Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 23rd June 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 23rd June 2022

Much to Dharma’s shock, Bindu put stamp on the papers given to him by Jagannath. Jagannath smirks as he takes / almost snatches the letter from BIndu’s hands. Now Kaurvaki will be Ashoka’s and Magadh’s throne will be ours. Bindu requests him to not let anyone know about this pact till the wedding is over. Neither will Ashoka marry otherwise nor will this pact continue. Jagannath walks out of the room.

A tear escapes Bindu’s eyes. Dharma looks at him.

Devi gets sad / emotional thinking about Kaurvaki scolding her. Why am I doing all this when I am no one to her? She begins to go when Kaurvaki enters. Please forgive me. Devi addresses her as Rajkumari. I have got haldi for you. Kaurvaki stops her. If you will leave me then what will happen to me? Devi replies that she doesn’t need her. I don’t want to interfere in your personal life too. what’s my role in your life after all? Kaurvaki says I made a mistake. I know I shouldn’t have said that. You know I speak anything without thinking. Devi reasons that people say truth in anger. Kaurvaki denies. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. I have to send him for war. I wasn’t upset with you but with my destiny. forgive me once please. I will give you anything you will ask for, even if you will ask for my life. I promise you. Devi smiles. I will ask at the right time.

Kaurvaki hugs her. Devi notices her looking tensed. What happened? Kaurvaki says I am scared. I am not sure if this wedding will happen or not. Devi suggests her not to speak like this. I will do anything to make this wedding happen. You will think what’s my connection with this and why I am so worried. Truth is, I got you, Ashoka, Kaki and Vit like a family. I can do anything for my family’s happiness. Kaurvaki hugs her once again. her mother tells her to get ready fast. She goes to check on the rest of the preps. Devi tells Kaurvaki not to worry. Nothing will happen to Ashoka. No one will come between you both!

Dharma walks in the corridor thinking about the pact, of Baba’s words. How to talk to Samrat, how to make him understand that this pact will only bring Mahasangram for Magadh? I can alert Raja Jagannath. His actions will bring wrong consequences. But what if he doesn’t trust Baba’s prediction? There will be more problems if he does something wrong. How can I stay quiet even after knowing about the impending danger? I cannot just sit back and not do anything! Only Ashoka can understand this situation. I will talk to him. She stops in her tracks. He will become Chand once again if I tell him about the situation. He might go against his father yet again who knows. This time Samrat might not be able to bear the separation. If they separate now then the enemies will make use of this situation. Outer and inner enemies will come together and it will only bring downfall for Magadh. Or shall I break the wedding or let his trust break by not doing anything? Should I be a selfish mother or a selfish queen? I cannot think of anything. There must be a way out of this situation. She hears a roar and turns startled. She finds the lion of Ashoka’s pillar standing there. It disappears in two seconds but Dharma is puzzled as to what it was.

Devi is helping Kaurvaki get ready. Kaurvaki says after becoming queen I will first of all look for a suitable groom for you and marry you off. Devi walks away a little. I don’t want to marry. Kaurvaki asks her why. You are so worried about Ashoka and my wedding but aren’t worried about yours? I will find a groom like Ashoka for you. I will see how you will say no then. Devi says there is no one like him in the entire world. There is only one Ashoka. Dharma hears them from outside. Kaurvaki jokes that she will make her marry Ashoka then. Devi gets upset. How can you so say? Kaurvaki replies that we will sometimes be friends and sometimes be Soutans. Devi says it seems like you have stopped thinking logically as you are too happy. Kaurvaki asks her if she ever felt anything for Ashoka ever. Did you feel anything towards him when you dint knew about his identity, when he was in your village and living with you? Devi is drawn back to the time. Kaurvaki asks her but Devi says no. Kaurvaki puts haldi on her playfully. You are a liar. You cannot lie to me. Kaurvaki’s mother is taken aback to see the haldi on Devi’s face. This is groom’s haldi. It is only to be put on would be wife. Go and clean your face before someone sees you. Devi leaves. Dharma is in thoughts.

