Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 28th April 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 28th April 2022

Ashoka looks at Nand who points a dagger at him. No one will come to save you today. I will hurt you and set an example today that I like smiling but I don’t enjoy being laughed at. Nayak holds his hand just in time and hits Nand and his allies. Nand is shocked. Ashoka says what you cannot see or think is his (Nayak’s) behaviour. Nand did not see when Nayak hit anyone. Ashoka hits Nand this time. Nayak helps Ashoka. Ashoka says I am leaving you alive as I like people who don’t accept defeat easily. He looks away and says I am not worried that people are looking for me but you too. Nayak calls him Swami. I swore to look after you. Ashoka says people were blind but I wasn’t. I saw you around me many times here. You have sworn to protect me and are saving Ma and Acharya RG. Nayak replies that by protecting them he is indirectly protecting him only. Nand is confused to hear Nayak addressing Chand as Swami.

Kaurvaki is with Bela. I have lit this diya in Ashoka’s name since 10 years. I never let it blow out. I have been very patient till date. Now that I know that there is a possibility of him being in Ujjaini then I cannot be patient anymore. I have to meet him. I will have to go. bela advises her to wait for the right time. If Maharaj finds out then he wont like it at all.

Nayak tells Ashoka this place is perfect to talk. No one will hear us here. Ashoka asks about Sushim. Nayak shares that Sushim was earlier only brutal but Charu has made him into something else altogether by doing Tamsi Yagya along with tantric’s help.

Tantric is shown doing praying to devil. I see that in future someone will come here and change it all. He will have the strength to bear and end all the darkness and will show light. You are the medium of my Mukti and vice versa. Enter in this Kunda and you will know of all those against you but you will have to give yourself to devil. You will have to give up on your personal wishes and will have to do what devil demands from you. If you fail then you wont live. Sushim agrees. He is covered with white cloth from top to bottom except his hands and eyes. He steps down in the Kunda. Charu looks on.

Ashoka smiles sarcastically. Sushim has lost his mind. He thinks he can win over India through Tantra Vidya? Nayak says if you could yourself experience what Sushim has turned into after all these years then you would not have said this.

Grown up Sushim comes out of the kunda. He breaks the cloth around him with one swift movement of his arms. He covers himself with a cloth. Someone hits him on his arm with a sword. Nayak says his wounds heal up on his own when he gets hurt by the sword. A deadly poisonous snake bites him but in vain. Mountains break as they come in contact with him.

Sushim says this world needs a devil and not a Nayak! I am that devil! Charu looks content. Now malpractices will become the etiquette of this world. I will dedicate my life to fulfil every wish of my Swami now! Tantric smiles.

Charu comes to Sushim with a puja thaal. He is disturbed by the diya. He hits the plate and breaks the coconut with his bare hands. Mahamatya looks shocked.

Nayak asks Ashoka if he is scared. Ashoka says there is a devil inside everyone. I am only afraid of the devil inside me. What is Siamak up to? Nayak replies that Samrat loves him a lot. Siamak speaks less but it does not mean he is calm. The fire of rebellion can be clearly seen in his eyes. He is waiting for the chance to rule Magadh. He bears Sushim but does not follow him like other brothers all the time. Nayak shares that there are 4 followers of Sushim, from Bindu’s other 3 Rani’s and from one other lady. They blindly follow him and are trying to make his foot more stable. Sushim has everything but not you. Ashoka too is waiting eagerly for it. I have a feeling the day is not far when I will come face to face with him. His end days will start then.

Next morning, Dharma is praying. She walks up to the door. Ashoka too stands at the other side of the door. He senses her presence. Just when she is about to reach out for the door, he jumps over the boundary. He acts to be hurt. She gets concerned but then understands it. She asks her younger son to go back to where he was last night. Why did he come here? Ashoka replies that one comes home only when he is hungry and tired. Dharma indirectly tells him he wont get food here.

Ashoka throws stone at Seth Dhaniram’s window. BOth Devi and her father get up. DHaniram tries to stop Devi from reacting or going out but she still goes.

Ashoka is restless. Devi is taking too much time. I don’t have time. Devi is coming downstairs with food. Devi remarks he looks exactly like a Chand. I have never seen such an effect on someone of his name. Ashoka is about to throw another stone above when she stands before him all scared. He asks her why she came late. She repleis that she took only that much time that was need to come down.

Dharma tells Devi that she should neither be scared of ashoka nor be pitiful towards him. She tries to take the plate but Ashoka takes it from Devi and begins to eat. Dharma leaves from there. Devi tells Ashoka to eat slowly. The food will not run away. Ashoka says people eat slowly. I am an animal. She thinks not animal but Chand. He looks at her. She goes quiet. Why dint you tell truth to your mom that you took money but gave it back to that lady later? He asks her if she is spying on him. She denies. Savitri told me when she came to buy stuff from the shop. Kaki should know truth. He says who will tell her. You will? She nods. He tells her against it. She gets scared so she agrees. He looks at her necklace. It looks expensive. Who gave it to you? She takes her father’s name. He goes. She thinks it is not possible to understand when he says what!

