Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 26th August 2021


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 26th August 2021

Noor ask Justin ae you going somewhere? he says yes, i have some work, i will return in 2 3 days, Noor says Samrat is not here and you are going too, i am afraid, murder happened in palace, dont go, Justin says i will tighten your security, Noor says i dont know anything, you dont go anywhere, one side you say you can give life for me and otherside leaving me like this, her door knocks, Justin hides, she opens door, soldier gives her letter of Khurasan, she reads it, Justin ask whats written in it? Noor says Samrat Bindu is with Ashok, he doesnt have time for his sons but he si spending time with that Ashok, he calls him his son, dont know what magic Ashok has done on him, Justin says you have done magic on me, Noor ask then why are you going? Justin says for your happiness i can do anything, she hugs him, he looks on.

Radhagupt and Chanakya comes in jungle to find Nirjara, Chanakya finds footmarks and says its seems someone has left from here sometime back only, soldier comes to him and shows him cloth, he says it was stuck in bushes, Radhgupt says its of Nirjara’s dress, Chanakya says we are in right direction, he ask soldiers to spread in all direction.

Helena attacks and kills Samrat Bindu, she laughs in happiness, Justin comes there and is stunned, he ask her what happened? it turns out to be dream of Helena, Helena says one should see her dream daily to fulfill it, she ask you didnt leave till yet? Justin says i got to know that Bindu is in Vann with Ashok, she ask is this news true? Justin says es Khurasan sent it to Noor, Helena ask how did you read her personal letter? Justin fumbles and says i was practicing with Siamak and got to know about this letter, Helena says its time to play our game, she says i know what i should do to bring Bindu back to palace as soon as possible.

Charu ask her dasies where is her black magic doll, Dasies say we found it everywhere but couldnt fnd it, Helena shows her doll and says are you finding this? Charu is stunned, she feigns ignorance and ask what is this? Helena says this is used to do black magic, i found it in subhrasi’s dasi hands who got died, Charu says then you should ask Subhrasi about it, Helena says i thought to ask ou as you threw her out of window, flashback shows how Helena had seen Charu pushing dasi from window, she says i can tell all this to Prime minister, Charu looks on, Helena says you know punishment for doing black magic in palace is death sentence, people will say that mother sacrificed her life to make her son Samrat, Charu ask what you want? Helena says i wanted to listen this only, Charu gets angry.

Chanakya’s soldiers surround the mysterious lady near river, Chanakya comes to her and thinks she is Nirjara, he says Nirjara your game is finished, it will be good for you to surrender, lady turns and takes off her veil, Chanakya is shocked to her face as it is Dharma not Nirjara.

Helena says to Charu that if you want me to not open my mouth then send Sushim to bring Samrat Bindu back from Vann, Charu says anyoen can bring him back, Helena says Bindu has gone to bring back Ashok, Charu says why he will do that? Helena says Bindu has hidden this from all, why he didnt tell anyone that he is going to bring back AShok, now we have to do something through which Ashok doesnt come back with Bindu and only Sushim can do it, Charu says Samrat doesnt listen to Sushim, Helena says Sushim can redeem himself in Ashok’s eyes, he should go and save Ashok’s life from some danger then Bindu will be impressed, Charu thinks that Helena have some other plans thats why asking me to bring back Bindu but i have no other option but to listen him.

Chanakya ask Dharma that you are alive but you didnt think about Ashok, Dharma ask what happened to Ashok, one lady comes and says i didnt know it was you Chanakya otherwise i would have let you meet Dharma, he ask who are you, Dharma says she is Nirjara’s younger sister, i am alive only because of them, she says when i was going through jungle, i was attacked, flashback shows how Dharma was running from goons, Nirjara comes there, she says Chanakya has sent me to protect you, Ashok is safe but this is plan to kill you, you have to leave from here, for sometime you have to hide yourself till Chanakya doesnt come to save you, she ask her to give her jewelry and dupatta to her, Nirjara wears her jewelry. Dharma says then i came to the address which Nirjara gave to me, it was her younger sister’s house, sister says i did bomb blast in house when some soldiers came here, Chanakya says it was my soldiers who were finding Nirjara, Dharma ask did you find Nirjara?

Chanakya recalls about deadbody, he says Nirjara gave her life to protect you, attackers destroyed her face and because of your jewelry in her hands we thought that you are dead, i was thinking same that how can you be not protected when Nirjara was with you and i doubted Nirjara too, he says sorry to her sister, he says its strange that Bindu thought deadbody was of yours and he gave royal treatment to her body, Dharma ask does Ashok also think that i am dead? Chanakya says whole Magdh thinks you are dead but Ashok didnt believe it, he was in pain but didnt agree to your death, he didnt even come in funeral, he left Patliputra to find you, Dharma says i want to meet him, where is he?

Chanakya says he is in Vann, he is safe and his father has gone to bring him back, Dharma says i want to tell him that his trust won, i am alive, Chanakya says if you go infront of Samrat then problems will crop up, Dharma says this time i am only thinking about my son, take me to him else i will go myself, Chanakya says okay i will take you to Ashok.

Bindu is trying to catch fishes from river, Ashok says you will not catch fishes like this, Bindu says you are saying as if you are master in it, show me how you catch fishes, Ashok says i am not in mood, Bindu says you got afraid, Ashok says what i say, i do it, Bindu ask to show then, Ashok catches the fish, Bindu says great, he says lets try again, Ashok catches one more fish while Bindu gets slipper from water, they both start laughing.

Helena is talking with Pundit, she says i want you tell date on which i will marry Justin with ,,
justin comes there and ask what is going on here? Helena says i requested for your relation with niece of Ujjain’s king and he has agreed for it, Justin says you didnt even inform me, you sold me for your plan, Helena says i am doing all this to make you king, not only me but your grandfather agrees to it, whats problem in marrying? Justin says i dont love her, Helena ask do you love someone else? who is she? Justin says no i dont love anyone but i cant marry someone whom i dont love, Helena says you are marrying her for your benefit, its your problem if you love her or not, by agreeing to this relation we will come closer to our destination, if you love someone then sacrifice her for our mission, i dont want to get involved in your personal life, she leaves.

Dharma says to Chanakya that i dont know who were the attackers, Chanakya says we will catch them soon.
Khurasan is in his room, soldier comes and reads letter, soldier ask why are you informing Noor about Bindu’s whereabouts? Bindu have right to secretly meet anyone, if he is helping an kid then whats problem in it? Khurasan says that this is for Bindu’s benefit, Soldier says its for Noor’s benefit, Khurasan says dont you dare question me, he leaves from there.

Radhagupt ask Chanakya who must have attacked Dharma? Chanakya says i doubt on Helena, the way she is making plans shows how she must have attacked dharma, she must have got to know that Ashok and Dharma are motehr son so she planned to make Ashok leave from Patliputra but we shoudl doubt everyone, till we dont get proofs against anyone, all are under scanner for me, Radhagupt says people are not liking Ashok’s closeness with Bindu, Chanakya says thats why if we want to make Ashok Samrat then we have to change Army’s head which is Khurasan, spy on them, helena or Khurasan maybe attacker.

Dharma says sorry to Nirjara’s sister that your sister died to save me, sister says it was her luck that she got your place and got royal treatment at funeral, Dharma says it will be pleasure for me if you give your sister’s place to me, she smiles, Dharma makes her eat food.

Radha ask Chanakya that will you make Ashok meet Dharma? Chanakya says that i have done mistake to separating them before too but i cant do it again, i have promised Dharma that i will show her that her son is safe but i wont let Ashok know that his mother is alive till i dont find the attacker, Dharma listens all this and is shocked and angered.