Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 19th August 2021


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 19th August 2021

Bindu comes back to palace, Dharma’s deadbody is being brought too, Bindu and Chanakya are saddened, one dasi says to other that she helped us a lot, why God calls good people to him so soon, Ashok comes there, he tries to look at deadbody but there are so many people gathered around it, Ashok climbs the pillar and tries to look at the face of body but it is covered with white sheet, one soldier says to other that wild animal attacked and no one was there to save her, a death like this should never happen that when you are dying, no one of yours is close to you, Ashok grabs the soldier and says my mother is alive, nothing can happen to her, he is about to leave the palace but turns, he comes near deadbody, soldiers try to stop him,

Ashok says leave me, Chanakya looks on, Bindu ask soldiers to leave him, they leave him, Ashok comes to deadbody, Ashok tries to touch her, sit near her and cries, Ashok recalls how Dharma used to pamper him, Lal Mere plays, Ashok removes the white sheet from deadbody’s face, he is shocked to see destroyed face, he says she is not my mother, all are shocked, Ashok says i told you that she is not my mother, Bindu is confused and says Subhadrangi is Ashok’s mother? he recalls how they used to praise each other,

Bindu says why did she hide this thing from me? why did Ashok hide this from me? Ashok shouts that my mother is alive, she is not my mother, Ashok says if she had got a little wound then i would have known it and you people are saying that she is dead? atleast think that what will happen to a son listening this fake news, all do injustice here but God cant do injustice to me as he know that my mother has saved lives of many so he cant take away her from me, she promised me that she will never go away from me, she is alive and i will prove this soon, Ashok falls on ground and touches hand of deadbody, he becomes unconscious, Bindu comes to his rescue.

Bindu lifts Ashok and takes him to clinic, Sushim see this and gets angry. Bindu brings Ashok to clinic, doctor says he has got shock, Bindu says nothing should happen to him, doctor says i will try my best, Bindu leaves.
Sushim comes in his room and says same thing again and again, why do my father hurt me, Charu listens, Sushim says Ashok is his favorite, he tells Charu that Subhadrangi who used to treat Bindu was mother of Ashok, Charu says what, Sushim says yes, they hide such a big thing from him and still he is caring for Ashok.
Justin laughs and says to Helena that the way Ashok broke down today was great, he will not be in control of chanakya now. Helena says to Justin that when Bindu will get to know that it was Chanakya who asked Ashok and Dharma to hide their identity, to hide that they are mother and son, he will get angry on Chanakya.

Radhagupt says to Chanakya that what will we do now? Chanakya says Ashok needs me a lot, he has lost his mother, i know about the death of mother in childhood, now i have to become his mother and handle him, its because of me that Dharma died, now i have to fulfill my duties.

Bindu says to prime minister that why did AShok and Subhadrangi(dharma) hide from me that they are mother-son, why did they deceive me? Prime minster says Chanakya brought them here so does he knew about their relation from before? its strange, Bindu says you are trying to say that Chanakya is hiding something from me? but why will he do that, Helena comes there and says that is what we need to know that why Chanakya did this, i know you trust chanakya a lot but there are no secrets where there is trust, remember how Ashok and Subhadrangi tried to win your trust, then Ashok won your heart and went o royal school as if he is next Samrat, we cant ignore the involvement of Chanakya in all this, if chanakya knew about their relation then why did he hide it? he has to answer this, Bindu recalls how Chanakya fought for Ashok many a times, how he put his life in danger to prove Ashok innocent, Bindu orders to call Chanakya in court, Helena smirks.

Soldier comes to chanakya and says Samrat have called you in court, Radha brings his stick, Chanaya stands up, not able to muster the courage, he thinks and starts to leave. Radhagupt ask Chanakya what answer will you give to Bindu in court? will you tell him about identity of Ashok? but will bindu believe you as Dharma is not here now to prove that Ashok is bindu’s son, also AShok will not believe you too as he is miffed with you, Chanakya fins deadbody of Dharma, he comes in, body is covered with sheet, Chanakya prays for her soul and is about to leave but turns and removes sheet to look at her face (face not shown), he is stunned.