Dharma paces in the corridor. Ashoka notices her thus and goes to her. Devi and Kaurvaki step forward as well. Dharma looks at them worriedly and she thinks of the vision of the war too. She notices Devi in the vision with Ashoka, consoling him, comforting him as he breaks down after the war. Dharma is drawn back to Baba’s words. Ashoka kneels down before his mother. Please allow me to go to Ujjaini. Allow me to go in the war. Devi questions him as to how he can go. Ashoka calls it his dharma. Please bless me Ma. Devi hopes Kaki stops Ashoka. Ashoka says I am sure a mother cannot stop her son from doing her dharma. He extends his hand to touch his mother’s feet but she steps back. Your tilak is done. You wont go out of the palace. Forget Ujjaini I wont allow you to go anywhere. Ashoka is taken aback. Dharma says too many problems have come in your wedding already. We don’t want more. your father has calmed down the situation after so many difficulties.

You have to respect it. If you leave from the palace then the situation will go out of hand. You cannot go out of the palace till your wedding. Ashoka says I cannot forget my duties for my wedding. Dharma is helpless. I have reason not to support you today. I have kept you in my womb for 9 months. I give you swear of that. You wont go anywhere till I ask you to. Ashoka and kaurvaki are stunned whereas Devi is happy. Dharma tells Kaurvaki and Ashoka to go in their rooms. You both cannot meet after haldi ritual as per our tradition. It is wrong this way. You will meet Kaurvaki when you will fill her forehead with vermilion. she keeps Ashoka’s hand on her head. promise me you wont go to Ujjaini. He leaves without saying anything. Kaurvaki too heads to her room. Dharma asks Devi if she will support her in her attempts to ward off the wrong from happening. Devi assures her she is always with her. dharma pats at her cheek emotionally.

It is night time. Dharma thinks of all the instances, her visions. How is this possible? Ashoka loves Kaurvaki. She is the best woman for him. She is his reason of happiness. Dharma’s other self says you cannot separate Ashoka and his duties. Dharma reasons that Ashoka has done his duties selflessly always, be it as a son, prince or disciple. I too have some responsibility as a mother. My son has loved something for the first time in his life. How can I snatch it from him? Her other self says if you don’t do it then many people will die. Will you be able to write the story of his praise with their blood? Dharma argues as to why only her son has to make sacrifices always. He dint do anything wrong till date. Why everything goes wrong with him always? If I separate him from Kaurvaki then he will break down. Her other self replies that brave people become great only after getting hurt. This is his destiny.

Dharma cannot see her son unhappy. Kaurvaki is his soul. He will die without her. Her other self explains the priorities of a king to Dharma. Foremost, it is peace and happiness. Ashoka is the real heir of Chandragupta Maurya. He is your son later. Will a mother snatch the happiness of so many women, kids? Remember your duties. You will get your answer. Dharma looks at the flag outside. She looks around but her inner self cannot be seen anymore. The vision bothers her once again. She thinks of Acharya Chanakya’s words. Magadh’s development, safety, and respect are Ashoka’s destiny. I dint think everything will happen all at once. A war is happening in Ujjaini. Jagannath too made a pact. There is no surety he will stick to his words. Now I will have to face all the problems. I have to make sure the damage of Ujjaini is less. It will only happen if there is no war. I will take the right decision for Ashoka’s wedding afterwards only.

Bindu says I don’t understand anything. What is so important that you want to leave right away and cannot even tell me about it too? She says I know you trust me. I only need your blessings. Give me this coin for my work. Bindu complies. Dharma looks determined.

Sushim is sharpening his sword. Charu asks SUshim what he is doing. Sushim replies that he is making preps for the war. Charu is taken aback. You will go in the war? He laughs. There are two foolish people already who get such ideas – my old father BIndu and Ashoka! I am preparing for what will happen after war. The enemy is smart and clever too. He wants to get Magadh through Ujjaini. I am sure only one of them will come back alive. I am sure this time things will be in our favour. Whoever survives from this war will die by my poisonous sword. Magadh will be mine.

