont you allow your friend to be here, to say anything? Kaurvaki replies that she is still alive because of that friendship only. Leave before I am forced to kill you. Devi does not budge. You will have to listen to me come what may. Kaurvaki asks her what’s left to hear now. The tears I shed before you could even melt the enemies but not you! You snatched everything from me. Don’t act to be helpless before me now. I never thought you will be such an opportunist. This was my biggest mistake! Devi requests her to listen but Kaurvaki tells her to leave. She picks up her sword and is about to attack Devi but soldiers step in between. Devi orders them to leave.

Kaurvaki looks shocked. Devi goes out. Kaurvaki follows her. Go from here. Go in such a way that will mean it means nothing to you. You must be happy from inside. The last chapter of your game is up. You got what you wanted. Devi tries to say something but Kaurvaki does not let her talk. She talks ill about the family. Devi asks her why she is talking bad about the family. It is between us. Kaurvaki says you don’t understand the truth. Magadh is like this only. We were taught this in childhood only. The land of Magadh is opportunist, filled with all the wrong things and motives. An ordinary girl is so proud to be a part of it but you are nothing! Tell him that his dream will never come true. Devi says I can feel your pain but these words don’t suit you. Ashoka tells Rajkumari Kaurvaki to stop. Magadh, Samrat Bindusar, his ancestors, Rajkumar Ashoka and his wife Rani Devi are not to be insulted like this by anyone. I would like to remind everyone present here that Devi is my Dharma-patni.

Any insult to her would be unbearable. You would get to know the outcome of it. Kaurvaki tightens her holds on the bare sword. He reminds Devi of what he had told her. The person who cannot understand love will never understand friendship. He tells Kaurvaki she will never be happy. You don’t understand it right now in your anger but you will regret it in future. He begins to walks away with Devi when Kaurvaki shouts after them. Kaurvaki says stop worrying about my happiness. We will see how your wife will stay happy with a Chand like you! Devi sits in her palanquin. Jagannath smiles. Blood is dripping from Kaurvaki’s hands.

Dharma looks out of the window worried for Devi and Ashoka. vit asks her if its true that Ashoka Bhaiya and Kaurvaki Bhabhi will never unite. I am sorry. I did the wrong thing. they wouldn’t have been separated if it was not for me. Devi Bhabhi is in too much pain because of me. I am very bad. Dharma hugs him and cries. You dint do anything. You are not bad. No one can change what was destined to happen. You were just the medium. When we try to fun away from our fate then we are brought back on the same path by fate. We cannot change what has happened but we can try to make the lives of Ashoka and Devi better. I would need your help for the same. Promise me you will keep them always happy, will stay with them. Vit promises her. Dharma notices everyone coming back to palace. Ashoka helps Devi step out of the palanquin by holding her hand. Dharma is pleased to see it.

Charu is in tears. Sushim claps. Your sadhna did magic. There is no scope of happiness in Ashoka’s life. He will never get out of this pain in this life. Before Ashoka and his father make any plans we should escape from here. Charu nods. Leave when there is still time. Sushim says we will both go together. She kisses him on his forehead all emotional. He asks her what happened. we have to still fulfil the dream. I will become Samrat and you will become Rajmata. She leans her head on his chest. She remembers the aahuti she had given for this moment. How do I tell you I not just gave my blood but also my life for this motive of yours!

Charu does the last ritual with Chanda after which she will be able to meet Sushim. Promise me that you will take care of my son even if I am no more. Chanda nods. Please don’t say so. You will always be with us to guide me especially. CHaru blesses her. She tells Chanda to change. Get ready for your Milan. Chanda smiles.

Devi requests Dharma to free her from this ritual of Milan Pujan. I took the 7 steps / pheras but this is impossible. Dharma points out that this is the first step towards her married life. Accept the truth. You are Ashoka’s wife now. You have to follow the first step to move on in life with Ashoka. Devi reasons she cannot take anyone’s place. Dharma replies that she has to make place for herself in Ashoka’s heart. Devi says Ashoka will never stop loving Kaurvaki. Dharma advises her to do it with her love. Kaurvaki taught him to love. You will teach him to live it. He needs guidance. You will guide him. She calls the servants inside and does the ritual. Devi seeks her blessings.

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