Bindu asks who levied tax on food. Who took such a foolish decision? Why wasn’t I asked before doing it? Mahamatya takes Sushim’s name. Bindu is not at all surprised. This is what is expected from him. Ask him to come in the court right away. Mahamatya leaves. Bindu thinks he was right. I am tired of Sushim!

Sushim thinks why he is bearing that old man (Bindu). Charu says you have to do it till he is alive. Sushim suggests doing it then. Mahamatya speaks in Bindu’s favour which angers Sushim. He holds his neck angrily. Who are you with? Charu frees Mahamatya from Sushim’s grip. Mahamatya says this time isn’t right. Charu seconds him. get the army in your control first and then citizens. You will then get what you want!

Ashoka lies down to sleep (over the papad’s which were kept out in sun on a bed). It is fun to sleep after eating food. Seth Dhaniram says he always creates mess of things. My papad’s are gone now.

Bindu questions Sushim on his decision. Who are you to take such a decision? How can you put such a burden on common people? You dint even think to consult me before taking such a decision? Who are you to take such a decision? Sushim makes a fist but Charu stops him. She opens his hand. Bindu asks Sushim to answer. Sushim apologizes. I made a mistake. I was only trying to help you. I was worried to see you worried as the treasury was low. Mahamatya suggested me to do it. You are right. I am foolish but I cannot see you worried. Your love has blinded me. Punish me. Bindu says the one you made such a suggestion deserves to be punished. Mahamatya asks for mercy. Bindu says seems like you have lost your sense of making the right decision with old age. Take back this tax. Make a formal announcement of the same. Mahamatya agrees. Bindu leaves. SUshim looks at the throne. It is only Ashoka between me and this throne. Where is my beloved brother after all?

Ashoka takes Kaurvaki’s name in his sleep. Devi asks him about it. First Ashoka, then Patliputra and now Kaurvaki. What would these words mean? Who will know the meaning of all this? I will figure it all out. She asks Dharma about Kaurvaki. Dharma says he says anything under the effect of alcohol. Ashoka again takes Kaurvaki’s name. Dharma goes away on the pretext of looking for Vit. She wonders why Kaurvaki isn’t here by now.

Kaurvaki is outside the same temple (where she walked around the pious tree with Ashoka). She caresses the tree emotionally. Ma, I only asked for something from you only once in my life – Ashoka. Will you not fulfil my wish? You fulfil everyone’s wishes. Why are you discriminating with me then? What should I do? Why do you give me hopes which take me nowhere? Pundit ji tells her that her wishes will be fulfilled. It is a very auspicious day today. If possible then pray in a Shiva temple (somewhere nearby) after 4 days. Your prayers might be fulfilled. Bela thanks him for his suggestion. Kaurvaki must pray to Lord Shiva.

The labourers are breaking stone. They see Lord Ganesha’s idol in one of the stone. Everyone happily prays and cheers for Lord Ganesha. The peasant asks them to move it aside. People believe it that Lord Ganesha has come here. They refuse to even touch it, forget about breaking it. They throw away their axe. The peasant talks about their owner. Don’t you fear him? People don’t mind it. Nand taunts the peasant. Did you lose out to their belief? There is only one person in this area that can break it for money. Nothing is greater than money for him. The peasant sends him to call that person here. Nand leaves hesitantly.

Seth Dhaniram picks jup a broken papad. Ashoka wipes his face with Dhaniram’s cloth in sleep. Dharma says even devils sleep peacefully. Why can’t you? Ashoka is confused. Nand comes there. Ashoka asks him if he came here to get beaten again. Nand smiles. I came here for some important work today. Nand tells them everything. He immediately gets ready to go there. Dharma is shocked.

Sushim is angry with Bindu for coming in his way. Mahamatya suggests him to make one representative. You can trouble citizens in order to arrange money or abuse people. Sushim likes the idea but he has already thought of it. What about the work I gave to you? mahamatya shares that his spies checked every place except one place. It will take time to alert my spies there. I have full faith Ashoka is there only – in Ujjaini! Sushim applauds him. But you are still slow this time too. I have already given instructions to my friends there. Don’t delay in giving any suggestion next time.

The labourers do tilak of Ganesha idol. They are shocked to see Ashoka. They request him not to disrespect God. We must not do it as it is of God. He recalls Dharma’s anger. Is this what was left to see? You will break Lord Ganesha’s idol now? You gave up on Dharma and want to break all the limits of Adharma today? Will you break Ganesha’s idol for Adharma? He says I will neither break it nor will I let anyone else break it. Peasant (Kalia) orders his men to beat everyone when Ashoka steps forward. He tries to hit Ashoka with a whip but Ashoka holds it. Ashoka beats Kalia and his men. The drop of their blood falls on the idol. Nand looks shocked whereas everyone else is happy. Ashoka notices gold teeth of Kalia which has broken down. I told you my eyes are on your gold teeth. I will take them one day. He picks it up.