Acharya RG advises Dharma not to undertake the plan. It is full of problems. I wouldn’t suggest you to do it. I will have to talk to Ashoka. Dharma tells him against it. We will be able to fulfil Acharya Chanakya’s dream, Ashoka’s destiny only if you will allow me to go. We will have to leave asap.

Ashoka is looking for his mother. He asks a soldier who informs that he saw her heading to Acharya RG’s ashram. Ashoka heads there too.

Servant informs Acharya RG they are ready to leave. Acharya RG says I will just come. Dharma asks him what he is writing. Acharya replies that his sudden absence will give people a reason to worry or doubt. I will have to leave a message behind to divert them. Dharma reads it. She is satisfied with the letter so she asks him to come.

Ashoka comes to Acharya RG’s room but cannot see either Acharya or his mother. He finds a note in the book – I am leaving for outskirts to check the security of the state. Ashoka finds another small letter inside and reads it – Maharani Dharma is going to Ujjaini to meet Vikatkura and make a deal with him. He next tells Bindu about it too. She dint want any obstacle to come in my wedding so she went herself. He will kill her. I wont let it happen. Let me go and stop her. She is only heading towards death. She is all alone. Bindu says you wont go. Ashoka says please forgive me but I have to save my mother and motherland. They are of utmost importance to me. Allow me to go before I go against your decision. He begins to go when Bindu tells him to stop. You wont go alone this time. We will go together. Father and son will go together for the first time. You will save your mother while I will save my Dharma.

Acharya RG asks Dharma to walk onwards a particular point as this is the shortest route to reach Ujjaini. She covers her face and begins to walk with him. They find dead bodies all over their way. They hide as they hear a lady screaming for help. Some soldiers are pulling her forcibly to come with them. Acharya RG says I too want to help her but it can be dangerous. Your mission is important. This people are human eaters. Anything can happen. Dharma says it is unbearable to see a woman being mistreated before my eyes. They step out of their hiding place when the soldiers surround them. They shout Vikatkura in unison.

Vikatkura is enjoying watching his people torture the lady. One of his soldiers informs him about a woman from Magadh (Dharma). Vikatkura gets happy.

Dharma says forgive me Acharya but this wont go in vain. She leaves with the soldiers. Dharma is taken to Vikatkura. A soldier tries touching her when she warns him not to do so. I assure you your head will burn if you try to touch me. the soldier steps back. A dagger is shot in his head. He dies. Vikatkura says everyone got scared before me but you dint. I welcome you here. Dharma says I have come here not to be your guest but I have come with a proposal for you. Soldiers are about to attack her but Vikatkura stops them. They are hungry. Who are you? Why are you here? Dharma replies that motive is more important than identity. Vikatkura repeats his question. Dharma asks him not to attack innocent people and soldiers. You became successful in gaining control over Ujjaini but if you call yourself a warrior then prove your merit by fighting a real warrior.

There is a Rajvanshi in Patliputra. Fight with him. anyone can attack from behind but fighting from front like a warrior is a big task. Can you? This land is yours till the time the warriors of this land wont snatch it back from you. I promise you I will give this land to you for forever if you win from him. Vikatkura says who can win from me. I will fight here if I have to. Dharma assures him no one will touch him if he will come outside. He asks for her intro and she tells him her identity. Death is inevitable. I am not scared of death. I have chosen death for a motive. I am doing my duty as a queen. What about you? Accept my challenge if you want to fight like a brave warrior? Or should I believe you got scared and have decided to kill me? Our king calls those people coward who kills women. What will you choose? Vikatkura explains that mother earth is also like her (Dharma). Dharma says you have given me a very high status. I can bless the best person to win. That’s all that I can do for you. Earth shakes suddenly. Soldiers inform Vikatkura that Magadh’s army is here. Vikatkura calls Dharma cheater but she says I dint bring any army. I assure you that the pact stays. I will speak to Samrat. You will be secured soon.

Dharma is heading towards where Magadh’s army is standing. Ashoka begins to go when Bindu tells him to stop. It is between a husband and a wife. No one should intervene. Bindu begins to go towards Dharma. You dint do the right thing by breaking my trust. Dharma thinks he promised but he still came after her. Bindu slaps her shocking both Dharma and Ashoka.

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