Chanakya comes in court, Bindu and all are waiting for him, all greets him, Bindu says i know that this is not the right time to talk about, we all are sad at death of subhadrangi but there are some questions which need to be answered thats why i called you here, you know how much i respect you and there is no doubt that you are well wisher of Magdh so i want you to answer the questions related to Subhadrangi’s death because nobody other than you have answers. Bindu ask chanakya that did you know that subhadrangi was mother of Ashok? Chanakya says yes i knew about it, Bindu gets angry and says was it not your duty to inform me about it, why did you hide it?

Chanakya says its true that i hide it but the reason for hiding this fact was to protect Ashok, it was for his safety, Bindu says i dont understand it, chanakya says in war, when enemies attacked you, you were in danger, i knew that only Subhadrangi can treat you thats why i called her here, she knew that if enemies come to know that she is treating you then they can hurt her or her son, she was ready to give her life for you but she cant put her son’s life in danger thats why she asked promise for me that she will treat Bindu but in return i have to hide the fact that Ashok is her son, i promised her so i had to keep it secret, Bindu says there was no need to hide that thing, Chanakya says i gave her promise, how could i pacify her when Samrat himself is not safe in this state, Helena ask that was only reason?

Chanakya says yes Ashok’s safety is reason only and Subhadrangi’s death like this proves that it was not death but a murder, i can say with surety that wild animal didnt attack her but enemy attacked her and killed her, all are stunned, Bindu says what? i have seen her face and it was attacked by Animal, chanakya says it was plan of enemy that we think that animal killed her but this is not truth, Prime minister says how can you be so sure? Chanakya says when i saw her deadbody, there was marks of attack on her face and hands both and any animal attack human for his safety or for hunt and animal attack on neck not on hands, if animal had attacked her there must be mark on neck but there was no mark on neck of deadbody, if animal had attacked her then he must have eaten some part of body but her body was fine, this proves that animal didnt attack her but enemy attacked her such like that we think animal attacked her, Helena says how can you make such a long story with such small proof, Chanakya says let time come, proofs will come too,

Bindu says if you had idea subhadrangi’s life was in danger then you should have sent someone for her safety, Chanakya recalls how he ordered Nirjara to protect Subhadrangi but she went missing, chanakya says it was my mistake that i couldnt protect her but situation here is so worse that we cant identify enemy and friend, but i promise you that i will find enemy soon, Bindu ask Prime minister to help Chanakya, Subhadrangi treated me, gave me new life but i couldnt do anything for her in her life but now i will take measures for her, its my order to give Royal treatment to her funeral. noor and Charu are shocked.

Helena calls soldier in her room who attacked Subhadrangi, she beats him with stick and ask him to never come infront of her again, he leaves, Justin says to helena that if we did mistake by sending letter to king of Ujjain, what if chanakya knows about it? Helena says he will not get to know anything.
Radhgupt says to Chanakya that we tried our best to protect Dharma, why did you not say this in court? chanakya says we did but even then we couldnt save her and this proves that we didnt take useful measures to protect Dharma, find Nirjara at any cost, only she can tell us about real story, find her close relatives, ask them about her, he leaves, Radhagupt says Nirjara did this with us, why she betrayed us, we have to know that.

one lady comes to soldier’s house, soldier calls her in house.
Charu says that Subhadrangi was just a dasi, why give her royal treatment? now we have to mourn over death? she and her son hide such a big thing from Samrat but even then he is not angry with them, Noor says i told Samrat that this Subhadrangi is weird but he didnt believe me, Charu says this proves that Samrat listens to a dasi more than his wife Noor, if this had happened with me then i would have died, Noor says dont think about me, think about yourself, so much happened to you in these last days, your son had to ask forgiveness from a common guy and you couldnt do anything, she leaves, Charu says you will regret all this, you will lose your life Noor for doing all this.

Ashok becomes conscious, he says where is my mother, i have to find her, he tries to leave the clinic but Bindu stops him and ask him to control himself, Ashok says my mother went with you, where is she? she treated you but you couldnt protect her, Bindu says i am sorry i couldnt protect her, Ashok says you may have not protected her but God must have protected her, i will find her. he leaves.